2013 Conference Abstracts (I to P)

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Ibrahim, Amr; Mauricio D. Sacchi Simultaneous Source Separation via Robust Time Variant Radon Operators Oral, Poster
Innanen, Kris AVO Theory for Large Contrast Elastic and Anelastic Targets in Pre-Critical Regimes Oral
Innanen, Kris*; Gary Margrave, Malcolm Bertram An Experiment to Detect Nonlinear Seismic Responses on Exploration/Monitoring Scales Oral
Isaac, J. Helen; Gary F. Margrave, Monika Deviat and Pam Nagarajappa Analysis of the Low Frequency Content of Seismic Data Acquired During an Experiment at Hussar, Alberta, Canada Poster
Jabbari, Shahin*; Kris Innanen A Framework for Time-Lapse AVO when Contrasts are Large Oral
Jablonski, Bryce V.J.*; Robert Dalrymple Fluvial Seasonality: A Predictive Tool for Deciphering the Sedimetological Complexity of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification Deposited on Large-Scale Tidal-Fluvial Point Bars? Oral
Jadoon, Quaid Khan Petrophysical Study of Gas Shale of the Permian Rose Neath and Murteree Formation of the Cooper Basin, Australia Poster
Jadoon, Quaid Khan; Muhammad Zahid, Ramiz Gardezi Petro Physical Analysis of Habib Rahi Limestone of Mari Gas Field Using Open Hole Wire Line Logs of Well Mari Deep -06 Central Indus Basin Pakistan (A Case Study) Poster
Jamison, W. Bed-parallel Expansion Seams and Shear Surfaces in Shales Oral
Jensen, Gavin*; Melinda Yurkowski Additional Revenue Stream Potential for the Oil and Gas Industry Oral
Jewoo, Y.; C. S. Shin and R. P. Bording* High Quality Acoustic and Elastic Modeling Oral
Ji, Qianhui*; Li Wang, Xinsheng Yin, Tian Hongliang Combined Drilling and Sieve Tube Borehole Protection in Soft and Outburst-prone Coal Seams Poster
Jia, Qing; Randy Kofman, Doug Schmitt, Inga Moeck Stress Damage in Borehole and Rock Cores; Developing New Tools to Update the Stress Map of Alberta Poster
Kabanov, P. The Lower-Middle Devonian Of Mackenzie River Corridor: Sequence-Stratigraphic Updates From Core Studies Core
Karimi, Sepideh*; Adam Baig, Ted Urbancic, Gisela Viegas Self-Consistency in Scaling Relations for Seismicity Induced during Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations Oral, Poster
Kayukova, G.P.; G.V. Romanov* and I.N. Plotnikova Refilling of Oil Fields: Is Geochemistry The Key To Solve The Mystery? Poster
Kazemi, Nasser; Mauricio D. Sacchi Modified Euclid's Blind Deconvolution via Sparsity Optimization on a Sphere Oral
Keighley, Dave; Chris McFarlane, Yan Luo Non-destructive geochemical analyses of shale from outcrop and core using state-of-the-art LA-ICP-MS Poster
Keith, Don A.W.*; Brad Lamson Innovation in the Cardium Halo Play at West Pembina Oral
Kennedy, Michael S.; Tian Dong, Nicholas B. Harris A Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the Horn River Shale, Horn River Basin, British Columbia Oral
Khaled, Osman; Yousef Al-Zuabi, Hameed Shereef Simultaneous Inversion of Clastic Zubair Reservoir: Case Study from Sabiriyah Field, North Kuwait Oral
Khaniani, Hassan*; John C. Bancroft, Eric von Lunen Simultaneous P-P and P-S Waveform Inversion Algorithm using Pre-Stack Time Imaging Method Oral
Khatchatrian, Valentina; Mike Galbraith Interferometric Approach to Complete Refraction Statics Solution Oral
Khory, Jamshed An Overview of the A&D Process Oral
Kim, Steven*; Kris Innanen Exact, Linear and Nonlinear AVO In Terms of Poroelastic Parameters Poster
Kofman, R.*; A. Rabbani, G. Njiekak, D. R. Schmitt Influence of Cooling and Heating Rate on CO2 Condensation and Evaporation Observed in a Saturated Synthetic Rock Sample Oral
Kohlruss, Dan; Guoxiang Chi, Per Kent Pedersen Controls on Bitumen Distribution in Northwestern Saskatchewan's Lower Cretaceous Dina Member (Mannville Group) Oral
Kreimer, N.; A. Stanton, M. D. Sacchi A Nuclear Norm Minimization Algorithm with Application to Five Dimensional (5D) Seismic Data Recovery Oral
Kryuchkov, S.*; A. Kantzas, Lilly Yu A Radial Core Analysis Design for Multi-Phase Flow in Tight Porous Media Oral
Łabaj, Marcelina*; Brian R. Pratt Sedimentary Facies and Depositional Evolution of the Middle/Late Cambrian Inner and Mid-Shelf Setting of southeastern Arizona Poster
La Croix, Andrew D.*; Shahin E. Dashtgard Linking Channel Margin Sedimentation to Hydrodynamics Across the Tidal-Fluvial Transition, Lower Fraser River, BC, Canada Oral
Laigle, J.M.*; F. Schneider, L. Kuhfuss Monval, P. Lemouzy Basin Modeling: The Key for Unconventional Shale Gas Assessment Oral
Lake, J.H.; D.M.Kent Recognition of a Sequence Boundary at the Top of the Mississippian Midale Beds, Williston Basin of southeast Saskatchewan Core
Lamontagne, M.; V. Peci Examining Earthquakes Recorded in Eastern Canadian Areas With Shale Gas Exploration Potential Poster
Landa, Evgeny; Alex Berkovitch, Kostya Deev, Marianne Rauch-Davies* Prestack Signal Enhancement by Non-Hyperbolic MultiFocusing Oral
Larter, S.R.; I.M. Head, B. Bennett, H. Huang, J.J. Adams, T.B.P. Oldenburg, N.Marcano The Roles of Water in Subsurface Petroleum Biodegradation-Part 1 The Role of Water Radiolysis Oral
Lasswell, Pat Steady-State Permeability Analysis in Unconventional Plays Oral
Lavigne, Jason M.*; Derald G. Smith Using Recent Point Bar Deposits in the Meander Belt of the Liard River, NWT to Aid in the Understanding of Reservoir Geometry in McMurray Formation Valley Fills in the Athabasca Basin Oral
Lavoie, Denis; N. Pinet, M. Duchesne, V. Brake, E. Asselin, S.n Zhang, Jim Dietrich, K. Hu, J. Galloway, J. Reyes, D. Armstrong, M. Nicolas, P. Keating, V. Decker, B. Kohn Synthesis of Hydrocarbon Systems and Conceptual Plays for the Intracratonic Hudson Bay Basin, Arctic Canada Oral
Lavoie, Jérémie; Jean-Sebastien Marcil, Peter K. Dorrins, Nabila Mechti, Jean-Yves Lavoie Anticosti Basin: Fairway Identification in an Emerging Shale Play using Basin Analogues and Recent Geophysical Data Oral
Laycock, Dallin P.*; Per K. Pedersen, Ron J. Spencer Mineralogical Variations in Mudstone Dominated Clinoforms, Central Alberta, Canada Oral
Leaney, Scott*; Chris Chapman A Ray+Waveform Inversion for the Potency Tensor Oral
Legault, Jean M.*; A. Prikhodko, T. Eadie, G. Oldenborger, V. Sapia, A. Viezzoli, E. Gloaguen, B.D. Smith, M.E. Best Recent AEM Case Study Examples using a Full Waveform Time-Domain System for Near-Surface Applications Oral
Lillah, Maksuda*; Jeff Boisvert Inference of 2D and 3D Locally Varying Anisotropy Fields Oral
Lines, Larry; Amir Shamsa Seismic to Reservoir Simulation: A Cooperative Inversion Oral
Ling, Jane*; William Barker The Illumination of Natural Fractures and Faults of the Muskwa Shale Play in Northeastern British Columbia: A Case Study Oral
Liu, He*; Qian Meng, Yanfang Lu, Haibo Wu, Junhui Li Analysis of Sequence Architecture for Prediction of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in Early Cretaceous Deposits in the Wuerxun Sag in Northeastern China Poster
Liu, Jenny; Warren Smart Suffield Polymer Core Flood Study – A Key Component of the Pilot Project Core
Liu, Yexin Workflows for Sweet Spots Identification in Shale Plays Using Seismic Inversion and Well Logs Oral
Liu, Yexin; Zhuoheng Chen, Kezhen Hu, Chris Liu Quantifying Total Organic Carbon (TOC) from Well Logs Using Support Vector Regression Oral
Lloyd, Heather J.E.*; Gary F. Margrave Investigating the Low Frequency Content of Seismic Data with Impedance Inversion Oral
MacNeil, A.J.; J. Russel-Houston and K.A. Gray Recognizing Potential in the Bitumen Saturated Dolostones of the Upper Devonian Nisku Formation Through Comparison with the Grosmont Formation Core
Mahmoudian, Faranak*; Gary F. Margrave AVAZ Inversion for Fracture Orientation and Intensity: A Physical Modeling Study Oral
Mai, A.*; J. Bryan, G. Lee Interpretation of Fluid Saturation and Mobile Water in Oil Sands Using Conventional and NMR Logs Poster
Manning, Peter*; Joe Wong and David Henley Elastic Finite-Difference Modeling for Testing Acquisition And Processing Methods Poster
Marcano, N.*; S. Larter, L. Snowdon and B. Bennett An Overview of the Origin, Pathways and Controls Of H2S Production During Thermal Recovery Operations of Heavy and Extra-Heavy Oil Poster
Marcano, N.*; B. Bennett, S. Larter The Geochemical Toolbox to Monitoring Thermal Recovery Operations in Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Reservoirs Oral
Martinius, Allard W.; J.H (Janrik) van den Berg Holocene Sediments of the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt Estuaries as Aids to Interpret Tidal and Fluvial-Tidal Deposits in Outcrop and Core Oral
Mascarenhas, Audrey It's Not Just About The Rocks Oral
Maxwell, S.C.*; D. Raymer, M. Williams, P. Primiero Microseismic Signal Loss From Reservoir to Surface Oral
Maxwell, S.C.*; X. Weng Simulation of Microseismic Deformation During Hydraulic Fracturing Oral
McCartney, Tannis*; Christopher A. Scholz Spatial and Temporal Deformation of a Lake Malawi Accommodation Zone: Integration of Dated Scientific Drill Cores and Seismic Data Oral
McCrank, Jason*; Kevin Bianchini, Saleem Akhtar, Phil Benham, Jose Chavarria, Bao-Ning Chen, Sarah Duguid, Martin Kraemer and Taryn van Hengstum Geophysical Contributions to the Development Strategy for the Notikewin Formation in the Alberta Deep Basin Oral
McDonald, Ian Internal Controls for Estimation and Reporting of Reserves: Methods to Ensure that Reserves Estimates Used for Public Reporting Meet Regulatory Compliance Oral
McDonald, Ian Reserves Interpretation for Reporting in Multiple Jurisdictions Oral
McDonald, Ian Reserves and Regulatory – Exploiting Heavy Oil / Oilsands Oral
McKinley, John; Samuel Quiroga, Travis Shackleton, James Newsome and Sung Youn Steam Chamber Development, Residual Oil Saturation, and Drainage Patterns Associated with Mudstone Beds at Christina Lake Core
McKinnon, Lynsey; Rudi Meyer Timing and Mode of Origin of Calcareous Concretions in the Lower Cretaceous Ben Nevis Formation, White Rose Field, Jeanne d'Arc Basin, offshore Newfoundland Poster
Miao, Lina*; Felix Herrmann Acceleration on Sparse Promoting Seismic Applications Poster
Michaud, Kain J. The Origin and Extent of Coarse Grained Sandstones in the Viking Formation near Dodsland, Saskatchewan Core
Michou, Laurene; Thierry Coleou, Yves Lafet and Benjamin Roure 4D Seismic Inversion on Continuous Land Seismic Reservoir Monitoring of Thermal EOR Oral
Milici, Robert C.; James L. Coleman and Mark A. Kirschbaum Assessment of the Marcellus Shale, Utica Shale, and East Coast Mesozoic Basins in the eastern United States – A Review Oral
Molgat, Marianne*; Jean-Yves Chatellier, Milt McCoy Using Gas Carbon Isotopes to Design and Drill Better Shale Gas Wells Oral
Montalbetti, Jim; Jeff Beckett and Graham Hodgkiss The Barque Structure Offshore New Zealand: Improving the Seismic Image Using Prestack Depth Migration Oral
Montgomery, Adam E.*; Shahin E. Dashtgard, James A. MacEachern, R. Bruce Ainsworth, Liam P. Ricci Paleo-Environmental Interpretation and Depositional Process Classification of Allomembers D and E, Lower Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Alberta Oral, Poster
Moradi, Shahin Time-lapse Seismic Modeling of CO2 Sequestration at Quest CCS Project Poster
Morris, H.; E. Efthymiou, B. Hardy, T. Kearney Rock Physics and Reservoir Characterization of a Calcitic-Dolomitic Sandstone Reservoir Poster
Morrish, Mark; Laurie Bellman A High Resolution VSP In The Oil Sands For Improved Reservoir Characterization Oral
Mort, A.J.*; H. Sanei Investigating Laboratory-Generated Pyrobitumen Precursors for Unconventional Reservoir Characterization: A Geochemical & Petrographic Approach Oral
Nagarajappa, Nirupama (Pam)*; Peter Cary, Chuck Ursenbach Relaxing the Near-Surface Assumption in Estimating 3C Receiver Orientations: Azimuth-Stack Power Optimization of Reflected PS Data Oral
Nagel, Bill Using Continuous Real-Time Compositional Gas Data for Horizontal Drilling and Detection of Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Oral
Natras, Thanos A.*; Ian A. McIlreath, Dusty Baldree, Kevin Gunning, Doug Uffen Reservoir Characterization of the Swan Hills Eastern Platform Trend; A Multi-Disciplinary Approach in Building an Applied Model Poster
Ng, Mark*; Dan Negut Data Interpolation by Angular Weighted MWNI Oral
Nickel, Erik; D.M. Kent Mississippian Carbonate-Hosted Heavy Oil and Associated Gas in Southwest Saskatchewan Core
Njiekak, Gautier*; Douglas R. Schmitt and Randolf S. Kofman Investigations of Seismic Signatures of CO2 Saturation as Part of a Geological Storage Project Poster
Noad, Jon The Use and Abuse of Geological Fieldwork Oral
Noga, Vaisblat; Nicholas Harris, John-Paul Zonneveld Lower Triassic Montney Formation Petrophysics and Paragenesis Oral
Oghenekohwo, Felix; Felix Herrmann Assessing the Need for Repeatability in acquisition Geometry of Time-lapse Seismic Data Oral
Oldenburg, Thomas B.P.*; M. Brown, K. Chanthmontri, N. Sanguantrakun, A. Stopford, N. Marcano, R. Snowdon, S. Larter, D.M. Jones, I. Head Maximizing Knowledge from a Single Drop using Ultra-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Oral
Oliver, Guy M.; Chi V. Ly, Graham Spence, H. Rael A New Approach to Measuring Rock Properties Data from Cores & Cuttings for Reservoir & Completions Characterization: an Example from the Bakken Formation Oral, Poster
Ovenden, Shawn; Sean Halliday Cloud Collaboration: The Business Upside for Oil and Gas Oral
Palencia, Carla I. Environmental Integrated Sustainable Development During and After Mining of Sedimentary Rocks Oral
Pan, Jianhua*; Gerry Schlosser, Elvis Floreani and Robert Tilson 5D Interpolation of Seismic Data with Combination of MWNI and POCs Algorithm Poster
Pana, Dinu I.; Rastislav Elgr Alberta Rocky Mountains and Foothills; Geological Compilation Map, scale 1: 500 000 Poster
Parry, Darryl; Laura Martin Data Serendipity While Mapping Quaternary Channels in the MacKay River Area Oral
Pe-Piper, Georgia*; David J.W. Piper* The Impact of Volcanism on Reservoir Quality, Scotian Basin Oral
Pearcy, Richard; Larry, Mayo 4D Passive and Aggressive Monitoring of Air Injection at Telephone Lake, Alberta Oral
Pendrel, John V. Integrating Geologic and Geophysical Data in Geostatistical Inversion Oral
Perz, Mike J.*; Peter W. Cary 5D Interpolation and Regular Upsampling: Ill-Suited or Fit-For-Purpose? Oral
Perz, Mike J.*; Peter W. Cary, Xinxiang Li, Satinder Chopra Fracture Detection via Azimuthal Analysis of Seismic Data: Snake Oil or Silver Bullet? Oral
Petten, Christopher C.*; Gary F. Margrave Testing The Viability of the Sharpe Hollow Cavity Model In Modelling Explosive Pressure Sources Poster
Pierard, Claire; Hardeep Jaglan, Kristoffer Rimaila, Arnaud Huck, Friso Brouwer, Steve Jensen, Eric von Lunen Unconventional Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization using the HitCube Approach – Mapping of Marl Rich Mudflows in the Horn River Basin Oral
Pinckston, D. Robert An Integrated Approach to Developing the Cardium in West Pembina Oral
Piper, David J.W.*; Georgia Pe-Piper and Yuanyuan Zhang Rift Tectonics of the eastern Canadian Continental Margin: Insights from Detrital Petrology and Provenance Oral
Playter, T.L.*; J-P. Zonneveld and M.K. GingrasT.L. Playter*, J-P. Zonneveld, M.K. Gingras Petrographic Analysis of the Lower Triassic Montney Formation, northwestern British Columbia, Canada Oral
Power, Matthew; Suzi Burns The Comparison of QEMSCAN and XRD Analysis in the Mineralogical Characterisation of Unconventional Reservoirs: The Benefits of an Integrated Approach Oral, Poster
Prior, G.J.*; B. Hathway, P. Glombick, D.I. Pana, C.J. Banks, D.C. Hay, C.L. Schneider, M. Grobe, R. Elgr and J.A. Weiss Map 600: A New 1:1 000 000 Bedrock Geology Map of Alberta Poster
Prost, G.L.*; J. Newsome Caprock Integrity Determination at the Christina Lake Thermal Recovery Project, Alberta Oral
Pyle, Leanne J.*; Len P. Gal, Kathryn M. Fiess Correlation of Devonian Horn River Group in Mackenzie Plain, Central Mackenzie Corridor, NWT Oral, Poster