2014 Conference Abstracts (A to H)

Author Title Presentation
Abedini, Ali; Farshid Torabi Oil Recovery, Asphaltene Precipitation and Permeability Damage during Immiscible and Miscible Cyclic CO2 Injections in Light Oil Systems Oral
Aboud, Manuel; Oscar Perez Michi Evolution of Spectroscopy Gamma Ray Logging Service Improves the Formation Evaluation in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs Oral
Abram, Matt; Graham Cain, and Michael O’Hara Particle Size Analysis for the Pike 1 Project - An innovative approach to sand control in the oil sands Core
Aderoju, Titi; Stephen L. Bend Organic Matter Variations Within the Upper and Lower Bakken Shales of Saskatchewan, with Implications for Origin and Hydrocarbon Generation Oral
Ahmadi, Amin Baharvand*; Igor Morozov Separation of Geometric Spreading, Scattering and Intrinsic Attenuation Effects in a VSP Poster
Akande, Samuel O. Olabisi A. Adekeye Bitumen Deposits in the Dahomey Basin: Biostratigraphic and Geochemical Evidence for the Link with the Emerging Cenomanian – Coniacian Petroleum System in the Gulf of Guinea. Poster
Akram, Jubran; David W. Eaton Data processing from a single-well microseismic monitoring in western Canada using a newly developed MATLAB based package (CaMPS) Oral
Akram, Jubran; David W. Eaton Refinement of arrival-time picks using an iterative, cross- correlation based workflow Poster
Al-Adani, Nabil E. Oil Sands Bitumen Estimation’s Reality Oral
Al-Adani, Nabil E. Water Saturation from Resistivity Images Oral
Al-Khaled, Osman; Y. Al-Zuabi, K. Edwards, M. Evdokimova, M. Arafat Geostatistical Prestack Inversion For Sand Thickness Prediction And Porosity Estimation In Sabriyah Field, North Kuwait Oral
Alam, Mahbub (Bob)*; Latif Ibna-Hamid, Joan Embleton, Larry Lines Interpretation using synthetic core from conventional logs Oral
Alarfaj, Mohammed; Don C. Lawton Kinematic structural forward modeling for fault trajectory prediction in seismic interpretation Poster
Alemie, Wubshet Time-Lapse Full Waveform Inversion Poster
Allen, Kenneth V. Purple Springs, Alberta (10-14W4): Paleozoic Impact Crater Poster
Anagaw, Amsalu Y. Model parametrization strategies for Newton-based acoustic full waveform inversion Oral
Ananev, Vasilii V.; Vladimir E. Verzhbitsky, Victor E. Vasilev, Igor A. Tanygin* Russian Arctic Seas Petroleum Potential and Development Prospects Oral
Ardakani, Elahe P.; Douglas R. Schmitt Investigation of Devonian Unconformity Surface Using Legacy Seismic Profiles, NE Alberta Oral
Ardakani, Omid Haeri; Hamed Sanei, Denis Lavoie, Zhuoheng Chen, Nabila Mechti Thermal maturity and organic petrology of the Upper Ordovician Utica and Lorraine shales, southern Quebec, Canada Oral
Arenrin, Babatunde*; Gary Margrave, John Bancroft Turning-ray tomography and tomostatics Poster
Andrews, Scott Structural Evolution of the Bayoot Field, Yemen, and Controls on Well Productivity Poster
Arnott, R.W.C.; Mike Tilston Sediment Concentration vs. Grain Size -- does it matter? Oral
Arts, Astrid Elizabeth A Girl’s Guide to the Oil Patch; One Woman’s Perspective Oral
Asuaje, Rafael J.; Don Lawton, Malcolm Bertram, Kevin Bertram, Kevin Hall, Eric Gallant Analysis of multicomponent seismic data recorded with a new hydraulic thumper source Poster
Awais, Muhammad Kala-Chitta Range - A highly deformed fold and thrust belt of Hill Range, NW Himalayan Fold and Thrust Belt, Pakistan Poster
Babak, Petro; Seyyed Ghaderi, Suzy Chen Geomechanical and Reservoir Engineering Evaluation of Tight Oil Formation for Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation Oral
Badry, Rob; Jeffrey Miles Methodology to Obtain an Accurate TOC Output from Spectroscopy Logs in Oil Base Mud Systems Oral
Bailey, Ron Perspectives on the Future of Our Industry: Nexen Energy ULC’s Liqufied Natural Gas (LNG) Strategy Oral
Bain, Heather A.; Stephen M. Hubbard Large-Scale Stratigraphic Architecture of a Deep-Water Slope Conduit, Nanaimo Group, Hornby Island, Canada Poster
Bancroft, John C. Simple wavefield modelling to evaluate the low frequency artifacts in reverse time migration Oral
Bancroft, John C. Simplified processing of converted wave data Oral
Baniak, Greg M.*; Murray K. Gingras, and S. George Pemberton Reservoir Characterization of Bioturbated Tight Gas Reservoirs Oral
Bann, Kerrie L.; Daniel J. K. Ross Facies Analysis of the Lower Cretaceous Wilrich Member (Lower Falher) of the Spirit River Formation Oral
Bann, Kerrie L.; Daniel J. K. Ross Sedimentology and Ichnology of the Lower Cretaceous Wilrich Member (Lower Falher) of the Spirit River Formation. Core
Baranova, Valentina; Azer Mustaqeem, Steven Foster, Elvis Floreani Post-stack Seismic Geomorphology of Bakken Shale using Spectral Decomposition, Curvature and Waveform Facies Analysis – Southern Alberta Study Poster
Barton, M.D.; Porter, I. and Mahood, R. Impact of the Prairie Evaporite dissolution collapse on McMurray stratigraphy and depositional patterns, Shell Albian Sands Lease 13, northeast Alberta Oral
Batwara, Abhishek; Jacky Wang, Ian D. Gates Ultrarefined Geological and Reservoir Simulation Models of a Mannville Coal Reservoir for Optimized Methane Production Oral
Bellman, Laurie M. Weston; Jennifer Leslie-Panek Reading Between the Lines: A NEBC Shale Gas Quantitative Interpretation Case Study Oral
Bellman, Laurie M. Weston; Stéphan Roy Seismic Porosity Prediction in the Montney: A Quantitative Interpretation Case Study Oral
Bhuiyan, Md. Mafijul Islam On sampling optimization based on mutual coherency criterion Poster
Bialowas, Susan A.; Jeff Rudolph A Tale of Two Siblings – Montney & Duvernay - Key Drivers for their Success Oral
Bingham-Koslowski, Nikole; Cameron Tsujita, Jisuo Jin, Karem Azmy Paleozoic black shale deposition: A lithological, stratigraphical, and geochemical analysis of the Upper Devonian Kettle Point Formation in southwestern Ontario Oral
Birks, Jean; Michael Moncur, Yi Yi, John Gibson, Jon Fennell Tracing saline groundwater inputs to the Athabasca River using stable and radiogenic isotopes Oral
Biryukov, Anton; Simon G.E. Harvey, Giovanni Grasselli Comparative study on 2D microseismic source location with synthetic seismograms recorded by borehole- and surface-receiver arrays Poster
Bjorum, Matt M. Advancements in Pressure Coring Techniques and Surface Handling Methodologies to Deliver Quality Samples to the Analytical Laboratories Oral
Boisvert, Jeff B. Geomodeling in non-stationary resivoirs: What is Locally Varying Anisotropy and when should we consider it Oral
Boroumand, Neda Hydraulic fracture b-value from microseismic events in different regions Oral
Boroumand, Neda*; Alick Cheng, Jonathan Shaffner, Eric E. Hards Understanding unconventional reservoirs through data integration Oral
Boroumand, Neda*; Dave W. Eaton Energy-based hydraulic fracture numerical simulation: parameter selection and model validation using microseismic Oral
Botterill, Scott E.; S. Gordon Campbell, Murray K. Gingras Bioturbation Intensity: A Proxy for Evaluating Environmental Stresses in the Bluesky Formation, Northeastern Alberta Core
Bown, Todd D.; Jim E. Roy, David Hill, and Denis Onen Listening downhole with light, fibre optics and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) transforming the oil and gas industry Oral
Brabant, Darcy; Nabil E. Al-Adani The Importance of Reviewing Core Permeability Data Closely Before Reservoir Modeling Oral
Brenner, Ryan; Chelsea Rommens, Dr. John-Paul Zonneveld Anhydrite Cementing Within the Artex Member: A Porosity and Permeability Model Oral
Broughton, Paul L. Devonian karst aquifer induced vertical fluidization structures in lower McMurray Formation (Aptian) deposits of the northern Athabasca oil sands Oral
Brown, Amy K.; Jennifer J. Scott Mudstone facies of the channel-dominated coastal plain to estuarine transition in the Campanian Dinosaur Park Formation, Alberta, Canada Poster
Bunnell, Chantel; Chelsey Hillier Integration of Lithofacies and Natural Fractures in a Nexen Horn River Shales Gas Core Core
Caffagni, Enrico; David W. Eaton Detection sensitivity of local earthquakes by borehole geophone arrays: A case study from central Alberta Poster
Caffagni, Enrico; David W. Eaton Hoadley Microseismic Experiment: Reprocessing and characterization of long-duration tremor signals Oral
Calderhead, Angus I.*; A. Rivera, M.M. Savard, J.M.E. Ahad, R. Lefebvre, R. Martel, P. Gammon Mechanisms of Contaminant Migration through Buried Channels from an Oil Sands Tailings Pond Oral
Campbell, S. Gordon*; S.E. Botterill, M.K. Gingras Assessing Event Sedimentation in the Bluesky Formation of the Peace River Oil Sands using the Ichnogenus Rosselia Core
Cao, Andrew*; Somiari Ajumogobia, Robert Jobling, Erik Pederson Using Inflow Control Devices (ICD) in SAGD Recovery of Heterogeneous Athabasca McMurray Oil Sands Oral
Cao, Andrew*; Tim Stephenson, Robert Jobling, Richard Baker Re-Fracturing & Water Flooding Western Canada Tight Oil Reservoirs Horizontal Wells Oral
Carey, John S. Facies Modeling From a Non-Representative Data Set: An Example in Middle Devonian Carbonates, Clarke Lake Field, British Columbia Oral
Carter, Terry R.; Lee Fortner, Mitchell E. Skuce, Fred J. Longstaffe Aquifer Systems in Southern Ontario: Hydrogeological Considerations for Well Drilling and Plugging Oral
Cary, Peter*; Nirupama Nagarajappa Robust surface-consistent residual statics and phase correction – part 2 Oral
Castellanos, Fernando; Mirko van der Baan Dynamic triggering of microseismicity in a mine setting Oral
Catuneanu, Octavian Stratal Stacking Patterns in Underfilled Basins Oral
Chan, Judith; Douglas R. Schmitt Velocity Anisotropy from Core Measurements, VSP and Sonic Logs in a Single Well Study in NE Alberta Oral
Chatellier, Jean-Yves D.; Thomas F. Moslow, Beth Haverslew The use of X-Ray Fluorescence for Sequence Stratigraphy and Geomechanics of Shale Oral
Cheadle, Burns A. Redistribution of Organomineralic Aggregate Grains in the Upper Cretaceous Second White Specks Formation, Western Canada Foreland Basin Oral
Chen, Zhuoheng; D. Lavoie, K.G. Osadetz, H. Sanei, O. H. Ardakani, C. Jiang, M. Malo A new method for petroleum resource assessment of unconventional tight-shale plays Oral
Cheng, Jinkun Separability of simultaneous source data based on distribution of firing times Poster
Chmiel, Malgorzata; Thomas Bardainne Tomography of a velocity model and location of microseismic events with P, Sv and Sh waves. Poster
Cho, David; Marco Perez Brittleness revisited Oral
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt J. Marfurt Generating More Robust Geometric Attributes by Preconditioning Seismic Data with 5D Interpolation Oral
Chopra, Satinder*; Ritesh Kumar Sharma, James Keay Mapping Middle Triassic Doig sandstone reservoirs in northeast British Columbia using seismic attributes Poster
Chowdhury, Md Mizanul Huq; Douglas R. Schmitt, Randolf Kofman Seismic behaviour of CO2 saturated Fontainebleau sandstone under in situ conditions Oral
Chubak, Glen; Mal Cattach, Peter Kowalczyk, Scott Napier SAM (Sub-Audio Magnetics) Detection and Delineation of Bitumen Deposits Oral
Coderre, Adam B.*; Hugo Pouderoux, Per Kent Pedersen Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of a complex succession of deltaic to marginal-marine deposits, Grand Rapids Formation, east-central Alberta Poster
Cova, Raul*; David Henley, Kris Innanen Raypath-consistent shear wave statics Oral
Cowie, Benjamin R.; Bruce James, Bernhard Mayer Aqueous geochemistry and stable isotope ratios as predictive risk management tools for assessing vertical hydraulic connectivity in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region Oral
Cowie, Benjamin R.; Bruce James, Michael Nightingale, Bernhard Mayer Three-dimensional characterization of the total dissolved solids concentration and stable isotope composition of porewater extracted from Athabasca oil sands drill core Oral
Crain, E.R. (Ross); Dorian Holgate A 12-Step Program to Reduce Uncertainty in Kerogen-Rich Reservoirs Oral
Crain, E.R. (Ross); Dorian Holgate Digital Log Data to Mechanical Rock Properties for Stimulation Design Oral
Crombez, Vincent; Sébastien Rohais, François Baudin, Tristan Euzen, Matthew Power First results on sequence stratigraphy, mineralogy and organic content in the Montney and Doig Formation (AB, BC) Poster
Crombez, Vincent; Sébastien Rohais, François Baudin, Tristan Euzen, Mirko Petrovic Organic content variations and links to sequence stratigraphy in the Montney and Doig Formations (AB, BC) Oral
Cronkwright, D.J.; P.K. Pedersen, R.J. Spencer Detailed Reservoir Characterization of the Middle Member Bakken Formation – Viewfield Pool, SE Saskatchewan Poster
Cui, Albert Controls of rock mechanical properties on in-situ reservoir properties: Insights from laboratory core analyses of the Duvernay Formation in Alberta Oral
Currie, Carolyn Comparative Regional Rock Properties/Trends and Oddities seen in the Duvernay Formation Oral
Currie, Lisel D.; Margot E. McMechan, Filippo Ferri British, Paul B. O’Sullivan Thermal Modelling of Apatite Fission Track Analyses from the Liard Basin, Northeast British Columbia Poster
Daniels, Benjamin G.; S.M. Hubbard, B.W. Romans, L. Stright, A.P. Reimchen Downslope Variations in Slope Channel Body Stacking Patterns in Outcrop, Magallanes Foreland Basin, Chile Oral
Davies, Graham; Paul Poscente and Stephen Lamb New Core and Production Results from the Jean Marie, Zama area, NW Alberta Core
De Meersman, Kristof; Yoones Vaezi Supervirtual S-wave refraction interferometry for statics and near-surface velocity model building Oral
de Melo, Frederico Xavier; Murad Idris, Jason Gardner, Jill Woods Inverse Scattering Series Internal Multiple Attenuation – West Canada Case Study Oral
Deng, Wubing; Igor B. Morozov Nonlinear Seismic Wave Propagation in Heavy Oil Poster
Devriese, Sarah G.R.; Douglas W. Oldenburg, Sylvestre Charles Using Electromagnetic Methods to Image SAGD Steam Chambers Oral
DeWolfe, Ian A. Turner Valley, Applying Modern Technology to a 100 Year Old Oil Field Oral
DeWolfe, Ian A. Odette Abacco, Jeff Wallace Investigating the Productive Facies of the Turner Valley Formation Core
Dickson, Carla H.*; Ricardo L. Silva, & Grant Wach, Neil Watson Overpressure, Seal Integrity, and Reservoir Connectivity in the Scotian Basin Poster
Díez-Canseco, Davinia; L. Buatois, G. Mangano, M. Díaz-Molina, M.I. Benito Meandering Channels: Detecting Freshwater and Brackish-Water Conditions from the Ichnofabric Approach Poster
Dong, Tian; Nicholas B. Harris, Michael Kennedy, Peng Li An integrated methods to evaluate the reservoir properties of the Horn River Group shale, Middle and Upper Devonian Poster
Downton, Jon P-wave AVAz Modeling: A Haynesville case study Oral
Ducros, Mathieu; Tristan Euzen, Roland Vially, William Sassi 2-D basin modeling of the WCSB across the Montney-Doig system: implications for hydrocarbon migration pathways and unconventional resources potential Oral
Duenas, Claudia; Matthew Lee, Thomas Davis, David D’Amico Listening to the Rocks: Understanding Rock Fabric Heterogeneity for Hydraulic Fracturing In the Montney - Integrating Seismic Inversion with Microseismic Oral
Dumitrescu, Carmen C.; Glenn Larson, Fred Mayer, Draga Talinga Reservoir characterization using converted-wave seismic data: Case study from Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Athabasca Oil Sands Oral
Dumitrescu, Carmen C.; Peter Vermeulen, Sarah Gammie, Guoping Li Facies analysis using 3C 3D seismic data in oil-sands reservoir Oral
Dunn, Lindsay A.; Justin A. Humenjuk Fifty Shades Darker: Integrating Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy and Geophysics to Identify Sweet Spots the Liquids-Rich Duvernay Shale Play, Kaybob Alberta Oral
Durbano, Andrew*; Brian R. Pratt, Thomas Hadlari, Keith Dewing Early Cambrian tidal sedimentary environments, western Victoria Island, Arctic Canada Oral
Eaton, David W. Breakdown of the Gutenberg-Richter relation in layered media Oral
Eaton, David W. Magnitudes, scaling, and spectral signatures of tensile microseisms Oral
Edie, Carter*; Dan Negut Diffraction Imaging Case Study - Slipping Throught The Cracks Oral
Eliuk, Leslie S.; Grant Wach Shelf-edge reef and delta gas fields - highly unusual close association of thick Abenaki carbonate platform and major Sable delta, Mesozoic Nova Scotia Shelf Canada Oral
Embry, Ashton Late Jurassic – Earliest Cretaceous Stratigraphy, Depositional History and Petroleum Potential, Canadian Arctic Archipelago Oral
Embry, Ashton; Owen Anfinson The Initiation of the Rift Phase of the Amerasia Basin (Arctic Ocean) Oral
Enter, Marc H. Breaking into Calgary’s Oil and Gas Industry: An Aussie’s Perspective Oral
Esmaeili, Sina*; Gary, Frank, Margrave Recovering low frequencies for impedance inversion by frequency domain deconvolution Poster
Essery, Alison E.; Jim C. Campbell, Suzan Moore, Teresa Marin Kaybob Dunvegan Oil: A Not-So Unconventional Oil Play Oral
Essery, Alison E.; Jim C. Campbell, Suzan Moore, Teresa Marin Slave Point Conventional Light Oil Limestone Play, Nipisi Alberta Oral
Euzen, Tristan; Matthew Power, Vincent Crombez, Sébastien Rohais, Mirko Petrovic and Bernard Carpentier Lithofacies, TOC and Petrophysical Evaluation of the Montney and Doig Formations: Contribution of Quantitative Cuttings Analysis and Electrofacies Classification Oral
Everett, Robert V.; Mike Berhane, Tristan Euzen, James R. Everett, Mathew Powers Petrophysics Designed to Honour Core - Duvernay & Triassic Oral
Farhadiroushan, Mahmoud Intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor for Wellbore Surveillance Oral
Fawcett, Michael D. Reservoir Parameters in the Wilrich Member of the Spirit River Formation Oral
Fennell, Jon W. Enhancing Alberta's groundwater monitoring for Unconventional Oil and Gas developments Poster
Fennell, Jon W. Placing the risk of thermal mobilization into context Oral
Fernando, John Predicting Lithological Properties along Horizontal Well Paths, Using Seismic Data Poster
Ferner, R.; M. D. Sacchi Reverse time migration of prestack elastic data Poster
Feroz, Amna; Mirko van der Baan Microseismic Event Locations Uncertainity and Acquisition Geometry Poster
Finch, David Turner Valley Firsts - A Historical Review of the Accomplishments of Canada's First 100 Million Barrel Oilfield Oral
Findlay, Duncan; Thomas Nardin, Alex Wright, Raheleh Salehi Mojarad Modeling Lateral Accretion in McMurray Formation Fluvial-Estuarine Channel Systems: Grizzly Oil Sands’ May River SAGD Project, Athabasca Oral, Poster
Flynn, Jessica; Burns. A. Cheadle Regional allostratigraphic correlations across a foreland basin: Evidence for a tectonically- or eustatically-dominated system? Oral
Fothergill, Pat; Manuel Aboud, Rob Badry, Anish Kumar, Chad Timken, Joan Carter Comprehensive Analysis of Clastic Heavy Oil Reservoirs using Microresistivity Images and Dielectric Dispersion Logs Oral
Fowler, Martin G. Geochemical methods for evaluating liquid-rich shale plays – capabilities and pitfalls Oral
Fraser, Tiffani A.; Matt Hutchison Petroleum potential of the Middle-Upper Devonian Canol Formation in north Yukon: report on field investigations in 2013 Poster
Fustic, Milovan McMurray Formation Type Section Outcrop: Part 1 - a world class learning lab for fluvio - tidal sedimentology, petroleum systems and reservoir characterization & Part 2 – an unparalleled portal for SAGD risk assessment, well-placement planning and production optimization studies Poster
Gao, Jordan; Pete Singbeil, Ryan Leskiw, Queena Chou, Richard Snyders-Blok Systematic Geomechanics Applications for Drilling Optimization Oral
Gao, Jordan; R.P.(Pete) Singbeil, Mehdi Noroozi, Bella Maulianda Geomechanics Enhances Low Permeability Unconventional Resource Development Poster
Gega, George; Abdulaziz Al-Fares, Awatif Al-Khamis The Origin and The Prospectivity of Najmah Shale in Kuwait Poster
Gerami, Homayoun; Jiwu Lin, Amer Haque, James Johnson Utilization of Seismic AVO Inversion and Ant Tracking Techniques to Understand and Predict Fracture Behaviors Poster
Gerges, Nader Characterization of fine scale geological heterogeneities using borehole images and their impact on steam chamber growth of oilsands reservoirs Oral
Ghanizadeh, Amin; Santanu Bhowmik, Christopher R. Clarkson A comparison of plug-derived, probe-derived and crushed-rock permeability in low-permeable shales: Examples from the Duvernay Shale, Alberta (Canada) Oral
Ghomeshi, Shahin; Sergey Kryuchkov, Jonathan Bryan, Apostolos Kantzas Pore-Scale Modeling and Simulation: Determining Petrophysical and Multiphase Flow properties in Natural Porous Media Oral
Gibb, Josh; Greg Edwards Facies Study of the West Ells SAGD Project, Athabasca Oilsands Poster
Gibson, Kristal; Susan Bialowas, Megan McCagherty Comparison of the geological controls on the Duvernay between Pembina and Kaybob sub-basins Oral
Gieg, Lisa M.; Benjamin R. Cowie, Sandra Wilson, Bernhard Mayer The influence of formation water geochemistry on microbial community composition, biogeochemical pathways, and biodegradation rates in oil sands microcosms Poster
Gilmour, Brad S.; Neil W. Stalport New AER Standards for In Situ Oil Sands Project Applications and Their Potential Effect on Geoscientists Oral
Gingras, Murray; Michael J. Ranger and Eric R. Timmer Facies characterization of the lower McMurray in the northern part of the Athabasca Oilsands, evidence for brackish-water and tidal influence Oral
Graham, Jennifer J.; Gemma Hildred, Tim Pearce, Inga Sevastjanova So, how many sands does it take to make the McMurray Formation? Oral
Grasby, Stephen E.; Paul R.J. Wozniak, Zhuoheng Chen Characteristics of natural water quality in Alberta Oral
Green, Sam; S. O’Connor, W. Goodman, N. Heinemann, A. Edwards, J. Carter, D. Cameron Producing pore pressure profiles based on theoretical models in un-drilled deep-water frontier basins e.g. Labrador Oral
Greig, W.; N. Spriggs Do you have a moment: The importance of instrumentation in moment magnitude estimation Oral
Grossman, Jeff P.*; Gulia Popov Cross-validation of 3C and 9C prestack shear wave splitting analysis at Big Sky Oral
Guest, Alice; Estelle Rebel, Sean M. Bailly, Jelena Kostadinovic Integrated analysis for fracture identification during hydraulic fracturing Oral
Guo, Kun; Bernd Milkreit, Wei Qian Geometry factor for near surface borehole resistivity surveys: a key to accurate imaging and monitioring Oral
Hall, Kevin W.; K.L. Bertram, M.B. Bertram, E.V. Gallant, D.C. Lawton, G.F. Margrave Borehole instrumentation and initial source test results at the Priddis Geophysical Observatory Poster
Hamel, Cathy M.*; Gerry Reinson Criteria to Determine Lower Cretaceous Jurassic Boundaries Core
Hamel, Cathy M.*; Robin Mann, Gerry Reinson, Ron Spencer, Herb Visscher Lower Cretaceous Jurassic Boundary in West Central Alberta Using Drill Cuttings to delineate Hiatal Surfaces Oral
Han, Jiajun*; Mirko van der Baan Interpolation artifacts and bidimensional ensemble empirical mode decomposition Poster
Hannigan, Peter K. Eagle Plain, northern Yukon, Canada: An update on conventional petroleum resource potential of the basin Oral
Harger, Dale; Jason Schweigert On Maximizing Value for Small 3D Seismic Survey Acqusition in the WCSB Oral
Harper, Dr. John D. Forenzic Analysis - Devonian "Blue Hole", Mayogiak J-17, Tuk Peninsula, NWT, Canada Oral
Harris, Nicholas B. Falher and Cadomin diagenesis and implications for reservoir quality Oral
Hassan, Sadeed; Anastasios Venetikidis, Andrew Miall, Gerald Bryant Outcrop Based, Architectural and Facies Analysis of Early Jurassic Fluvial-Eolian Interactions: The Interfingering of the Kayenta Formation and the Navajo Sandstone in and Around Kanab, Utah Poster
Hathway, Ben 3rd-order sequence stratigraphy and lithostratigraphy of the Bearpaw–Horseshoe Canyon transition, Alberta plains Poster
Hauck, Tyler E. Deposition of the Peavine Sandstone on the Peace River Arch and its Relationship to Transgressive-Regressive Cycles within the Beaverhill Lake Group, North-central Alberta Poster
Hawkes, Christopher D.; Donna L. Beneteau, Luis Buatois Laboratory Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of the Bakken Formation Oral
Hayes, Brad J.; Garrett M. Quinn Lower Grand Rapids Bitumen Pools at Cold Lake Alberta - Variations in Stratigraphic Setting and Depositional Environments Core
Heagy, Lindsey J.; Douglas W. Oldenburg, Jiuping Chen Where does the proppant go? Examining the application of electromagnetic methods for hydraulic fracture characterization Poster
Henderson, Olivia A.; Robin A. Buckley, A. Guy Plint, Kristy F. Tiampo Modelling stratal geometry in a syn-tectonic wedge: Harmon and Cadotte alloformations (Middle Albian), Alberta & B.C. Poster
Henley, David C. Static corrections via raypath interferometry: recent field experience Oral
Hill, Ronald; Brad Taylor, Andrea Juska Exploration and New Technoligies Application in the Wild River Basin; A MannvilleTight Gas Case Study Oral
Hodgson, Cheryl A.*; Murray K. Gingras, John-Paul Zonneveld Significance of Sedimentological and Ichnological Relationships between Various Substrate Types in an Intertidal Marine Environment Oral
Hogg, John Expectations and Aspirations of Young Professionals in the Energy Industry Oral
Holtham, Elliot M.; Mike McMillan, Eldad Haber 3D Inversion of Time-Domain Electromagnetic Data for Ground Water Aquifers Oral
Hosseininejad, Somayeh; Per Kent Pedersen, Ronald James Spencer, Festus Michael Uwuilekhue Use of vis-NIR Spectroscopy in Clay Mineral Identification in Shale Poster
Huang, Xuemin; Nancy Chen, Ian D. Gates Application of Dilation-Recompaction Model in Hydraulic Fracturing Simulation Oral
Humenjuk, Justin A.; Tom J. Podivinsky Case Study: Maximizing seismic input in geomodelling by using PP-PS pre-stack joint inversion, Birch, N.E. Alberta Oral
Hunter, Ian G. Sedimentology and Rock Properties of the Wilrich Formation, Western Alberta Core