2013 Conference Abstracts (A to H)

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Ahmadi, Amin Baharvand*; Igor Morozo Separation of Geometric Spreading, Scattering and Intrinsic Attenuation in VSP Data Oral
Akinyemi, L.P.; R.K. Odunaike, O.O. Fasunwon Physical and Chemical Characterization Of Oil Sands Observed At Imeri In Ogun State Of South Western, Nigeria Poster
Akram, J.*; and D. W. Eaton Velocity Model Calibration Effects on Microseismic Locations Oral, Poster
Al-Khateb, Nawras A Look into Gassmann's Equation Poster
Alam, Mahbub; Larry Lines Quantitative Estimation of Directional Permeability Barriers as a Reservoir Heterogeneity – A New Approach Using Synthetic Core Oral
Alfonsov, V.A.; B.Ya. Margulis, G.V. Romanov*, O.V. Lukyanov, V.P. Morozov, M.P. Kruglov A New Technology For Enhanced Oil Recovery and Treatment Of A Near Wellbore Area In Carbonates Poster
Almutlaq, Mahdi H.*; Gary F. Margrave Violet Grove Time-lapse Data Revisited: A Surface-Consistent Matching Filters Application Oral
Alreshedan, Faisal; Apostolos Kantzas The Impact of Pore Structure and Geometry on Petrophysical and Electrical Properties Estimation for Conventional and Tight Porous Media Oral
Altosaar, Andres K. The Geologic Wonders of Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta Oral
Anagaw, Amsalu Y.; Mauricio D. Sacchi Inexact Full Newton Method for Full Waveform Inversion using Simultaneous Encoded Sources Oral
Andjelkovic, Dragan; Simon Brame, Timo Von Rudloff Re-using old Formation MicroScanner Logs to Help Understand Reservoir and Fracture Development at the Dover East Field, SW Ontario, Canada Oral
Ang, Li; Chen Shumin, Zhang Erhua and Ju Linbo Quantitative Predication for Reservior Porosity via AVO Poster
Angiel, Piotr J.*; A. Guy Plint Mud Transport Processes Across a Cretaceous Ramp in a Rapidly-Subsiding Foredeep: Albian-Cenomanian of NE British Columbia Oral
Angiel, Piotr J.*; A. Guy Plint Paleogeographic and Tectonic Evolution of an Albian-Cenomanian Foredeep Succession, northeastern British Columbia Poster
Archer, Joanne*; Tess Sebastian, David Gray Facilitating Interpretation of Depositional Features in the McMurray Formation Through the Use of Seismic Multi-Attribute Analysis (MAA) Volumes Oral
Ardakani, Elahe P.*; Douglas R. Schmitt Regional Geophysical Study for Geothermal Exploration in NE Alberta Poster
Arkadakskiy, Serguey*; Ben Rostron Tracking Out-of-Zone Hydraulic Fracturing in the Bakken with Naturally Occuring Tracers Poster
Arthur, Jessie M.*; Donald C. Lawton, Joe Wong Physical Seismic Modeling of a Near-Vertical Fault Zone Oral, Poster
Ashton, Tom; Chi Vinh Ly, Graham Spence Application of Real Time Wellsite Tool for Enhanced Geosteering and Reservoir Characterization Oral, Poster
Askari, Roohollah*; Robert J. Ferguson Estimation of Dispersive Parameters Of Surface Wave using the Generalized S Transform Poster
Askari, Roohollah*; Robert J. Ferguson, Helen Isaac Optimum Aperture Length for Improving Dispersion Curve Analysis in CMP Cross- Correlation of Surface Waves Poster
Ayranci, K.*; S. E. Dashtgard The Effects of Tidal Currents on Asymmetric Distributions of Sediment, Infauna and Burrows along the Fraser River Delta Front, B.C. Oral
Babak, Olena A Novel Deterministic Alternative for Facies Modeling Oral
Babiy, Ron Norman Wells Field – A Long History of Oil Production in the Central Mackenzie Valley Oral
Bachrach, Ran; Sagnik Dasgupta, Colin Sayers, Josimar Silva and Stefano Volterrani Recent Advances in the Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs with Wide-Azimuth Seismic Data Oral
Badry, Rob*; Jason Smith Bitumen Evaluation in the Grosmont Carbonate Reservoir: A Case Study of Wireline Technology Applications Oral
Baig, Adam M.; Ted Urbancic, Gisela Viegas, Jason Hendrick, Eric von Lunen, Sean Lovric Felt Seismicity Related to Hydraulic Fracturing Oral
Bale, Richard*; Tobin Marchand, Keith Wilkinson, Jeff Deere The Design and Application of Converted-wave COVs Oral
Baranova, Valentina; Azer Mustaqeem, Francis Karanja, Danson Mburu Application of Seismic Geomorphology for Frontier Hydrocarbon Exploration, South Anza Basin, East African Rift Poster
Barrett, Andrew V. Imaging Scattered Seismic Energy in Alberta Oil Sands Oral
Barrett, Andrew V. Kirchhoff Imaging with Adaptive Green's Functions for Compensation for Dispersion, Attenuation, and Velocity Imprecision Oral
Barrett, Andrew V.; Art Siewert, Ron Weedmark Predicting Seismic Data Quality from Multispectral Satellite Imagery in Alberta Oil Sands Oral
Barton, C.A.; D. Moos, L. Hartley Geomechanically Coupled Simulation of Flow in Fractured Reservoirs Oral
Bates, Kerry B.*; Nancy Chow Sedimentology and Reservoir Potential of the Upper Devonian Duperow Formation, Southwestern Manitoba Oral
Baxter, Shawn Shell Groundbirch – Water Management Strategy Oral
Beauchamp, Benoit; D. Baranova, Y.P. Chau, J. Cuthbertson, G. Godek, S.E. Grasby, B. Guest, C.M., Henderson, M.F. Hill, P. Kabanov, A. Labrie, A. Leier, N.J. Morris, C.V. Shultz, P. Thériault, M.L. Wamsteeker SUNBEAM Sheds Light on the Carboniferous-Permian Stratigraphy, Sedimentation, Tectonism and Volcanism of the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada (Ellesmere Island, Nunavut) Oral
Bellefleur, Gilles*; Michael Riedel and Tom Brent Seismic and Well-Log Inference of Gas Hydrate Accumulations above the Umiak and Ya Ya Gas Fields, Northwest Territories Poster
Bennett, B. Geological Controls on Petroleum Fluid Property Heterogeneities in Carbonate Bitumen and Heavy Oil Reservoirs from Northern Alberta Oral
Bennett, B.; L.R. Snowdon and F.Q Song The Application of Single Drop Vapor Phase Extraction for the Analysis of Light Ends in Unconventional Resources Oral
Benyon, Christine; Andrew Leier, Dale A. Leckie, Andrew Webb, Steve Hubbard, George Gehrels Detrital Zircon Provenance of the McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada Oral, Poster
Berger, Zeev; Martin Mushayandevu Detection and Analysis of Structurally Controlled sweet spots in the Bakken/Three Fork Oil Shale Play of the Williston Basin and the Exshaw/Big Valley Oil Shale Play of the Foreland Basin of Southern Alberta and Northern Montana Oral
Bertrand, Rudolf; Stephanie Roy, Bernard Granger Comparison between Reflectance Equivalent from Estimated Vitrinite and Tmax, Macasty Shale Oil, Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada Oral
Best, Melvyn E.; Alex Prikhodko, Brad Torry Interpretation of Quaternary Geology using Airborne EM and Seismic Data: Horn River Basin, British Columbia, Canada Oral
Bhuiyan, Md. Mafijul Islam; Mauricio D. Sacchi Two-Stage Blind Deconvolution Oral
Bjorum, Matt; Jeff Sinclair Pressure Coring, A New Tool for Unconventional Oil & Gas Characterization Oral
Blanch, Matt Oil Saturation Determination- Lab & Logging Difficulties & A Hybrid Approach Oral
Blunda, Yessika*; and Kit Chambers A Generic Procedure For Noise Suppression In Microseismic Data Poster
Bo, Chi*; Li Min, Zhou XiSheng, Shi GuangZhi, Wang Xin, Jiang Yu, Li Qi CO2 Flooding in Ultra-low Permeability Reservoir- Fang 48 Block of Daqing Oilfield Oral, Poster
Bongajum, E.; N. Kazemi, M. D. Sacchi Blind Surface Consistent Wavelet Estimation Oral
Boroumand, Neda*; Dave Eaton Hydraulic Fracture Energy Considerations: A 3D Numerical Simulation Compared to Microseismic Imaging Oral
Boroumand, Neda*; Hassan Khaniani Application of 2D Crosscorrelation and Radon Transform for Analysis of Double Couple Microseismic Source Oral
Bourke, Lawrence; Jeremy Prosser, Peter Barrett Opportunities Lost – The Value and Application of Image Logs is Missed Due to Inadequate Quality Control Oral
Brake, Virginia; Mathieu J. Duchesne, Keith Dewing, M. Claprood, E. Gloaguen, Tom Brent Revisiting the Subsurface Geology of Sabine Peninsula (Melville Island, Western Arctic) through Geostatistically-Steered Data Processing and Interpretation Poster
Broughton, Paul L. Lower McMurray Formation Sinkholes and their Fill Fabrics: Effects of Salt Dissolution Collapse-Subsidence across the northern Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit Oral
Broughton, Paul L. Orthogonal Geometrics of lower McMurray Formation Sand Complexes: Effects of Salt Dissolution Collapse-Subsidence Across the northern Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit Oral
Brown, Morgan P.*; Joseph H. Higginbotham, Cosmin Macesanu, Oscar E. Ramirez, Dave List, Chris Lang PSDM for Unconventional Reservoirs? A Niobrara Shale Case Study Oral
Buckingham, Katherine*; Adam Baig, Ted Urbancic, Anisa Kassam Stress Re-Distribution During Long-Term Steam Injections and Its Potential Influence on Reservoir Development Oral
Bulat, Eugenia Nicoleta; Maria Doina Ghiran, Izabela Maris Geochemistry Characterization and Mineralogical Composition of Source Rock of Oligocene Age of Podu Morii Formation – Romania Poster
Bulat, Eugenia Nicoleta; Octavian Catuneanu Sedimentological and Petrographical Analyses of Siliciclastic Oligocene Deposits in the Teleajen Valley, Gura Vitioarei - Copaceni Structure, Romania Poster
Butler, J. Patrick*; Randy Kolesar 2D Depth Velocity Analysis without Tomography Oral
Candler, John; Michael Freeman and Richard McCartney Advances in the Environmental Performance of Drilling Fluids using Changes in Chemistry of Drilling Fluid Products) Oral
Cao, Danping*; Wenyuan Liao Full Waveform Inversion of Crosswell Seismic Data using Automatic Differentiation Oral
Cao, Danping*; Xingyao Yin, Guochen Wu Impedance Joint Inversion of Surface and Borehole Seismic Data Oral
Castellanos, Fernando*; Mirko van der Baan Post-Processing Technique to Relocate Microseismic Events using the Double-Difference Method Oral, Poster
Chambers, M.*; T. Klatt Anatomy and Preliminary Findings of the First Commercial Bakken Oil Pool in Alberta Oral
Chan, Judith*; Douglas R. Schmitt Integration of Seismic and Log Data of a Deep Borehole in the Basement Rocks of Northeastern Alberta Poster
Chapman, Alice; Steve Zamfes,Guillaume Poulain Monte-Carlo Statics on PSv Data Oral
Charles, Sylvestre; Jim Hostetler, Jiwu Lin,Xiaoming Luo Squeezing Every Last Drop out of a Coarse 3D Oil Sands Dataset for Refining 3D Survey Design – A Case History Oral
Chatellier, Jean-Yves; Ken Simpson, Marianne Molgat, Craig Goodall Multidisciplinary Integration and Tools to Better Address the Utica Shale Stratigraphy, Rock Properties and Fraccability Oral
Cheadle, Burns A.*; Peng Jiang Born This Way — Inherited Heterogeneity and Microporosity Modalities in "Hybrid" Reservoirs of the Upper Cretaceous Colorado Group, Western Canada Foreland Basin Oral
Chen, Ke*; Mauricio D. Sacchi Robust Singular Spectrum Analysis for Erratic Noise Attenuation Oral
Cheng, Peng*; Gary F. Margrave Estimation of Q: A Comparison of Different Computational Methods Oral
Cheung, S.P.; R.K. Strom The Importance of the Integrated Approach to Evaluate Tight Gas and Liquid-rich Plays Oral
Chiu, Stephen K Antialiasing 5D Interpolation Oral
Chiu, Stephen K.*; Ulrich Zimmer and Michael Davidson High-Resolution Automatic Microseismic Source Detections Oral
Cho, David*; Gary F. Margrave Hydraulic Fracturing as a Global Cascade in Networked Systems Oral
Choi, Kyungsik*; Chung Rok Oh, Joo Hee Jo Morphodynamics of Tidal Channels in the Macrotidal Yeochari Tidal Flat, Gyeonggi Bay, Korea: Climate and Tidal Controls on the Architecture of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification Oral
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt J. Marfurt Interesting Directions Being Pursued in Seismic Curvature Attribute Analysis Poster
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt J. Marfurt Seismic Attribute Expression of Differential Compaction Oral, Poster
Chopra, Satinder*; Ritesh Kumar Sharma, Kurt J. Marfurt Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization Workflows Oral, Poster
Chorney, Drew*; Piyush Jain, Melanie Grob and Mirko van der Baan Modeling of Microseismicity Associated with Rock Deformation and Fracturing Oral
Chowdhury, Md Mizanul Huq*; Douglas R. Schmitt Seismic behaviour of CO2 saturated Fontainebleau sandstone under in situ conditions Poster
Cowie, Benjamin R.; Bruce James Athabasca Regional Hydrochemistry in the McMurray Formation Oral
Chung, Pauline*; Corina E. Irvine, Maria F. Quijada and John R. Suter Integrated Approach to Identify Internal Stratigraphic Packages of the McMurray Oil Sand Reservoirs in Foster Creek and Christina Lake, Alberta, Canada Oral
Clemons, Kit; Robert Bodziak, Andy Stephens, Robert Meek Leveraging Seismic Attributes to Understand the “frac-able” Limits and Reservoir Performance in the Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas, USA Oral
Coderre, Adam B.*; Hugo Pouderoux, Per Kent Pedersen, Andrew Leier Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Cretaceous Upper Mannville Incised Valley Fills, Grand Rapids Formation, east central Alberta Core
Colborne, Jacqueline*; R.Marc Bustin, Gerry Reinson and Nathan Bruder Depositional and Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Development, Big Valley Formation ("Alberta Bakken"), Tight Oil Play, Southern Alberta Core
Coutts, D.S.*; P.K. Pedersen Belly River Channel Architecture Reservoir Analog – Ghost Dam, Cochrane, Alberta Oral, Poster
Crook, AJ*; Balazs Nemeth, Christian Escalante, Laurie Ross, Ye Zheng, Keith Millis 3D Design for Interpolation: A Decimation Case Study Oral
Crowe, Carol Innovative Solutions to Manage Business Risk and Improve Project Performance: Effective Engagement of Aboriginal Communities Oral
Cui, Xiaoqin*; Laurence R. Lines, Edward S. Krebes Numerical Modeling for Different Types of Fractures Oral
Cui, Xiaoqin*; Laurence R. Lines, Edward S. Krebes and Joan Embleton Wormhole Forward Modeling and Seismic Responses Poster
Cullimore, D. Roy Microbiological Dynamics in Rock and Fluid Characterization, An Overview Oral
Czarnecki, Joanna M.; Andrew D. La Croix and Shahin E. Dashtgard A Comparison of the Sedimentological, Ichnological, Palynological and Geochemical Characteristics of Channel-Margin Sediments Across The Tidal-Fluvial Transition of the Lower Fraser River, British Columbia Poster
Czarnecki, Joanna M.; Shahin E. Dashtgard, Vera Pospelova, Rolf Mathewes and James A. MacEachern Palynology and Geochemistry of Channel-Margin Sediments in the Tidally Influenced Lower Fraser River, British Columbia, Canada: Implications for Recognizing Brackish Water and Tidal Influence Across the Tidal-Fluvial Transition Oral
Dafoe, Lynn T.*; Charlotte E. Keen, Graham L. Williams and Sonya A. Dehler A Tectonostratigraphic History of Orphan Basin, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada Oral
Dando, Ben; Kit Chambers, Raquel Velasco and Stephen Wilson The Benefits of S-waves and Multicomponent Data for Surface Monitoring Oral
Davis, Matthew; Glenn Karlen A Regional Assessment of the Duvernay Formation; a World- Class Liquids-Rich Shale Play Oral
De Meersman, Kristof; Majda Mihoub Multi-Component or Vector Dip Filtering using the S-Transform Oral
Deng, Wubing*; Igor Morozov New Approach to Finite-Difference Memory Variables by Using Lagrangian Mechanics Oral
Derder, Omar Characteristics of the Triassic Upper Montney Formation (Unit C), West-Central Area, Alberta Oral, Poster
Desjardins, Patricio; Mauri Smith The Basal Cambrian Sandstone in the Subsurface of Alberta: Quest Carbon Capture and Storage Injection Target Core
Dhelie, Per Eivind*; Cyrille Reiser, Tim Bird, Euan Anderson Impact of Broadband Seismic on Quantitative Interpretation Workflows Oral
Dhelie, Per Eivind*; Robert Sorley, Torben Hoy, David Lippett A Step Change in Seismic Imaging – Using a Unique Ghost Free Source and Receiver System Oral
Dickson, Carla*; Grant Wach Overpressure Conditions and Reservoir Compartmentalization on the Scotian Margin Poster
Dickson, William*; Craig F. Schiefelbein, Mark E. Odegard and John E. Zumberge Defining Frontier Petroleum Systems with Higher Granularity: Examples from Plate Reconstructions of the Atlantic Margins Poster
Dillabough, Graham; David J.W. Piper and Ray Fenstermacher Preliminary Geochemical Interpretation of Preserved Shallow Cores, Labrador Basin Complex, Labrador Sea, Canada Poster
Doerksen, Michael; Don Poruchny and Michael d'Entremont Microseismic Case Study: A Deeper Look Into The Microseismic Events. What Events Are Really Related To Stimulated Reservoir Poster
Dong, Tian; Michael S. Kennedy and Nicholas B. Harris Interpretation of Stratigraphic Sequences from Geochemical Characterization in the Horn River Shale, Middle and Upper Devonian, Northeastern British Columbia, Canada Poster
Downton, Jon Characterizing dipping fractures from P-wave Amplitude versus Azimuth studies Oral
Dumitrescu, Carmen C.*; Larry Lines Vp/Vs – A Novel Approach for Interpreting McMurray Formation Stratigraphic Architecture with Cores, Logs and Seismic Data Oral
Duncan, Emily*; Ann O'Byrne, Jillian Dalsin A Seismic Geometry Experiment: Testing Orthogonal vs. Megabin vs. Slimbin and 5D Minimum Weighted Norm Interpolation Oral
Duncan, G.J. Drilling Horizontal Wells for the Mine Assisted In-Situ Project Oral
Dunn, Lindsay*; Keith Gordon and Marc Houle Fifty Shades of Grey: Utilizing “Conventional” Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy to unlock rock quality to reservoir quality relationships in the liquids rich Duvernay Shale play, Kaybob Alberta, Canada Oral
Dziuba, Taras T. The Bakken – An Integration Necessity Oral
Eaton, David W.*; Mirko van der Baan, Jean-Baptiste Tary, Kim Pike Low-Frequency Tremor Signals from a Hydraulic Fracture Treatment in northeast British Columbia, Canada Oral
Eaton, David W.*; Neda Boroumand Estimating Energy Balance for Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations: Lessons Learned from Basel Oral
Embry, Ashton; Benoit Beauchamp, Keith Dewing, James Dixon Episodic Tectonics in the Phanerozoic Succession of the North American Arctic and the “10 Million Year Flood” Oral
Embry, Ashton; Owen Anfinson A History of Crockerland – The Little Arctic Terrane that Could Oral
Enachescu, Michael E.*; Fred Kierulf, Paul Price, Murray Cooper, Allan Châtenay Geophysical Characterization of the Canol and Bluefish Oil Shales, Central Mackenzie Valley, NWT, Canada Oral
Enachescu, Mona; Grant Los Cavalier Grand Rapids A SAGD Project at Hoole: Core Case Study Core
Fallas, Karen M. Cambrian Features Constrain Cordilleran Structures In The Central Mackenzie Valley Region Oral, Poster
Faraj, Basim S.M.; Daniel M. Jarvie Producibility and Commerciality of Shale Resource Systems: Contrasting Geochemical Attributes of Shale Gas and Shale Oil Systems Oral
Fareed, Abdul; Raymond Nanan, Dinara Khalmanova, David Llewellyn Petrophysical Applications of LWD Measurements in Duvernay Shale, Western Canada Oral
Fedutenko, Eugene; Chaodong Yang, Colin Card, Long Nghiem Optimization of SAGD Process Accounting for Geological Uncertainties Using Proxy Models Oral, Poster
Fenton, M.M.; E.J, Waters, S.M. Pawley, N. Atkinson, D.J. Utting, K. Mckay Map 601 the First Surficial Geology Map of Alberta: Creation And Content Poster
Ferguson, Robert J.*; Matthew J. Yedlin, Christian Pichot, Jean-Yves Dauvignac, Nicholas Fortino, Stephane Gaffet Depth Migration of Monostatic and Bistatic Georadar Data Oral
Fernando, John Which Inversion (Pre- or Post-Stack (Model-based, Colored, Bandlimited or ...)) is the "Best" Type for "MY" Prospect? Poster
Feroz, Amna; Mirko van der Baan Microseismic Event Locations for Deviated Boreholes Poster
Ferri, Filippo; Margot McMechan, Tiffani Fraser, Kathryn Fiess, Leanne Pyle, Fabrice Cordey Summary of Activities in western Liard Basin, British Columbia: Regional Mapping and Characterization of the Besa River Formation Poster
Fiess, Kathryn M.; Filippo Ferri, Tiffani L. Fraser, Leanne J. Pyle, Jonathan Rocheleau Liard Basin Hydrocarbon Project: Shale Gas Potential of Devonian-Carboniferous Strata in the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Northeastern British Columbia Oral, Poster
Floistad, Kai; Ron Borsato, Jerry Witney, James Carter, Richard Wright, Thomas Neugebauer Deep Water Hydrocarbon Potential beneath the Labrador Sea, offshore Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada Oral
Flynn, Jessica A.*; Burns A. Cheadle Going the Distance: A Basinwide, High-Frequency Allostratigraphic Framework for the Upper Cretaceous Colorado Group, Western Canada Foreland Basin Poster
Fomel, Sergey Seismic Data Decomposition into Spectral Components using Regularized Nonstationary Autoregression Oral
Fraser, T.A.*; F. Ferri, K. Fiess, L.J. Pyle Shale Gas Potential of Besa River Formation in Liard Basin, Southeast Yukon: Report on 2012 Field Activities Poster
Fustic, Milovan*; Dany Cadiou Origin, Prediction, and 3D Object Based Modeling of Rock and Fluid Properties in Compartmentalized McMurray Formation Reservoirs Oral
Fustic, Milovan*; Robert Dalrymple, Rudy Strobl, Bryce Jablonski, Eirik Vik, Allard Martinius Sedimentological Criteria for Distinguishing Stacked Dune-trough Muds from Muds in Inclined Heterolithic Strata in the Subsurface – Insights from McMurray Formation Outcrops and Modern Analogues Oral
Gaiser, James*; Richard Verm SS-wave Reflections from P-wave Sources in Azimuthally Anisotropic Media Oral
Galas, C.M.F. Identification of Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential in Alberta Oral
Gao, Jordan; Blair Neil, Queena Chou, Uno Mutlu Systematic Geomechanical Application For Unconventional Resource Development Oral, Poster
Gao, Le*; Igor Morozov Monitoring CO2 Injection at Weyburn Reservoir Using 3-D/3-C Seismic Datasets Poster
Garner, David L On The Suitability of Static Models for SAGD-Based Processes Poster
Gavotti, Patricia E.*; Don C. Lawton, Gary F. Margrave, J. Helen Isaac Post-Stack Inversion of the Hussar Low Frequency Seismic Data Oral
Gega, George; Abdulaziz Al-Fares, Fida Hussain, Awatif Al-Khamis, Patrick Clews Shale Resources: An Emerging Exploration Concept In Kuwait Oral
George, Robert Water - Policy and Government Regulation for Heavy Oil and Oilsands Development Oral
Getzlaf, Don Casing Integrity During Fracturing Operations Oral
Ghomeshi, Shahin*; S. Kryuchkov, J. Bryan, A. Kantzas Understanding Relationships Between NMR and Pore Size Distributions in Porous Media Oral
Ghomeshi, Shahin; Sergey Kryuchkov, Apostolos Kantzas Modeling Physical Properties of Porous Media Oral
Gilmour, Brad Gas-Over-Bitumen: Where Have We Been? Oral
Gilmour, Brad Gas-Over-Bitumen: Where Are We Going? Oral
Goodway, Bill Cost Efficient Acquisition to Reduce Coarse Land 3D Line Spacings through Beyond Nyquist Interpolation and Wavefield Reconstruction for Signal and Noise Oral
Goergen, Eric T.*; Kimball Skinner, Herman Lemmens, Aukje, Benidictus From Core to Pore: Multi-Scale, Multi-Dimensional Characterization of Fine-Grained Reservoir Rocks Oral
Golding, Martyn*; Mike Orchard, J.-P. Zonneveld, Nick Wilson Dating the Doig: Conodonts Constrain the Age of the Doig Phosphate Zone in Northeastern British Columbia Oral
Granger, Bernard; Mabrouk Ouederni, Stephany Roy, Daniel Brisebois Estimation of the Kerogen Porosity (PhiK) within the Macasty Fm (Utica) of Anticosti Island, QC, Canada Oral
Grant, Allison R.*; Grant Wach Steps to Make Natural Gas a Lower Emission Energy Source Poster
Grasby, Stephen E. Pickled Shale Gas Play – How Conitinetal Glaciation Drives Biogenic Gas Formation Oral
Grasby, Stephen E.*; Benoit Beauchamp, Ashton Embry Chemostratigraphic Tools for Regional Correlations – Application to Early Triassic of the Sverdrup Basin Oral
Green, S.*; S.A. O'Connor, Niklas Heinemann, R. Wright, J. Carter, D. Cameron Evidence for High Overpressure in the Saglek Basin, Labrador Shelf; The Implication for Future Exploration Oral
Green, S.*; S.A. O'Connor, Niklas Heinemann, R. Wright, J. Carter, D. Cameron The Shelf to Deep-Water Transition – Using Analogues to Understand the Pressure Regime in Un-Drilled Labrador Basins, Labrador Sea, Canada Oral
Grob, Melanie*; Mirko van der Baan Statistical Biases in Microseismicity Parameters Oral
Gruschwitz, Kai*; Simon Haynes, Michael McDonough, Trevor Johnson, Ed Stacey Mizzen – the First Oil Discovery in the Flemish Pass Basin, Offshore Newfoundland Oral
Guevara, Saul E.*; Gary F. Margrave, William M. Agudelo Near-Surface S-wave Velocity from an Uphole Survey using Explosive Sources Oral, Poster
Haege, Martin*; Shawn Maxwell, Lars Sonneland, Mark Norton Rock Fabric and Microseismic: An Integrated Approach Oral
Haeri-Ardakani, Omid*; Ihsan Al-Aasm, Mario Coniglio Hydrothermal Dolomitization and a Fluid Flow Model: An Example from the Middle Ordovician Trenton Group, southwestern Ontario, Canada Oral
Han, Jiajun*; Mirko van der Baan Seismic Time-Frequency Analysis by Empirical Mode Decomposition Oral
Hanna, Marian; Tooney Fink Geophysical Applications – Using Geophysics for Reserves and Resources Classification and Assessment Oral
Haro, Carlos Analysis and Implications of the Archie-Haro Equation in Modeling Resistivity of the Rocks Oral
Haro, Carlos The Theory Behind the Carman-Kozeny Equation in the Quest for Permeability of the Rocks Oral
Harrison, Christopher B.; Gary Margrave, Michael Lamoureux, Art Siewert, Andrew Barrett, Helen Isaac Towards using Harmonic “Noise” to Image Shallow Thin Reflectors Poster
Hartman, Sharlene E.*; John W. F. Waldron LiDAR Assisted Mapping and Deformation History of Crowsnest Pass, Alberta Oral
Hassan, Hassan H. Mapping Basement Structures in the Peace River Arch of Alberta Using Monogenic Signal Decomposition of Magnetic Data Poster
Hayes, Brad J. The Changing Role of Water in the Petroleum Geologist's “Unconventional” World Oral
Haynes, Simon R., J. Marshall, E.I. Wathne, G. Minielly, E. Mortlock, O. Walderhaug, T. Johnson Depositional Interpretation and Reservoir Characterization of the Tithonian in Mizzen F-09, Flemish Pass Basin, Canada Core
He, Yang; Adam Gersztenkorn*, Sherry Yang, Bin Wang Orthorhombic Imaging for Orthogonal Wide Azimuth Surveys in Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico Oral, Poster
Herrera, Roberto H.; Jean-Baptiste Tary, Mirko van der Baan Time-Frequency Representation of Microseismic Signals using the Synchrosqueezing Transform Oral
Herrick, David C. Low-Frequency Electrical Conduction in Simple Porous Media Oral
Herrick, David C. Pore-Geometric Controls on Single-Phase Darcy Permeability of Porous Media Oral
Hersi, O. Salad; I. A. Abbasi and A. Al-Harthy Cretaceous Lithostratigraphy of Eastern Jeza - Qamar Basin and its Hydrocarbon Potential, Dhofar, Oman Oral
Hildred, Gemma V.*; Jennifer L. Kharrazi, Nahysa Martinez-Kulikowski, David R. Spain Applications of Inorganic Whole Rock Geochemistry to Shale Resource Plays: A Haynesville Shale Case Study Poster
Hildred, Gemma V.*; Nahysa Martinez-Kulikowski, Brian A. Zaitlin Forensic Chemostratigraphy: A Tool to Determine Lateral Well Bore Placement Oral
Hogg, John R.*; Michael E. Enachescu Reviving Exploration in the Arctic Islands: Opportunities and Challenges from an Operator's Perspective Oral
Hood, Jody A Decade of Wind Power: Renewable Energy Development at Suncor Energy Oral
Hooper, Elizabeth; A Guy Plint Allostratigraphic Analysis of the Muskiki and Marshybank Formations (Coniacian) in the Central Alberta Foothills and Plains: Possible Evidence for an Eustatic Control on Deposition Poster
Hosseininejad, Somayeh*; Per K. Pedersen, Ronald J. Spencer, Michelle P.B. Nicolas Application of XRF to Cratecaous Organic-rich, Siliciclastic/carbonate Mudrocks, SW Manitoba Poster
Hu, Greg; Nabil Al-Adani Impact of Oil Sands Core Disturbance on Lab Testing Results Oral
Ibrahim, Amr; Mauricio D. Sacchi Simultaneous Source Separation via Robust Time Variant Radon Operators Oral, Poster
Innanen, Kris AVO Theory for Large Contrast Elastic and Anelastic Targets in Pre-Critical Regimes Oral
Innanen, Kris*; Gary Margrave, Malcolm Bertram An Experiment to Detect Nonlinear Seismic Responses on Exploration/Monitoring Scales Oral
Isaac, J. Helen; Gary F. Margrave, Monika Deviat and Pam Nagarajappa Analysis of the Low Frequency Content of Seismic Data Acquired During an Experiment at Hussar, Alberta, Canada Poster