2013 Conference Abstracts (Q to Z)

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Quartero, Erik M.; David Bechtel, Andrew Leier and Laurence R. Bentley Gamma Ray Normalization and Fluvial Characterization: The Paleocene Paskapoo Formation, Alberta Poster
Quigley, Laura*; Bernd Milkereit Investigation of Seismic Imaging Capabilities for Small, Shallow Carbonate-Hosted Massive Sulphide Deposits Poster
Quiroga, Samuel; Lori Barth, Maliha Zaman 4D Seismic Analysis and Reservoir Management at Christina Lake Oral
Rabin, Mark*; Piotr Kukialka Lotsberg Salt Formation – Solution-Mined Cavern for SAGD Solid Waste Disposal, Cold Lake, Alberta Core
Raeesi, Behrooz; Norman R. Morrow*, Geoffrey Mason Contact Angle Hysteresis at Smooth and Rough Surfaces Oral
Rajan, Surya; Paul Markwell Mature Fields Strategy: A Framework Approach to Matching Resource Class and Technology Portfolio Oral
Rauch-Davies, M.*; A. Berkovitch, K. Deev, D. Pelman Using MultiFocusing 3D Diffraction Imaging to Predict Fracture Swarms in Unconventional Reservoirs Oral
Reed, Jules Residual Oil Saturation – Can Correctly Controlled Laboratory Experiments Provide the Answer? Oral
Reid, Jeffrey C; Kenneth B. Taylor Mesozoic Rift Basins – Onshore North Carolina and south-central Virginia, U.S.A.: Deep River and Dan River - Danville Total Petroleum Systems (TPS) and Assessment Units (AU) for Continuous Gas Accumulation Oral
Reine, Carl*; Sean Lovric Incorporating Fault Intensity and AVO Inversion to Characterize a Shale Gas Reservoir Oral
Riazi, Naimeh; Larry Lines, Brian Russell Heavy Oil Reservoir Characterization by Time-Lapse Seismic and Rock Physics in a Cold Production Reservoir Oral, Poster
Riazi, Naimeh; Larry Lines, Brian Russell Integration of Time-Lapse Seismic Analysis with Reservoir Simulation Oral
Ricci, Liam P.; James A. MacEachern, R. Bruce Ainsworth, Shahin E. Dashtgard, Adam E. Montgomery Architecture and Facies Analysis of Allomember F, Upper Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Alberta, Canada Oral, Poster
Robertson, John How Produced Water and Source Water Qualities Influence the Operation and Environmental Footprint of SAGD Surface Facilities Oral
Roche, Vincent*; Mirko van der Baan Role of Lithological Layering on Spatial Variation of Natural and Induced Fractures in Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation Poster
Rock, Luc The Uniqueness of Data Gathering during Drilling at a CCS Project Site – Example QUEST Oral, Poster
Romaniuk, N.A.*; B. Feland, L. Little, F.A. Vivas, T. Babadagli, B. Ozum Investigation of Solvent and Surfactant Additives on the Efficiency of Steam Assisted Bitumen Recovery Processes Oral
Romanov, A.*; S. Karri, D. Carsted, J. Chipperfield, B.Granger An Integrated Approach to Resource Assessment of the Macasty Shale Formation on Anticosti Island Oral
Romanov, G.V.; D.N. Borisov*, M.R. Yakubov, S.M. Petrov, G.P. Kayukova, R.R. Ibatullin, M.I. Amerkhanov, S.G. Uvarov Low Temperature Oxidation of Highly Viscous Oil Under Reservoir Conditions Oral, Poster
Romanov, G.V.*; T.N. Yusupova, Yu. M. Ganeeva, E.E. Barskaya Integrated Geochemical Sudies to Monitor Processes in a Mature Oil Field after Peak Oil Production Poster
Romanova, U.G.*; T. Ma An Investigation of the Plugging Mechanisms in a Slotted Liner from SAGD Operations Oral
Roth, Murray*; Michael Roth, Ted Royer An Analytic Approach to Sweetspot Mapping in the Eagle Ford Unconventional Play Oral
Russum, Dave The Impact of Horizontal Drilling in the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry, 2013 Update Oral
Ryan, M. Cathryn*; David N. Bethune Hydrogeologists without Borders: Connecting Geologists to International Development Poster
Ryan, M. Cathryn*; James W. Roy Effects of Unconventional Gas Development on Groundwater: A Call for Total Dissolved Gas Pressure Field Measurements Poster
Saeed, A.Nassir*; Laurence R. Lines, Gary F. Margrave Time-lapse AVO Inversion Oral
Salama, Antoun*; N. Banik, M. Cowman, K. Roberts, A. Glushchenko, M. Egan, A. Gonzalez, E. von Lunen, J. Leslie-Panek Application of Surface-wave modeling and inversion in Cordova Embayment of northeastern British Columbia Oral, Poster
Sacchi, Mauricio D.; Md. Mafijul Islam Bhuiyan, Nasser Kazemi Maximum Entropy Acquisition Design and Optimal Interpolation Oral
Saint Andre, Cyril*; Benoit Blanco, Christian Hubans, Benoit Paternoster Innovative QCs for More Effective 4D Processing Oral
Sapia, Vincenzo; Andrea Viezzoli, Greg Oldenborger and Flemming Jørgensen Advanced Processing and Inversion of Two AEM Datasets for 3D Geological Modelling: The Case Study of Spiritwood Valley Aquifer Oral
Sato, Takehiko*; Leigh Skinner The Challenges of 3D Seismic Application for Athabasca Oil Sands Development Oral
Scheepens, Claude Advances and Future Trends in Geomodeling Techniques to Populate Facies and Petrophysical Properties Oral
Schiltz, Kelsey*; Loren Zeigler, David Gray Understanding Geomechanical and Stress Effects of SAGD Production Using 4D-3C Seismic Data Oral, Poster
Schneider, Chris L.; Matthias Grobe, Lindsey R. Leighton, Tyler Hauck The Moberly Member (Waterways Formation) Outcrops in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region: A New Look at a Classic Correlation Poster
Schmidt, Darren*; Alicia Veronesi, Franck Delbecq, Jeff Durand Seismic Data Preconditioning for Improved Reservoir Characterization (Inversion and Fracture Analysis) Oral
Schmidt, Darren*; Alicia Veronesi, Chris Davison, Jeff Durand Structurally-Consistent Interval Velocity Variation with Azimuth Oral
Schneider, Chris L.; Matthias Grobe, Lindsey R. Leighton and Tyler Hauck From Subsurface to Outcrop: The Devonian Moberly Member (Waterways Formation) of the Athabasca Oil Sands Region Core
Schoengut, Jesse*; Murray Gingras Channel-Fills: Not Your Average Point-Bar Deposit Oral
Seibel, Chris Geoscience Integration – Geology, Geophysics, and Petrophysics of SAGD Well Pair Planning – A Case Study from Long Lake, Northeastern Alberta Core
Seifert, Mike What a Geologist Needs to Know About Resource Plays: A Holistic Approach to Resource Play Analysis from Concept to Completion Oral
Séjourné, Stephan; René Lefebvre, Denis Lavoie and Xavier Malet Geological and Hydrogeological Synthesis of the Utica Shale and the Overlying Strata in Southern Quebec Based on Public Data in a Context of a Moratorium on Exploration Poster
Sharma, Ritesh Kumar*; Satinder Chopra New Attribute for Determination of Lithology and Brittleness Oral, Poster
Sharma, Ritesh Kumar*; Satinder Chopra Poisson Impedance : A Promising Tool for Determination of Sand Quality Poster
Sherrington, Mark Reducing Environmental Risk in a Results-Based Regulatory System Oral
Sherry, Colleen*; Roy Benteau An Exciting Devonian Shale Play in the Central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories – Moving our Exploration Strategies North Oral
Sidhu, Kiranpal Canadian Highly Qualified Personnel in Business R&D: a Quantitative Analysis Oral
Sinclair, Paul; Li Anzong, Aaron Otteman, Alisha Wennekamp LWD Azimuthal Resistivity Logging in Unconventional Formations Oral
Sirat, M.; I.S. Al-Aasm, S. Morad, A. Aldahan, O. Al-Jallad Fracturing and Carbonate Mineralization in Tertiary Carbonate Rocks from United Arab Emirates: Origin and Evolution of Basinal Fluids Oral
Skinner, Orion; Lyn Canter, Mark Sonnenfeld, Mark Williams Discovery of “Pronghorn” and “Lewis and Clark” Fields: Sweet-spots within the Bakken Petroleum System producing from the Sanish/Pronghorn Member NOT the Middle Bakken or Three Forks! Oral
Skogseid, Jakob; Ian Lunt Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic Dynamic Uplift and Plate Kinematics in the NE Atlantic Realm Oral
Skuce, Kelly Conversational Petrophysics: Increasing Petrophysical Competencies for Geoscientists Oral
Smith, Derald G.; S.M. Hubbard, D. Bauer, P. Putnam, D.A. Leckie, T. Sebastian, M. Fustic The Good, The Potential And The Ugly: Three Different Point Bar Lithofacies in Modern Meandering Tidal-Influenced Rivers: Ideas Applied To SAGD McMurray Oil Sands Oral
Sneddon, Tom Personal Growth and the Geoscientist Oral
Snelling, Paige*; Cameron Wilson, Neil Taylor, Michael de Groot, KyuBum Hwang Focal Mechanism Analysis of a Multi-lateral Completion in the Horn River Basin Oral
Solano, N.A.*; C.R. Clarkson, F.F. Krause, A. Kantzas Microlithofacies Analysis within Cardium Tight-oil Intervals Oral
Srivastava, R. Mohan; Marko Maucec, Jeffrey Yarus Grid-less Simulation of a Fluvio-Deltaic Environment Oral
St-Onge, Andy*; David W. Eaton, Adam Pidlisecky Borehole Vibration Response to Hydraulic Fracture Pressure Oral
Stancliffe, R.P.W.; C. DeBuhr, F. Krause Scanning Electron Microscopy of Bitumen Saturated Sandstone Oral
Stanton, A.; M. D. Sacchi Shear Wave Splitting Parameter Estimation Using a Regular Distribution of Azimuths Oral
Stanton, A.; N. Kreimer, D. Bonar, M. Naghizadeh, M. D. Sacchi A Comparison of 5D Reconstruction Methods Oral
Strobl, Rudy*; Bryce Jablonski, Milovan Fustic Enhancing SAGD Bitumen Production Through Conductive, Convective and Radiant Heating Oral
Strobl, Rudy*; Bryce Jablonski, Milovan Fustic Opportunities and Challenges in Accessing Stranded Pay and Heterogenous Reservoirs in SAGD Bitumen Projects Oral
Strobl, Rudy*; Milovan Fustic and Bryce Jablonski Elongate Tidal Bar, Amalgamated Sub-Tidal Channel and Estuarine Point-Bar Successions Of A Sand-Dominated Open Estuarine System; Integration Of Outcrop And Subsurface Data, Mcmurray Formation, Ft. Mckay, Alberta Core
Stopford, A.P.*; L. Snowdon, T.B.P. Oldenburg, S.R. Larter Experimental Measurement of BTEX and Alkylated Phenol Multi-phase Partitioning Behaviour under Petroleum Reservoir and Submarine Oil Spill Conditions Oral
Sun, X.; S.Z. Sun*, X. Zhou, J. Tian , J. Han, H. Yang, C. Sun A Framework of Sparse Kernel Principal Component Analysis and Its Applications Poster
Sun, S.Z.*; Y. Sun, C. Sun, Z. Liu, N. Dong Methods of Calculating Total Organic Carbon from Well Logs and its Application on Rock's Properties Analysis Oral
Talukder, Md. Waheduzzaman*; Ralph Phillip Bording VSP P-wave Attenuation Model Study in Elastic Earth: Spectral Ratio Method vs Centroid Frequency Shift Method Oral
Tary, Jean Baptiste*; Mirko van der Baan, David Eaton On the Interpretation of Resonance Frequencies Recorded during Microseismic Experiments Oral
Taylor, Jeff; Yeny Cortes The Use of XRF as a Petrophysical Tool in Exploration and Development Oral
Thenin, Damien*; Ron Larson Quantitative Seismic Interpretation – An Earth Modeling Perspective Oral
Thenin, Damien*; Rob Lavoie Waterflooding Optimization with Coupled Static-Dynamic Simulations Oral
Thornton, Michael; Mike Mueller*, Leo Eisner Uncertainty in Surface Microseismic Monitoring Oral, Poster
Timmerman, Garrett K. Honoring the Depositional, Diagenetic, and Tectonic History in a 3-D Computational Model of a Carbonate Reservoir: Charles Fm., S.E. Saskatchewan Oral
Tøndel, Richard*; Stefan Dümmong, Hartmut Schütt, Alexandre Ducrocq, Andrew Williams, Jon Ingham, Robert Godfrey, Douglas LaBrecque Remote Reservoir Monitoring in Oil Sands: From Feasibility Study to Baseline Datasets Oral
Törő, Balázs*; Brian R. Pratt, Robin W. Renaut Seismically Induced Soft-Sediment Deformation Structures in the Eocene Lacustrine Green River Formation (Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, USA) – A Preliminary Study Poster
Törő, Balázs*; Orsolya Sztanó and László Fodor Inherited and Syndepositional Structural Control on Slope Progradation In The Neogene Lake Pannon, Southwestern Pannonian Basin, Hungary Poster
Traya, Jihad*; Matthew Piatek Demanding Change Oral
Trickett, Stewart*; Lynn Burroughs Interpolation Using Hankel Tensor Completion Oral
Tuffs, Brian Darwin, Dinosaurs and Dollars: Evolutionary Lessons for a Stressed Marketplace Oral
Tuffs, Brian Presenting and Evaluating an A&D Upside Opportunity Oral
Tukhvatullina, A.Z.; T.N. Yusupova, Yu.M. Ganeeva, E.E. Barskaya, G.V. Romanov, R.K. Hairetdinov, R.H. Muslimov A Study on the Mechanisms of Oil Formation in Carbonates Poster
Urbancic, Ted*; Adam Baig, Ken Kocon, Krystal Tremblay Using Microseismicity to Identify and Verify Increased Fracture Complexity During Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations Oral
Urbancic, Ted*; Andreas Wuestefeld, Adam Baig Black Box Recording of Passive Seismicity: Pitfalls of not Understanding your Acquisition Instrumentation and its Limitations Oral
Vaezi, Yoones*; Mirko van der Baan A New Method for Microseismic Event Detection and Automatic Time Picking Oral
Vahle, Carsten; Bernd Ruehlicke An Integrated Workflow for Borehole Image Interpretation – Structural Geology, Sedimentology And Stress Field Poster
Vayavur, Rajesh*; Andrew. J. Calvert Application of Acoustic Waveform Tomography to Marine Seismic Reflection Data Contaminated with Strong Guided Waves Oral
Verkhovtseva, N. How to Improve Location Accuracy when Dealing with Artifacts in Microseismic Event Locations Oral
Verkhovtseva, N.*; J. Shaffner Advantages and Disadvantages of Array Depth Placement and Longer Toolstring Apertures Oral
Vernik, Lev; Yulia Khadeeva, Cris Tuttle Rock Physics of Organic Shale and Its Implication Oral
Vessey, R.W.; P.K. Pedersen Reservoir Characterization and Depositional Environment of the Cenonmanian Barons Sandstone – Penny Pool, SW Alberta Poster
Vickerman, Kris*; Paul Heffernan, Sue-Rose Read, Richard Surtees Towards Modelling Three-Dimensional Oil Sands Permeability Distribution using Borehole Image Logs Oral, Poster
Viegas, Gisela*; Adam Baig, Ted Urbancic, Eric von Lunen, Jason Hendrick, Sean Lovric Estimating Q from Hydraulic Fracture Related Seismicity Oral
Walker, Victoria M.; Benoit Beauchamp, Daria Baranova Pennsylvanian–Early Permian Cyclic Shelf Sedimentation in the Sverdrup Basin at the Time of Contemporaneous Tectonism, SW Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada (Nunavut) Oral
Wang, Joanne; Duane Dopkin Maximize the Potential of Seismic Data in Shale Exploration and Production – Examples from the Barnett Shale and the Eagle Ford Shale Oral
Wang, Juefu*; Shaowu Wang Practical Implementation of SRME for Land Multiple Attenuation Oral
Wang, Miao; Carlos L.V. Aiken Interacting with Existing 3D Photorealistic Outcrop Models on Site and in the Lab or Classroom, Facilitated with an iPad and a PC Oral, Poster
Wang, Miao, Lionel S. White, Jr., Jarvis R. Cline, Mohammed S. Alfarhan, Carlos L.V. Aiken The Analysis and Annotation of 3D Photorealistic Geological Outcrop Models Poster
Wang, Shaowu*; Thomas Hollis, Wayne Nowry Converted-wave Time Imaging – Nuts and Bolts Oral
Wang, Xishuo*; Jim Laing, Robert Pinnegar Time Domain Localized Interpolation of Pre-Stack 3D Seismic Data with Dip Scan in 5D Space Oral
Washburn, Kathryn E.*; Justin E. Birdwell Enhanced Laboratory Methods for Shale Analysis using Low Field NMR Relaxometry Oral
White, Jr., Lionel S.; Jarvis R. Cline, Mohammed S. Alfarhan, Miao Wang, Carlos L.V. Aiken The Acquisition and Assembly of Large Scale, High Resolution Photorealistic Models of Geological Outcrops Poster
Wild, Philip Practical Applications of Seismic Anisotropy Oral
Williams, Henry The Eocene Gir Formation Of the Ghani And Ed Dib Fields, Eastern Libya - An Example Of "Virtual Core Study" Core
Williams, Samuel K.*; Federico F. Krause, Stefan T. Knopp, Terry P. Poulton, Christopher L. DeBuhr A High Resolution Sedimentological Assessment : Niton Member of the Fernie Formation, west-central Alberta Subsurface Oral
Wills, J. Hydrogeology 101 for the Petroleum Geologist Oral
Willmer, Tammy*; Garrett Quinn Mapping Concretions in the Clearwater Formation Oral
Wills, P.B.; K. De Meersman 3C Deghosting for Refraction Time-lapse Monitoring Oral
Wirth, Olwen; Peter Bastian Extending the Montney Fairway--North Montney Resource Play Oral
Wiseman, Andrew; Federico Krause Comparing Geology and Well Completions to Production in the Unconventional Cardium Formation, Northern Pembina Field, Alberta, Canada Oral
Wong, J. Simultaneous Multiple Source Acquisition using m-Sequences Poster
Wuestefeld, Andreas*; Ted Urbancic, Adam Baig, Eric von Lunen, Jason Handrick, Sean Lovric Identifying Reservoir Drainage Patterns from Microseismic Data Oral
Yang, Daniel Recovery Mechanisms of Bitumen from Fractured Carbonates using Steam Oral
Yang, Denis; Lawrence Macaraeg* Horizontal Well Completion Technology for Improved Heavy Oil Production Oral
Yao, Zhengsheng; Mike Galbraith, Randy Kolesar Regular Grids Travel Time Calculation – A Practical Huygens Wavefront Expansion Approach Oral
Yao, Zhengsheng; Mike Galbraith, Randy Kolesar Regular Grids Travel Time Calculation – Fast Marching with an Adaptive Stencils Approach Oral
Yarranton, H.W.*; H. Motahhari, M.A Satyro, S.D. Taylor, J.J. van Dorp Cold, Hot, or Dilute: Modeling the Viscosity of Heavy Oil for In Situ Processes Oral
Yates, Mike; Steve Adiletta Nodal Seismic Acquisition in Cook Inlet, Alaska Oral
Yousefzadeh, Abdolnaser*; John C. Bancroft A Joint LSPSM/Inversion Algorithm for High Resolution Time Lapse Imaging Poster
Yousefzadeh, Abdolnaser*; John C. Bancroft LSPSM for Pre- and Poststack Time Lapse Studies Poster
Yousuf, Abu*; Charles M. Henderson Carboniferous Stoddart Group: An Integrated Approach  
Zajac, Nick A.*; Per Kent Pedersen Sedimentology and Reservoir Fairway Distribution of the Upper Cretaceous Jumping Pound Sandstone, Second White Specks Formation, Southwestern Alberta Poster
Zamani, Amir; Ron Zakariasen Effect on SAGD performance of Horizontal Well Orientation with Respect to Inclined Shale Layers and Point Bars Oral
Zambrano, L.; P.K. Pedersen, R. Aguilera Reservoir Characterization of Tight Gas Sandstones of the uppermost Nikanassin Formation in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin in Alberta, Canada Oral
Zeb, Faisal Petrophysical Properties & Characteristics of Don Field for Reservoir Qualities Oral, Poster
Zeigler, Loren M.*; Kelsey Schiltz, David Gray Modeling and Mapping SAGD Steam Chamber Evolution in a Heavy Oil Reservoir using 4D-3C Seismic Oral, Poster
Zhang, Mingyu*; Richard Kuzmiski, Zhengsheng Yao Velocity Model Building with Weighted Linearized Inversion – A VSP Data Case Study Oral
Zhang, Rongfeng Spectral Decomposition with Real Seismic Wavelet Oral
Zhao, Shihua Interpretation and Processing of Landsat ETM+ Data for 1:50,000 Scale Lithological Mapping In Eagle Plain, Northern Yukon Poster
Zheng, Lin*; Qi Zhao*, Qinya Liu, Bernd Milkereit and Giovanni Grasselli Spectral-element Simulations of Elastic Wave Propagation in Exploration and Geotechnical Applications Poster
Zheng, Ye*; Balazs Nemeth, Christian Escalante, Andrea Crook, Keith Millis, Laurie Ross Can Interpolation Help Reduce Acquisition Costs? A Case Study Oral
Zhu, Tianfei Complex-Beam Migration: Non-Recursive and Recursive Implementations Oral
Zubov, Vladimir N.*; Michael P. Lamoureux, Gary F. Margrave Multi-scale 2D Acoustic Full Waveform Inversion with High Frequency Impulsive Source Oral
Zver, Don J. Understanding CRA's Tax Classification of Drilling and Completion Expenses – the Distinction between CEE and CDE Oral