2011 Conference Abstracts (A to L)

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Adams, Christopher M. An Overview of Shale Gas Operator Activity in the Horn River Basin Oral
Aguilera, Roberto Flow Units for Shale Gas Formations: An Innovative Vision Oral
Ahmadi, Amin Baharvand*; Igor Morozov Time-Lapse VSP Data Analysis from Weyburn CO2 Project Oral
Akram, Jubran Automatic P-wave Arrival Time Picking Method for Seismic and Microseismic Data Oral
Allen, Tammy L.*; Tiffani A. Fraser and Larry S. Lane Preliminary Results from a Diamond Drill Hole Study to Assess Shale Gas Potential of Devonian Strata, Eagle Plain, Yukon Poster
Al-Zahrani, Abdallah*; Don C. Lawton Interpretation of 3D Multicomponent Seismic Data for Investigating Natural Fractures in the Horn River Basin, Northeast British Columbia Oral
Anagaw, Amsalu Y.*; Mauricio D. Sacchi Full Waveform Inversion with Total Variation Regularization Poster
Andersen, Eric*; David Gray The Evolving Role of Geophysics in Exploration/ From Amplitudes to Geomechanics Oral
Anderson, K. D.*; B. Beauchamp Development of a Palaeoaplysina Reef Complex, Ellesmere Island, Canadian Arctic Oral
Anfinson, O. A.*; A. L. Leier U-Pb Geochronology and U-Th/He Thermochronology Applied to the Clastic Strata of the Franklinian Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands Oral
Angulo, Solange*; Luis Buatois Sedimentological Characterization of the Upper Devonian - Lower Mississippian Bakken Formation: From Deposition to Reservoir Oral
Ayranci, K.*; S. E. Dashtgard Sedimentological and Neoichnological Characterization of an Asymmetric Tide-Influenced, River-Dominated Delta: Fraser River Delta, B.C., Canada Poster
Babak, Olena*; Enzo Insalaco, Patrick Henriquel On Relationship between Spatial Continuity and the Average Grade in Ore post Ore-Waste Discrimination Oral
Babak, Petro*; Enzo Insalaco, Patrick Henriquel and Olena Babak Multivariate Data Cleaning and Classification Oral
Bacque, D.P.*; Keith D'Arcy, Bernard Guest, Andrew Halverson, Dale Issler, Daniel Stockli, Michael McDonough Predicting the Existence of a Plateau in the Canadian Cordillera using Thermochronometry Oral
Baig, Adam M.; Ted Urbancic, Margaret Seibel, Vladimir Shumila Locating Microseismicity in Three-Dimensionally Heterogeneous Reservoirs Oral
Banks, Dr. Graham Defining Zagros Structural Domains in the Kurdistan Region of Northern Iraq Poster
Baranova, Valentina; Azer Mustaqeem*, Elvis Floreani and Mike Gervais Unraveling Cardium Tight Sand Paleo-depositional Trends and Subtle Structural Features using Seismic Reservoir Characterization Oral, Poster
Bastian, Peter*; Olwen Wirth Montney Resource Characterization in Northeastern B.C. KobesBlair Creek Area Oral
Bauer, Dustin B.*; Stephen M. Hubbard Stratigraphic Evolution of Shelf, Shelf Edge and Upper Slope Deposits Associated with High-Relief Slope Clinoforms, Magallanes Basin, Chile Oral
Bauman, Paul Geoelectrical Exploration for Heavy Oil in the Tsimiroro Block in Madagascar Oral
Bearinger, Doug Water Chemistry of Mannville Coal Beds, Fort Assiniboine, Alberta Oral
Behr, John M.*; Steven A. Aitken and Craig Smith Lateral and Vertical Variations in the Montney Formation, Northeast British Columbia Oral
Bell, J. S.; C. L. Overton, D. R. Issler and K. Hu The Stress Regime of the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Canada Oral
Belonogov, Alexei Evaluation of Reserves and Resources under Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS) Oral
Berger, Zeev*; Brian A. Zaitlin Detection and Analysis of Structurally Controlled Enhanced Reservoir Potential in Mature and Emerging Oil Resource Plays in the WCSB: Tight Oil Examples from the Nordegg and Alberta Bakken Oral
Bergin, Eryn M.; Charles E. Bartberger and Mark Longman Defining the Updip Eastern Limit of Commercial Bakken Oil Production, McLean and Dunn Counties, North Dakota Oral
Bertram, Malcolm B.; Gary F. Margrave Recovery of Low Frequency Data from 10Hz Geophones Oral
Bertrand, Rudolf*; Michel Malo and Denis Lavoie Reflectance of Dispersed Organic Matter and Thermal Maturity in Four Hydrocarbon Exploration Wells of the Hudson Bay Basin Oral
Bistran, Rares*; Michael R. King, Murray K. Gingras, S. George Pemberton, John-Paul Zonneveld Architecture of Fluvial-Dominated Distributary Channel Deposits: an Example from the Upper Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone, Utah, United States Poster
Bording, R. Phillip General Anisotropic Travel Times – A Purpose Built Solution Oral
Brouwer, Friso Maximizing the Value of Seismic Data Through the Increased Mapping of Horizons Poster
Buckley, R. A.*; A. Guy Plint Allogenic Controls on Deposition of the Peace River Formation, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada Oral
Burke, Lyle H.; Grant W. Nevison Improved Hydraulic Fracture Performance with Energized Fluids: A Montney Example Oral
Bustin, A.M.M.; Bustin, R.M. Co-Production of Gas from Coals and Shales in the Horseshoe Canyon Formation Oral
Callaghan, Michael V.*; Josh M. Bishop, Edwin E. Cey, and L. R. Bentley Hydrologic Implications to Produced Water Spill Response and Remediation Oral
Campion, Kirt Strategies for Correlation Within a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework: Is the Gain Worth the Pain? Oral
Cant, Doug Modern Estuarine Facies are Not Useful Analogs for Most Mesozoic Incised Valley Fills Oral
Cant, Doug Unconventional Hydrocarbon Accumulations Occur in Conventional Traps Oral
Canter, Lyn; Orion Skinner, Mark Sonnenfeld, and Mark Williams Facies and Mechanical Stratigraphy of the Middle Bakken, Mountrail County, North Dakota Oral
Cary, Peter W.*; Albert Zhang True-Amplitude PS Prestack Time Migration via 5D Interpolation Oral
Chalaturnyk, Rick Observations on SAGD Caprock Integrity Oral
Chatellier, Jean-Yves*; Marianne Molgat and Scott McLellan Quebec Shale Gas Geology: Multidisciplinary Approach, Methodology and Preliminary Results Poster
Chatellier, Jean-Yves*; Matt Brooks and Marianne Molgat Linking Gas Geochemistry with Pressure Domains and Fraccability in Shale Gas Oral
Chatellier, Jean-Yves*; Michael Chatellier Outcrops in Mochima National Park - Analogues to Thrust Belt Giant Oil Fields Poster
Cheadle, Burns A. Realigning the Canadian Geoscience Academy in Response to 21st Century Challenges Oral
Chaumillon, E.; B. Tessier and J.-Y. Reynaud Variability of Incised Valleys and Estuaries Along French Coasts: An Analog to Oil Reservoirs Where Topography Influence Preservation Potential? Oral
Cheadle, Burns A. Systemic Reservoir Characterization of Organic-rich Mudstones Oral, Poster
Chen, Zhuoheng*; Kirk G. Osadetz, Gemai Chen and Ping Tzeng A Least Square Non-Parametric Discovery Process Model for Assessing Resource Potential in Plays with Mixed Conventional qnd Unconventional Resources, Application Examples from Colorado Group Oil Plays, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral, Poster
Cheng, Peng*; Gary F. Margrave and David C. Henley Color Correction for Gabor Deconvolution: A Test with Field Data Oral
Chi, Gillian Q.*; Larry Lane Seismic-stratigraphic Analysis and Sequence-stratigraphic Controls on the Second-order Transgressive – Regressive Cycle of the Uppermost Devonian to Carboniferous Deposits and the Exploration Significance of the Erosion Unconformity in the Upper Paleozoic Strata of the Eagle Plain Basin, Northern Yukon of Canada Oral, Poster
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt J. Marfurt Integration of Coherence and Volumetric Curvature Images Oral
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt J. Marfurt and Somanath Misra Seismic Attributes on Frequency-enhanced Seismic Data Poster
Chou, Queena Clearwater Formation Natural Fracture Characterization from Cores and Image Logs, Athabasca Oil Sands, Alberta Oral
Claprood, Maxime*; Erwan Gloaguen, Michel Malo, and Luc Massé Using Kriging with External Trend for Time to Depth Conversion of Seismic Horizons to Characterize Deep Saline Reservoirs for CO2 Storage in Bécancour, Québec Oral
Clarkson, C.R. Gas Shales: Advances in Production Analysis Oral
Clarkson, C.R.*; P.K. Pedersen Advances in Reservoir Characterization of the Montney Tight Gas Play Oral
Close, D.I.*; M. Slikas Quantitative Geomodelling with Qualitative Inputs: Optimizing a Waterflood and Reversing Production Decline Oral
Close, D.I.*; M. Perez, B. Goodway, F. Caycedo and D. Monk Workflows for Integrated Seismic Interpretation of Rock Properties and Geomechanical Data: Part 2 – Application and Interpretation Oral
Dahl, Dr. Jeremy; Dr. J. Michael Moldowan Designing Tight-shale Production Strategies using Diamondoid Nanotechnology Oral
Dau, Brian Repositioning the Company for Oil Production and Reserves Growth Oral
Davies, Graham R.; David Hume 'Upper' Montney-'Lower' Doig: quo vadis? Oral
Delbecq, Franck*; Jon Downton, Richard Bale, Jeff Durand, Darren Schmidt and Benjamin Roure A Comparison of Azimuthal Seismic Techniques Oral
De Meersman, Kristof S-wave Attenuation within the Weathering Layer of an Alberta Heavy Oil Field Oral
Demchuk, Thomas D.; John R. Suter, Graham Dolby, Courtney Turich and Ronald F. Waszczak A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Unraveling the Mysteries of the McMurray Formation and Associated Strata Oral
Dinkelman, Menno G.; Peter A. Emmet, James A. Helwig, and Naresh Kumar BeaufortSPAN™ East Phase IV Illuminates Deep Rift Architecture of the Canada Basin Poster
Dirstein, James; Dr. Christopher Harrison Automated Interpretation of 3D Seismic Data using Genetic Algorithms Oral
Dirstein, James; Dr. J. S. Bell Practical Methods for Estimating In-situ Stresses in Sedimentary Basins Poster
Doney, Hailey*; Jesse Campbell**, Ross B. Kukulski, and Stephen M. Hubbard Trend Mapping of Five Progradational Cycles in the Monteith Formation, NW Alberta Poster
Du, Jing*; Ulrich Zimmer and Norm Warpinski Fault Plane Solutions from Moment Tensor Inversion for Microseismic Events using Single-Well and Multi-Well Data Oral
Duchesne, Mathieu J.*; Virginia I. Brake and Tom Brent Making New with Old: Reprocessing Vintage Seismic Data from the Western Arctic Islands using Modern Methods Poster
Duhault, John*; Carmen Dumitrescu Geoscience Interpretation and Visualization of a Multicomponent 3D Seismic Survey in Extreme Southern Alberta Oral
Dunn, L.*; Ian MacDougall The Montney Formation Shale Gas Play NEBC Part 1: Sequene Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization Oral
Dunphy, Rory; David J. Campagna Fractures, Elastic Moduli & Stress: Geological Controls on Hydraulic Fracture Geometry in the Horn River Basin Oral
Duo, Xuefeng*; H. Schijns, S. Heinonen, D. R. Schmitt, I.T. Kukkonen, and P. Heikkinen Seismic Imaging of the Massive Cu-Co-Zn Sulphide Deposite in Outokumpu, Finland Poster
Durbano, Andrew*; Brian R. Pratt,Thomas Hadlari and Keith Dewing Sedimentology of the Lower Clastic Unit of the Early Cambrian, Northwestern Victoria Island Arctic Poster
Eaton, David W. 2-D Finite-difference Modelling of Pore-pressure Diffusion in Heterogeneous Anisotropic Porolelastic Media: Implications for Induced Microseismicity Oral
Eaton, David W. Q Determination, Corner Frequency and Spectral Characteristics of Microseismicity Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing Oral
Eaton, David W.*; Jubran Akram, Andy St-Onge and Farshid Forouhideh Determining Microseismic Event Locations by Semblance-weighted Stacking Oral
Egbobawaye, Edwin I.; Vadim A. Kravchinsky, John-Paul Zonneveld, and Murray K. Gingras Magnetostratigraphy Dating and Correlation of the Lower Doig and Upper Montney Formations (Lower Triassic), Northeastern British Columbia, Western Canada Oral
Embry, Ashton F. Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Mixed, Reefal Carbonate and Siliciclastic Systems Oral
Embry, Ashton F. The Major Depositional and Tectonic Changes Across the Near-Base Rhaetian (latest Triassic) Sequence Boundary in the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada Oral
Ershova, Victoria B.; Andrei K. Khudoley, Andrei V. Prokopiev, Galina G. Kazakova adn Sergei V. Malyshev Migration of Depozones within the Northern Part of the Priverkhoyansk Foreland Basin: Possible Analog to McMurray Formation Oral
Euzen, T.*; S. Burns, M. Power, R. Deschampsand R. Lenormand Influence of Mineralogy and Macroporosity on Reservoir Quality: Example of the Upper Mannville Incised Valley Fills in West-Central Alberta Oral
Falkovskiy, Alexander*; Elvis Floreani, Gerry Schlosser Application of FX Singular Spectrum Analysis on Structural Data Oral
Falkovskiy, Alexander*; Elvis Floreani, Gerry Schlosser FX Cadzow/SSA Random Noise Filter: Frequency Extension Oral
Fayemendy, Cedric*; Mona Andersen Time Lapse Seismic: A Multidisciplinary Tool for Reservoir Management on Snorre Oral
Ferguson, Grant D.; Amer Hanif The Integrated Use of new Wireline Technologies to Reduce Full Bore Core Requirements and Cost in the Canadian Oil Sands Oral
Ferri, Filippo; Adrian Hickin and David Huntley Besa River Formation, Western Liard Basin, British Columbia; Geochemistry and Regional Correlations Oral
Fic, Julianne D.*; Dr. Per Kent Pedersen Reservoir Characterization of a Tight Oil Play of the Middle Jurassic Upper Shaunavon Formation Member in the Whitemud and Eastbrook Pools – SW Saskatchewan Poster
Fletcher, Sean D.T.; Ryan V. Macauley and Stephen M. Hubbard Characterizing Depositional Elements of a Deep Water Channel Complex using Quantitative Metrics, Tres Pasos Formation, Southern Chile Oral
Foyer, Aaron; Adam Fraser, Dr. Per Kent Pedersen and Dr. Don Lawton Seismic, Core and Well Log Reservoir Characterization of the Cardium Formation, Ferrier Pool Area, West-Central Alberta Poster
Galbraith, Mike*; Zhengsheng Yao and Randy Kolesar Using a 1D FX Predictive Filter for 3D Seismic Data Random Noise Attenuation Poster
Gaiser, James*; Alvaro Chaveste, Mary Edrich, Tony Rebec and Richard Verm Seismic Anisotropy of the Marcellus Shale: Feasibility Study for Fracture Characterization Oral
Gagliardi, Peter G.*; Don C. Lawton Borehole Geophone Repeatability Experiment Oral
Gao, Jianjun; Vicente Oropeza and Mauricio D. Sacchi Evaluation of a Fast Algorithm for the Eigen-decomposition of Large Block Toeplitz Matrices with Application to 5D Seismic Data Interpolation Oral
Gao, Le*; Igor Morozov AVO Analysis of 3-D/3-C Datasets from Weyburn CO2 Storage and Monitoring Project Poster
Geis, Wayne The Future of North America's Energy Foundation Expanding and Creating New Markets for Natural Gas Oral
Giroux, Bernard*; Maxime Claprood, Lorenzo Perozzi Tuning Effects in P-wave Reflections from a CO2 Injected Saline Aquifer: A Preliminary Appraisal Oral
Godek, Gregory*; Benoit Beauchamp Iron from Land: The Origin of Middle Permian (Trold Fiord) Glauconite in the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada Oral
Golding, Martyn L.; J.-P. Zonneveld, Jim K. Mortensen, Mike J. Orchard and Fil Ferri Evolution of Sediment Transport Pathways in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin during the Triassic Poster
Grasby, S.E.*; Z. Chen and K. Dewing Formation Water and Gas Geochemistry of the Sverdrup Basin Oral
Grau, Anne; Robert Sterling Reservoir Characterization of the Bakken Formation; or Why is Parshall Special? Oral
Gray, David Oilsands: Not Your Average Seismic Data Oral
Gray, Ken*; Jen Russel-Houston Seismic Characterization of Collapse Dolines in the Grosmont Formation, Alberta, Canada Oral
Grob, M.*; M. van der Baan Statistical Analysis of Microseismic Event Locations and Magnitudes, and their Geomechanical Implications Oral
Gue, Anita*; Bernhard Mayer and Stephen Grasby Origins of Brackish Spring Waters Discharging into the Clearwater River, NE Alberta Poster
Guirigay, Thais A.*; John B. Bancroft Converted Wave Processing in the EOM Domain Oral
Gulati, Akshay; R. J. Ferguson Accurate Declipping Hybrid Algorithm for Ground Penetrating Radar Data Oral
Guzman, Edgar Herrera*; Svetlana Machurina Development of a Dynamical/Statistical Operational System to Forecast and Analyze Atmospheric Winds at Surface Level Valid for up to 168-hour Periods Poster
Haimson, Bezalel Wellbore Breakouts in Sandstones Oral
Hall, Craig D.*; Debra Jennings and Randy Miller Comparison of the Reservoir Properties of the Muskwa (Horn River Formation) with other North American Gas Shales Oral
Hall, Matt Recovery and Growth Through Openness in Oil and Gas Oral
Han, Jiajun*; Mirko van der Baan Empirical Mode Decomposition and Robust Seismic Attribute Analysis Poster
Hart, B.S. Shale-gas Production and Sequence Stratigraphy: What Makes the Best Part of the Best Plays Oral
Hassan, Hassan H.*; Serguei Goussev Texture Analysis of High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data to Identify Geological Features in the Horn River Basin, NE British Columbia Poster
Hay, D.C.*; C.J. Banks and G.J. Prior Sedimentology and Stratigraphy from Measured Outcrop Sections on the Athabasca River: Grand Rapids, Joli Fou, Pelican, Westgate, Fish Scales and Belle Fourche Formations Poster
Hein, Frances J.*; D. Brent Fairgrieve Joslyn Creek SAGD: Geologic Factors Related to a Surface Steam Release Incident, Athabasca Oil Sands Area Oral
Hendrick, Jason; Eric von Lunen, Jennifer Leslie-Panek, Sheri Bowman and Ted Urbancic Case Study: Application and Integration of Emergin Technologies in Microseismic Monitoring of a Shale Gas Reservoir Poster
Henley, David C. Attenuating 2D Noise in a 3D World Oral
Herrera, Roberto H.*; Mirko van der Baan Revisiting Homomorphic Wavelet Estimation and Phase Unwrapping Oral
Hislop, Jeff; Glenn Hauer 3C Acquisition of the Delhi Field 3D, Richland Parish, Louisiana Oral
Hu, Kezhen*; James Dietrich, Keith Dewing, Shunxin Zhang and Esther Asselin Paleozoic Stratigraphy and Petroleum Reservoir Potential in the Hudson Bay Basin, Northern Canada; Re-Evaluation of Offshore Well Data Poster
Hubbard, Stephen M. The Stratigraphic Transition From Out-of-Grade to Graded Slope Margins Associated With the Filling of Deep-Water Foreland Basins Oral
Hughson, R. Carl An Integrated Technical Path to Identify Econimic Upside for the Devonian Swan Hills Platform at Deer Mountain Unit #2, Alberta, Canada Oral
Hulsey, Katie Lithofacies Characterization and Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of Some Gas-bearing Shales within the Horn River Basin and Cordova Embayment Oral
Huntley, David; Adrian Hickin GEM-Energy Yukon and Liard Basins Project: Application of a New Surficial Geology GIS to Drift Resources and Geohazards Assessments of the Maxhamish Lake Map Area (NTS 094O), Northeastern British Columbia Poster
Idowu, Oluwaseyi A.*; Douglas A. Schmidtt Updating the Tectonic Stress Map of Alberta using Borehole Breakout Method Oral
Innanen, Kristopher A. A Decomposition of Rp into Contributions from Single-parameter Reflectivities Poster
Ion, Dumitru*; Mike Galbraith A Practical Approach for Estimating Receiver Statics in 2D/3C Seismic Data Processing Oral
Ito, Hisao Sonic Scanner Logging at Site C0009 of IODP Expedition 319, NanTroSEIZE Oral
Jackson, Kevin W.; Michael McQuilkin, Per Kent Pedersen and Larry S. Lane Stratigraphy, Basin Morphology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Middle to Upper Cretaceous Strata, Eagle Plain Basin, Northern Yukon Poster
Jensen, Gavin*; Erik Nickel and Ben Rostron Site Assessment Update at Weyburn-Midale CO2 Sequestration Project, Saskatchewan, Canada: New Results at an Active CO2 Sequestration Site Oral
Joy, Heather Enhanced Data Quality Through 5D Interpolation, Pre-Stack Time Migration for Stratigraphic Targets, Provost, AB Oral
Kaliel, Jeremy; Denise Poley Resource Plays: What's the Upside? And How Much Should We Pay for Today? Oral
Kalmanovitch, Norman Methane Hydrate; Deep Water Drilling Hazard Oral
Kanhalangsy, Cam*; Nikolay Golubev, Jurgen Johann Zach Anisotropic CSEM Inversion Near Ac818 Well #1 In Alaminos Canyon Block 818, Gulf of Mexico Oral
Kehrig, Robert A. Strategic Portfolio Transformation at Enerplus Oral
Kendall, Rob*; Richard A. Bale Getting Better Shear-wave Data over Heavy Oil: Rational for Buried Acquisition Oral
Kennett, Chris R.*; Ola Eiken* The Sleipner CO2 4D Story: 15 Years of CO2 Storage and Seismic Oral
Khan, Quaid Fracture Network of Synfolding in the Eastern Kohat Plateau, Northern Pakistan Poster
Khan, Safdar*; Nader Khosravi, Natalya Ionkina, Fred Hyland, and Mike Yu Evaluation of Conventional Stimulation Techniques in Mannville CBM Reservoirs Oral
Khan, Safdar*; Hongxue Han, Sajjad Ansari and Nader Khosravi Geomechanical Modeling to Assess Caprock Integrity in Oil Sands Oral
Khan, Safdar*; Sajjad Ansari, Khaqan Khan and Assef Mohamad-Hussein Predicting Wellbore Stability in SAGD Infill Wells Using 3D Finite Element Modeling Oral, Poster
Khan, Safdar*; Sajjad Ansari, Hongxue Han and Nader Khosravi Understanding Wellbore Stability Challenges in Horn River Basin Oral, Poster
Khaniani, Hassan*; John C. Bancroft Application of CSP Gather Modeling for Determination of Velocity Smoothing Operator for Prestack Kirchhoff Depth Migration Oral
Kocon, Ken*; Mirko van der Baan Multiplet Relocation in a Heavy Oil Field Using the Double Difference Method Oral
Kocon, Ken; M Sacchi* Ground Roll Attenuation Using LWD Oral
Kohlbecker, Matthew Recommendations for Water Well Testing During Seismic Surveys: A Hydrogeologist's Perspective Oral, Poster
Kohlbecker, Matthew The Conceptual Hydrogeologic Model: a Tool for Assessing the Source of Shallow Aquifer Contamination by Methane Gas Oral, Poster
Kohlruss, Dan; Erik H. Nickel Depositional Setting of the Middle Bakken Member in Southeastern Saskatchewan Poster
Kohlruss, Dan; Guoxiang Chi and Per Kent Pedersen Summary of Facies, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of Northwestern Saskatchewan's Bitumen Bearing Lower Cretaceous Dina Member (Mannville Group) Oral
Konstantinovskaya, E.*; M. Malo and D.A. Castillo Present-day Stress Analysis in the St. Lawrence Lowlands from Borehole Breakouts and Implications for CO2 Injection Oral
Kraus, Jürgen*; Thomas Lau A Fractured Gas Reservoir In A Composite Foreland Basin, Sichuan Province, China Oral
Krause, F.F.; A.C. Wiseman, K.R. Williscroft, N. Solano, N.J. Morris, R. Meyer & R. Marr The Montney Formation: Mineralogy, What Shall It Be? Oral, Poster
Kreimer, Nadia*; Mauricio D. Sacchi Evaluation of a New 5D Seismic Volume Reconstruction Method: Tensor Completion versus Fourier Reconstruction Oral
Kukulski, Ross B.*; Stephen M. Hubbard, M. Keegan Raines, Brett D. Miles and Thomas F. Moslow Stratigraphic Architecture of the Monach Formation (Nikanassin/Minnes Group) Oral
La Croix, Andrew D.*; M. K. Gingras and S. G. Pemberton Assessing the Development of Porous and Permeable Burrow Networks Oral
Lamoureux, Michael P.*; Gary F. Margrave and Peter C. Gibson Gabor Multipliers for Seismic Modeling and Wavefield Propagators Oral
Lane, Larry S.*; Dale R. Issler Overview of the Tertiary Cooling-uplift History of Northernmost Yukon Adjacent to the Beaufort Basin, Based on Apatite Fission Track Studies Oral
Lansley, R. Malcolm*; Gilbran Armenta and Nuñez Y Associados Cable Free Seismic Acquisition in the South of México Oral
Lansley, R. Malcolm*; Peter Maxwell What Receivers will we use for Low Frequencies? Oral
Larter, Steve; Barry Bennett Now you see them, now you don't, now you might see them again! A review of the systematics of alkylphenol occurrence in conventional and heavy oil petroleum systems Oral
Larter, Steve*; Ian Gates Shalegas, Tight Oil and Bitumen. Unconventional Problems Need a New Approach to Innovation and Technology Development! Oral
Lash, Gary G. Sequence Stratigraphy Manifested in Source and Reservoir Properties of Shale Successions – Examples from the Middle Devonian Marcellus Formation, Appalachian Basin Oral
Lavoie, Denis; Nicolas Pinet, Mathieu Duchesne, Shunxin Zhang, Jim Dietrich, Kezhen Hu, Virginia Brake, Esther Asselin, Jonathan Roger, Barry Khon, Derek Armstrong, Michelle Nicolas, Rudolf Bertrand Geological Setting and Petroleum Potential of the Paleozoic Hudson Platform, Northern Canada – Current Knowledge Oral
Lavoie, Denis*; Robert Thériault and Michel Malo The Upper Ordovician Utica and Lorraine Shales in Southern Quebec: Sedimentological and Geochemical Frameworks Oral
Laycock, Dallin P.; Per K. Pedersen, Steve Larter, Haiping Huang, Ron Spencer and Andy Aplin Clinoform Architecture of a Shale Dominated Succession in the Cretaceous Colorado Group, Central Alberta Poster
Leaney, Scott*; Chris Chapman and Tadeusz Ulrych Microseismic Source Inversion in Anisotropic Media Oral
LeFever, Julie A.; Richard D. LeFever, Stephan H. Nordeng Cyclic Sedimentation Patterns of the Mississippian-Devonian Bakken Formation Oral
LeFever, Julie A.; Stephan H. Nordeng North Dakota's Production – Past and Present Oral
Legault, Jean; Alexander Prikhodko, Harish Kumar and Jim Genereux Recent Airborne EM System (helicopter VTEM and fixed-wing ZTEM) Development for Near-surface and Regional Applications for Oil and Gas Exploration Oral
Lemiski, Ryan Thomas*; Leanne J. Pyle, Len P. Gal and Adrienne L. Jones Shale Gas in Canada's North? Preliminary Investigation of Horn River Group in Mackenzie Plain, Northwest Territories Oral
Leshchyshyn, Tim Tight Oil Exploitation is the Name of the Game in Our Industry Oral
Lespinasse, Diane J.*; Robert J. Ferguson Brine-methane Substitution: Seismic Response of Coalbeds Oral
Li, Xinxiang*; Peter Cary and Rodney Couzens The Deconvolution of Multicomponent Trace Vectors Oral
Lin, Weiren Three-dimensional Stress Orientations Determined by Anelastic Strain Recovery Measurements and Their Comperison with Borehole Breakouts Oral
Link, Brian H.*; Inga Y. Khromova and Alexander S. Kostyukevych Fracture Prediction Verified by Well Results and Forward Modeling Oral, Poster
Liu, Yexin*; Zhuoheng Chen A Non-Linear Conjugate Gradient (CG) Method to Solve for Vp, Vs and Density from Seismic Elastic Impedance Oral
Lynch, Greg*; Lavern Stasiuk Characteristics of the Triassic Upper Montney Tight Gas Play, Groundbirch Area, Northeast B.C. Oral