2010 Conference Poster Abstracts (N to Z)

Author(s) Abstract Title Presentation
Nair, Rajeev*; Thomas Chacko Garnet Stability in Metabasites Inferred from Dehydration Melting Experiments and Implications for Lower Crustal Delamination Poster
Nasreddine, El Fahchouch Ahmed*; Ait brahim Lahsen, Mastere Mohammed Landslide Susceptibility Assessment by Weights of Evidence (WOE) in the BENI AHMED area (RIF, MOROCCO) Poster
Newson, Andrew Geosteering Horizontal Wells into the "Sweet Spot" of Basin Centered Gas Plays Poster
Nieuwenhuis, Greg*; Marthyn Unsworth, Dina Panu, James Craven Three Dimensional Magnetotelluric Imaging of the Precambrian Alberta Basement Poster
Noad, Jon Mangrove Channels: Morphoplogy, Magnitude and Migration Poster
Normand, Charles*; Anthony E. Williams-Jones Origin of Low Molecular Weight Hydrocarbon Gases During Serpentinization: Insights from Fluid Inclusions in Rodingites Poster
Normore, Leone Neoproterozoic Sedimentary Structures of Shallow Marine to Shoreline Sedimentary Rocks: The Avalon Zone, Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland, Canada Poster
Omidvar, Hedayat Prospect of Natural Gas Industry in Iran Poster
Ootes, Luke*; William J. Davis, Valerie A. Jackson, Wouter Bleeker Components of the Paleoproterozoic Hottah Terrane in Wopmay Orogen of Northwest Laurentia Poster
Oropeza, Vicente*; Mauricio Sacchi Application of Singular Spectrum Analysis to Ground Roll Attenuation Poster
Otis, Catherine Béland Shale Gas Assessment in Southern Ontario Poster
Oueity, Jounada*; Ron Clowes On the Nature of the Moho: Lithospheric-scale Seismic Refraction and Reflection Modeling in NW Canada Poster
Oviatt, Natasha*; Roger Paulen, Beth McClenaghan, Jennifer Owe Till Geochemistry of the West Iznogoudh Zn Showing, Point Lake Map Sheet (86H), Nunavut Poster
Pana, Dinu Geomapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM): New Teleseismic and Magnetotelluric Arrays in Alberta Poster
Pana, Dinu Precambrian Geology of Northeastern Alberta Poster
Pana, Dinu The Waugh Lake-Tazin River Network of Retrogressive Shear Zones at the Eastern Margin of the Taltson Magmatic Zone Poster
Parent, Adeline*; Michel Malo, Muriel Thibaut 3D Modeling the Gaspé Belt Basin Deformation: Palinspastic Restoration, Kinematics and HC Fluid Flow Poster
Park, Chan_Hee*; Joshua Taron, Uwe-Jens Goerke, Olaf Kolditz The Fluidal Interface is Where the Action is in CO2 Storage Poster
Pawlak, Aganieszka*; David Eaton Crustal Anisotropy of Hudson Bay from Ambient-Noise Tomography Poster
Pawley, Steven*; Nigel Atkinson Application of Airborne LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Imagery for Surficial Geology Mapping in Densely Vegetated (Boreal Zone) Terrain, Lesser Slave Lake, Northern Alberta Poster
Percoits, Ernesto*; Natalie Aubet, Murray Gingras, Kurt Konhauser Ediacaran Banded Iron Formations: the Missing Link in the Biogeochemical Evolution of the Oceans Poster
Petrash, Daniel*; Stafan Lalonde, Ernesto Pecoits, Murray Gingras, Kurt Konhauser Microbially Catalyzed Cementation of Modern Gypsum-Dominated Microbialites Poster
Piercey, Tiffany Petro DaYzZ: An Interactive Approach to Bringing Petroleum Geoscience to High School Students Poster
Piercey, Tiffany*; Jeremy Hall Neogene Sedimentary History and Tectonic Evolution of the Outer Cilicia Basin, Eastern Mediterranean: a contribution to the TopoEurope VAMP project Poster
Pigage, Lee*; Grant Abbott, Charlie Roots Coal River – New Bedrock Geology Map for Southeast Yukon Highlights Au and Base Metal Potential Poster
Pilchin, Arkady The Forsterite Layer and Density of Olivine under Lithospheric and Asthenospheric P-T-Conditions Poster
Pinet, Nicolas*; Virginia Brake, Mathieu Dechesne, Calvin Campbell What’s the St. Lawrence Estuary Shallow Subsurface and Seafloor made of? A Regional Appraisal Based on an Integrated Geophysical and Geological Study Poster
Pirmohammadi, Farhad Source and tectonic setting of Sahand ( south of Tabriz ) Volcanic rocks using Geochemical Evidences Poster
Pothier, Hayley*; Grant Wach, Marcos Zentrilli Reservoir and Seal Pairs: Carbon Sequestration in Atlantic Canada Poster
Potter, Eric*; Richard Taylor Genesis of Polymetallic Vein Mineralization in the Paleoproterozoic Cobalt Embayment, Northern Ontario: Implications for Metallogenesis and Regional Exploration Poster
Pun, Winnie*; Bernd Milkereit, Brett Harris Investigation of Frequency Dependent Velocities in Fluid-filled Porous Media Poster
Praught, Neil*; Colin chalmer, Shaowei Yang, Dean Saulnier Micro-Seismic Data Acquisition Poster
Proemse, Bernadette*; Bernhard Mayer, Mark Fenn Tracing Nitrogen and Sulfur Emissions in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region, Alberta, Canada, using Stable Isotope Techniques Poster
Proks, Thomas; Julia E.A. Dawson, Thomas Hadlari Isopach Maps of Cretaceous-Tertiary Formations from Mackenzie Plain, NWT Poster
Provencher, Shannon*; Stephen Grasby, Bernhard Mayer Assessment of Water-Rock Interactions in the Upper Bow River Basin using Chemical and Isotopic Parameters for Surface Water and Groundwater Samples Poster
Pyle, Leanne*; Adrienne Jones, Kelly Pierce Conceptual Petroleum Plays in Peel Plateau and Plain, Northwest Territories and Yukon Poster
Raju, P.V.Sunder*; B. Uday Raj, Prabhakar Prasad and T. Sheshu Naryana Geochemical Soil Sampling and Multi-Method Geophysical Procedure for Base Metal Exploration as Applied in Sand Covered Desert of Rajasthan Poster
Ralrick, Patricia Preliminary Identification of 11 Subfossil Canid Skulls from Little Fish Lake, Alberta, Canada Poster
Ramaekers, Paul*; Octavian Catuneanu Correlation between the Western Laurentia Mesoproterozoic sediments of the Athabasca, Thelon and Hornby Bay regions, N.W.T. and Nunavut Poster
Ramaekers, Paul*; Octavian Catuneanu Revision of the Stratigraphy of the Proterozoic Hornby Bay Group, Nunavut Poster
Ramaekers, Paul*; Octavian Catuneanu, Sean Bosman, Charlie Jefferson Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan and Alberta; Update on Stratigraphy Poster
Reid, Kyle*; Kevin Ansdell, Dan Jincka, Gary Witt, Colin Card Regional Setting and General Characteristics of the Centennial Unconformity-related Uranium Deposit, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan Poster
Reinhardt, Lutz*; Harald Andruleit, Solveig Estrada, Friedhelm Henjes-Kunst Karsten Piepjohn, Werner von Gosen, Donald Davis, Bill Davis Altered volcanic ashes in Paleocene/Eocene Eureka Sound Group Sediments (Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada) – New Stratigraphic Tie-Points? Poster
Relf, Carolyn Yukon Geological Survey: Contributions to Yukon's Wealth & Safety Poster
Riddell, Joseph* An Overview of Fresh Water Resources in the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor Poster
Rios, Debora Itapicuru River Greenstone Belt: an Archaean or a Palaeoproterozoic Terrane? Poster
Rios, Debora*; Wilton Carvalho The Bendegó Meteorite: a Key for Science Communication with Society in Brazil Poster
Rippington, Stephen*; Robert Scott, Helen Smyth The Ellesmerian Orogeny: Fact or Fiction Poster
Roberts, Martha*; Ryan Montpellier Unearthing Possibilities: Human Resources Challenges and Opportunities in Canadian Mineral Exploration Poster
Robichaud, Lise*; Jonathon Lafontaine, Joseph Clancey White Structural Analysis of the Matoush Uranium Deposit, Quebec Poster
Rose, Holly*, Brett Miles, Ross Kukulski, Stephen Hubbard Stratigraphic Architecture of an Isolated Prodeltaic Sandstone Body at the Fernie-Nikanassin Transition, Knopcik Field, Northwestern Alberta Poster
Rukhlov, Alexei Diverse Base and Precious Metal Mineralization of the Mesoproterozoic Purcell Supergroup and Recurrent Magmatism in Southwestern Alberta Poster
Said, Mostafa*; Paul Van Geel Characterization of Soil Wettability Changes of a Diesel-Impacted Field Soil Poster
Sakals, Matt*; Dave Wilford, Deb Willwood, Sandra MacDougall Active Fans and Grizzly Bears: Reducing Risks for Campers Poster
Samson, Iain*; Anthony Williams-Jones, Katherine Ault, Brian Fryer, Joel Gagnon A Model for the Genesis of Distal Zinc Skarns based on Data for the Mochito deposit, Honduras Poster
Sanchez, Alejandro Monitoring Multi-Zone Gas Wells to Reduce Operational Cost and Risk Poster
Sandeman, Hamish*; Thomas Hadlari Insights into the Origin of Calc-alkaline Lamprophyres (minettes, spessartites, pyroxene-hornblende syenites) via an Oblique Paleoproterozoic Crustal Section through the Northern Hearne Province, Nunavut Poster
Sanquinetti, Rafael Impedance Reconstruction using an Hybrid Regularized Deconvolution in the Fourier and Wavelet Domains Poster
Scott, Jeffrey; Tony Peterson, Charlie Jefferson, Brian Cousens Proterozoic (1.85-1.7 Ga) Granitoid Rocks and Uranium in the Baker Lake – Thelon Basin Region, Nunavut Poster
Sebilo, Mathieu *; Jihane Elgaouzi Isotopic Characterization of Nitrate Sources in Karstic Springs in the Basin of Paris Poster
Sharma, Ritesh Kumar*; Robert J. Ferguson 3D R & T Coefficients for a Dipping Interface: A Plain Wave Domain Approach Poster
Shen, Luyi*; Yu Gu Source and Structure Imaging in Alberta Using Ambient Seismic Wavefields Poster
Shelat, Yask*; Brigitte Leblon, David Lentz, Jeff Harris, Charlie Jefferson RADARSAT-2 Polarimetric SAR Imagery: An Aid for Assessing the Uranium Potential of the Paleoproterozoic Thelon Basin, Nunavut Poster
Shimizo, Hisako*; Toshiaki Tsunogae, Madhava Santosh Petrology and Geothermobarometry of Grt-Cpx and Mg-Al-rich rocks from the Gondwana Suture in Southern India: Implications for High-pressure and Ultrahigh-temperature Metamorphism Poster
Shushtarian, Farnaz Alsadat Application of Petrography and Elemental Criteria for the Recognition of mixed Aragonite and Calcite Original Mineralogy in Type Section of Ilam Formation (Zagros Basin), S.W. Iran Poster
Shushtarian, Farnaz Alsadat Geochemistry and Cathodluminescence Study on the Carbonate of Upper Cretaceous (Ilam Formation), Payun anticline, Zagros Basin, Izeh, Iran Poster
Shushtarian, Farnaz Alsadat Paleoenvironment, Microfacies and Determination of Original Mineralogy in Ilam Formation Based on Geochemistry and Isotopical Studies In Type Section, Payun Anticline and DA#a Poster
Simkus, Danielle; Christopher Herd, Robert Hilts Amino Acids in the Tagish Lake Meteorite Poster
Slimmon, William; Dinu Pana Geology and Mineral Resources of the Athabasca Basin and Environs, Saskatchewan and Alberta Poster
Sliwinski, Jon*; Matthew Power, Petra Hughes, Jay Harrington Integrated Shale Gas Evaluation: A Study of QEMSCAN©, SEM and Optical Petrography, XRD and Geochemistry of Selected Potential and Producing North American Gas Shales Poster
Smit, Karen*; Thomas Stachel, Karlis Muehlenbachs, Michael Seller Geochemistry of Eclogite Xenoliths from the Victor Kimberlite, Superior Craton Poster
Smith, Michael; Gary Yu High Resolution Enhancement and Interpretation using Wavelet Transform and Harmonics Poster
Smithyman, Brendon*; Ronald Clowes Improved Near-surface Velocity Models From Waveform Tomography of MCS First-arrival Data Poster
Smyth, Helen*; Andrew Morton, Robert Scott, Jenny Omma, Simon Kelly Evolution of the Sverdrup Basin: New Insights from Field Studies, Integrated Biostratigraphy & Sediment Provenance Analyses Poster
Sodagar, Taher*; Don Lawton 2D Seismic Modeling of the Redwater Leduc Reef, Alberta Poster
Speta, Michelle*; Edward Ghent, Jennifer Owen Metamorphic and Plutonic Geology on the East Shore of Lake Revelstoke, Mica Creek, British Columbia Poster
Spratt, Jessica*; Colin Hogg, Alan Jones, David Corrigan Preliminary Images of the Lithosphere Beneath the Melville Peninsula, Nunavut Using Magnetotelluric Methods Poster
Sreenivas, Bulusu*; Takashi Murakami Paleoproterozoic Atmospheric Oxygenation: Thoughts on Causal Processes Poster
Steinitz, Adar Incremental Emplacement of Nelson Batholith, British Columbia? Poster
Stephenson, Ben*; Nick Shaw, Gunter Siddiqi, Enrique Porras New Workflow for Characterizing a Geothermal Resource and Potential for HFR Alternative Energy at the Momotombo Field Poster
Stern, Virginia*; David Eaton Documenting Seismicity in Alberta Poster
Sunjay, Sunjay Wavelets Transforms: Time – Frequency Presentation Poster
Taylor, Samantha*; Per Kent Pedersen, Dallin Laycock, Ron Spencer, Haiping Huang Bedforms and Stratigraphic Architecture of Colorado Group Shales as an Indicator of Shallow Shelf Depositional Setting of the Carlile and Niobrara Formations, Southeastern Alberta - Southwestern Saskatchewan Poster
Thompson, Gary; Derek Wilton*, Paul McNeil, Michael Tubrett, Michael Shaffer The REE Geochemistry of Urannites from the Labrador Central Mineral Belt Poster
Tilley, Barbara*; Karlis Muehlenbachs, Scott McLellan, Stephen Hiebert Sources, Trapping and Mixing Mechanisms of Commercial, Natural Gas Along the Sukunka-Bullmoose Structural Trend, Cordilleran Fold and Thrust Belt, NE British Columbia Poster
Tonkin, Nicola S.*; Duncan McIlroy, Christopher Phillips Taphonomic Expressions of Thalassinoides and their Application to Study of Key Stratal Surfaces Poster
Tracey, Matthew; David Lentz, Reg Olson, Ken Ashton Vein- and Shear Zone-Hosted Uranium Mineralization of the 46 Zone and Hab Mine Areas, Beaverlodge Uranium District, Northern Saskatchewan: Preliminary Petrology and Geochemical Results Poster
Tschirhart, Victoria*; William Morris, Herman Ugalde, Charles Jefferson Preliminary 3D Geophysical Modeling of the Aberdeen Sub-Basin, Thelon Province, Nunavut Poster
Tsunogae, Toshiaki*; Hisako Shimizo, M. Santosh, Dirk D. van Reenen Mg-rich Staurolite + Sapphirine + Quartz Association as an Evidence of High-pressure and Ultrahigh-temperature Metamorphism in Collisional Orogens Poster
Urbancic, Ted*; Adam Baig, Marc Prince Seismic Moment Tensors: A Path to Understanding How Fractures Develop During Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations and Reservoir Injections Poster
van der Baan, Mirko*; Mike Perz, Sergey Fomel Nonstationary Phase Estimation: A Tool for Seismic Interpretation? Poster
van Doorn, Dick*; Ronald Vernes REGIS II, A Hydrogeological Model of The Netherlands Poster
Vasheghani, Fereidoon*; Larry Lines, Joan Embleton Q and the Quest for Heavy Oil Viscosity Poster
Veillette, Dominic*; Gordon Osinski, Livio Leonardo Tornabene Impact Melt Emplacement Around an Unnamed Martian Impact Crater in Hespara Planum Poster
Vetter, William J. Anisotropy Kinematics Ray Models: Are They Consistent with Fermat’s Principle and Snell's Reflection/ Refraction Laws? Poster
Vlad, Daniela*; Karlis Muehlenbachs Mudgas Isotope Depth Profiles Across Western Canada Poster
Wang, Zhijing Comparison of Gold Process Mineralogy Study Using QEMSCAN and Tradition Optical Microscopy Poster
Wards, Ben Split-Step Two-Way Phase-Shift Time Stepping for Wavefield Propagation Poster
Weisener, Christopher*; Stephen Goudey, Michael Chen Sediment Interfacial Interactions Controlling Nutrient and REDOX Flux within Experimental End Pit Lake Tailings Poster
West, Michael*; Karl Butler, Warren Barrash Comparing the Theoretical and Calculated Seismoelectric Transfer Functions at the Boise Hydrogeophysical Research Site Poster
Weyer, K. Udo Trapping CO2 by Means of Subsurface Water Flow Poster
White, Isabel*; Emmanuel Bongajum, Bernd Milkereit Seismic Imaging of Converted Waves in the Presence of Significant Overburden: A Modelling Study Poster
Wilson, Michael C. Latest Pleistocene Vertebrates in Western Canada: Northward Dispersal of Late-Glacial to Postglacial Faunas in Two Contrasting Environmental Settings Poster
Wilton, Derek*; Micheal Shaffer, Gary Thompson MLA-SEM Mapping of Uraninite and Other Phases in Polished Thin Sections from Deposits in the Labrador Central Mineral Belt Poster
Wong, Joe Hypocenter Location via Hodogram Analysis of Noisy 3C Microseismograms Poster
Wozniak, Paul*; Stephen Grasby, Zhouheng Chen Evaluating Historical Well Data for Characterizing Regional Scale Aquifer Potential Poster
Yao, Zhengshong A Practical One Way Scalar Wave Field Extrapolation Method: A Step Forward in True Amplitude Processing Poster
Yematowork, Abenet*; Brooks Raven, Michael Estoque, Joey Norgard Seismic Inversion – A Work Flow For Model-Based Inversion Poster
Yeomans, Tanya*; Fran Hein ERCB Geologic Framework and Mapping for Ultimate Gas Potential in Alberta Poster
Young, Graham*; David Rudkin, Edward dobrzanski, Sean Robson, Michael Cuggy Late Ordovician Lagerstätten in Manitoba, Canada Poster
Yousefzodeh, Abdolnaser*; John C. Bancroft Feasibility of Using Multigrid Methods for Solving Least-Squares Prestack Kirchhoff Migration Equation Poster
Yu, Xinghe Depositional Characteristics of Neritic Transitional Delta and Their Influence on Reservoir’s Properties in The 3rd Member of Lingshui Formation in Ya13-1 Gas Filed, China Poster
Yu, Xinghe Fluvial Nature and Evolution of Fuyang Reservoir in Daqing Oilfield, China Poster
Zhang, John*; Satinder Chopra, Somanth Misra AVO/LMR Inversion and Cross Plotting for Porous Carbonates in Grosmont Reservoir Poster
Zhang, Xingquan A Practical Workflow for Optimal Simulation Grid Design Poster
Zhu, Tianfei Dynamic Raytracing in Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Media Poster
Zumin-Stathopoulos, Kate*; Charles Henderson, Benoit Beauchamp The Biostratigraphy and Evolution of a Pennsylvanian-Permian Carbonate Ramp, East-central British Columbia Poster