2014 Conference Abstracts (I to P)

Author Title Presentation
Ibrahim, Amr Removing blended sources interferences using Stolt operator Poster
Ing, Jenifer; Michael Nightingale, Pauline Humez & Bernhard Mayer Assessment of Methane Occurences and Sources in Groundwater in Alberta: A Progress Report Poster
Iqbal, Naveed; Farrukh Qayyum, Dr. M. Gulraiz Akhter Seismic Geomorphology and Interpretation of Creataceous Depositional System of Penobscot Prospect,Sable Islanad, Canada Poster
Isaac, J. Helen; Lei Zhi, Don C. Lawton, L. R. Bentley Integrated geophysical characterization of the near-surface at Priddis, Alberta Oral
Isinguzo, Nnenna; Hamed Sanei, Christopher Clarkson, Chris DeBuhr, Omid Haeri Ardakani, Danielle Kondla, Fariboz Goodarzi Petrographic characterizations of the “Nordegg” (Gordondale) Member of the Fernie Formation in West Central Alberta, Using Scanning Electron Microscopy & Organic Petrology Oral
Iskaziyev K.O.; Karimov S.G., Yasafova N.I., Kudаkaev R.V., Khabibullin E.G., Rastegaeva E.V., Denisov Yu.I., Kostyukevych A.S. Study of Subvertical Fracturing Zones in Subsalt Carbonates of the Pre-Caspian Basin using Duplex Wave Migration Poster
Ivanko, Holly The Next Step: Bring Your Energy! Oral
Iverson, Doug; Paul Thacker, Dale Harger Mixed Source Recording in Kurdistan Oral
Jabbari, Shahin*; Kris Innanen A framework for linear and nonlinear Converted wave time-lapse difference AVO Poster
Jablonski, Bryce V.J.; Rudolph Strobl, Milovan Fustic, Allard W. Martinius Not All IHS Was Created Equal- A retrospective and prospective look at IHS of tidal-fluvial point bars within the middle McMurray Formation of Northeastern Alberta, Canada Oral
Jadoon, Quaid Khan; Roberts Eric, Paul Dirks, Tom Blenkinsop, Raphael Wust Petrophysical study of Gas Shale of the Permian Roseneath and Murteree Formations of the Cooper Basin, Australia. Poster
Jaremko, Gordon Discovery Oral
Jerome, Thomas; Greg Best Improving Geomodeling Projects with Team Management Techniques Oral
Ji, Congwei; Osman Salad Hersi Lithofacies and cyclicity of Mississippian Alida-Kisbey-Frobisher interval, southeastern Saskatchewan Poster
Jia, Qing; Douglas Schmitt, Inga moeck and Randy Kofman Improving Borehole Instability Analysis by Investigating the Impacts of Stress and Rock Anisotropy Poster
Jolley, Steve; P. Benham, W.R. Jamison, M. Hrudey, D. Repol, R. Yuan, N. Esho, M. Taylor Unconventional Gas Reservoir Outcrop Studies: A Deep Basin Example Oral
Jones, Peter B. The Geological Structure of the Dorset Coast, Southern England Oral
Kabanov, Pavel Facies of Hume Formation and Horn River Group (Devonian, Mackenzie River Corridor) based on core studies Core
Kalu, Innocent Asoh; Don Stachiw Combining Modern and Vintage Log Data to Evaluate Conventional and Unconventional Formations in the Eagle Plain of Northern Yukon Oral
Komaromi, Bram A.*; Dr. Per K. Pedersen Comparative Fracture Analysis and Characterization of the Upper Cretaceous Jumping Pound Sandstone and Second White Specks Formation, Southwestern Alberta. Poster
Kato, Ayato; Kunio Akihisa, Carl Wang, Reona Masui Rock Physics Modeling in Montney Tight Gas Play Oral
Kavousia, Ali; Farshid Torabia, Christine W. Chanb A Comparison Study of CO2-Heavy Oil Physical Properties in Bulk Oil and Oil Saturated Porous Media Oral
Kazemi, Nasser Statics Preserving Sparse Radon Transform Poster
Kendall, Rob A Comparison of Trenched Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) to Trenched and Surface 3C Geophones - Daly, Manitoba, Canada Oral
Kende, Leslie Canadian LNG - Potential Projects and Impacts on the WCSB Oral
Kessler, James A.; Xiwei Chen, Douglas R. Schmitt Elastic Properties and Mechanical Stratigraphy in a Potential Geothermal Reservoir in the MH-2B Borehole Near Mountain Home, Idaho, USA. Poster
Khan, Muhammad Faizan; Leonidas A. Perez-Estrada* Application of Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation for Breaking Mining Sludge Emulsions Generated in Mine Tailings and Fracking Drilling Poster
Kharouba, Nader Oil & Gas Application of QEMSCAN Oral
Knapp, Levi J.; Julia M. McMillan, Nicholas B. Harris Characterization of Duvernay Formation Mudrocks Using Detailed Sedimentological Analysis Oral
Kohlruss, Dan J. Expanding Sasktchewan’s Late Devonian-Early Mississippian Bakken Formation Oil Play Outside the Current Producing Areas in Southeastern Saskatchewan Core
Kondla, Danielle M.; Hamed Sanei, Ashton F. Embry, Omid Haeri Ardakani, Christopher R. Clarkson Organic matter characterization for unconventional reservoir potential assessment of the Murray Harbour Formation in the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada Oral
Koning, Tako Angola, West Africa: Oil & Gas Production from Pre-Salt Carbonates to Post-Salt Clastics, from Onshore to Deep Offshore Oral
Koning, Tako Fractured & Weathered Basement Reservoirs in West and East Africa - A High Risk but Potentially High Reward Oil & Gas Play Poster
Kratz, Michael D. Real Time Microseismic Monitoring in China: A Case Study Poster
Kryuchkov, Sergey; Jonathan Bryan, Apostolos Kantzas High Resolution Core Measurements for Improved Reservoir Characterization and Log-Core Depth Corrections Oral
La Croix, Andrew D.; Shahin E. Dashtgard Towards a Process-Response Facies Model for IHS Deposited in Tidally Influenced Rivers Using the Fraser River, BC as an Analog Oral
Lake, John H.; Donald.M. Kent Somewhere West of Yellow Grass: Upside Potential of Low Salinity Mississippian Carbonates of the Williston Basin, Southeast Saskatchewan Core
Lane, Larry S. Origin of the Northeast Alaskan Orocline Oral
Langenberg, Willem Balanced cross-sections: tools for finding bypassed oil and gas in the Crowsnest Pass and Hinton areas Oral
Langenberg, Willem The geological foundation of the Turner Valley Oil and Gas Field provided by Dr. John Allan Oral
Larson, Ron Geoscience: A Focal Point for Extraction Economies Oral
Latimer, Ashlee; Stephen L. Bend A source rock evaluation using a high resolution microanalysis approach of the Devonian Birdbear Formation in southern Saskatchewan Poster
Lavoie, Denis; Christine Rivard, Andy Mort, Jean-Christophe Aznar, Michel Malo Baseline Geological and Geochemical Near Surface Data – The Case of the Utica Shale in Southern Quebec Oral
Lawford, Mike; Walker Neumann, Troy Curzon, Mike Hanson, Kevin Wagner A balanced approach to Optimization of an Unconventional Liquids Rich Montney resource in the greater Wapiti area of Alberta Oral
Leaney, Scott; Xin Yu, Chris Chapman, Les Bennett, Shawn Maxwell, Jim Rutledge, John Duhault Anisotropic moment tensor inversion and visualization applied to a dual well monitoring survey Oral
Leckie, Dale A.; J. Archer, P. Bessette, J. Couzens, E. Crerar, C. Heffernan, S. Makoon-Singh, D. Melrose, T. Sebastian, C. Seibel, S.M. Hubbard The enigma of point bars deposited in the fluvial-tidal transition – What new research directions does the oil industry require to better understand the Athabasca Oil Sands Oral
Leckie, Dale A.; Ric Maguire, Mike Rogers, Sabita Macoon-Singh Speculations on the Creation of Accommodation Space in the Aptian McMurray Formation – Possible Mechanisms Oral
Lee, Matthew J.; Thomas L. Davis, Shawn Maxwell Composite Source Mechanism Characterization of Microseismic Data at Pouce Coupe Field, Alberta, Canada Oral
Lemiski, Ryan Thomas The Power of Networking and the 'Bridge' Between Student and Working Professional Oral
Leshchyshyn, Tim; Dorian Holgate, E.R. (Ross) Crain, Dr. Ted Leshchyshyn The Value of a Full Petrophysical Anylsis for Stimulation Design Oral
Leslie, Patrick Using Saline Water for Hydraulic Fracturing: An Overview of Emerging Technology Opportunities Oral
Li, Peng; Tian Dong, Nicholas B. Harris Microstructural characterization of Gas Shales by electron microscopy Poster
Li, Xinjing; Caineng Zou, Jianzhong LI, Dazong Dong More than Triangle Diagram: Understanding Potential Shale Gas in China Poster
Li, Zhenhua; Mirko van der Baan Time-reversal extrapolation for microseismic event localization Oral
Liu, Yexin AVAZ and VVAZ practical analysis to estimate anisotropic properties Oral
Lowey, Grant W. A Comprehensive and Integrated Provenance Analysis of the Dezadeash Formation (Jura-Cretaceous), Yukon, Canada: Constraints on the Accretionary Tectonic History of the Wrangellia composite terrane in the Northern Cordillera of North America Poster
Luo, Peng; Ian M. Coulson Successful CO2 Flooding in Bakken Reservoirs: Understanding the Vital Role of Geochemical and Geophysical Interactions Oral
Lyness, Lucien S. Groundwater Baseline Design and Optimization in Support of Hydrocarbon Exploration Projects Oral
Lyster, Steve; Kelsey MacCormack Data Spacing for Geological Modelling Poster
Macault, R.; T. Bardainne Enhancement of microseismic events detection sensitivity by taking into account focal mechanism effects Poster
MacKay, Paul A. The Turner Valley structure – 100 years of lessons An old field teaching new tricks Oral
MacRae, R. Andrew; Georgia Pe-Piper, Mark E. Deptuck, Allie DeCoste Stratigraphic revelations regarding Mesozoic salt on the Scotian Margin and implications for early trans-Atlantic basin history Oral
Mainali, Pukar*; Heather Stilwell, Gbenga Yemidale, Jennifer Kharrazi An integrated approach to evaluating the Second White Specks Formation in Alberta using elemental chemostratigraphy, pyrolysis, and advanced mud-gas compositional data Oral
Malehmir, M.; D.R. Schmitt Calculation of Amplitude and Velocity in General Anisotropic Media Oral
Marechal, Francois C.; Scott Porter, Sasan Ghanbari, Raj M. Damodaran An Innovative Workflow to Refine Exploration Phase Assessment of Unconventional Prospects; using Xrf analysis data and 3D Geo-modeling techniques Oral
Marsh, Arden*; Peter Hill Off the Beaten Track: Oil Shows in the Upper Shaunavon Member, West of the Main Oil Field Trend, Southwestern Saskatchewan Core
Mateeva, A.; J. Mestayer, Z. Yang, J. Lopez, P. Wills , H. Wu, W. Wong, J. Roy, B. Cox, T. Bown Progress in DAS Seismic Methods Oral
Mathison, J. Edward Viking Reservoir Facies of the Dodsland Viking Trend Core
Mauger, Simon F. The Canadian Prespective on Natural Gas Markets and Transportation in North America Oral
McKenna, Jonathan P. Where did the proppant go? Oral
McLellan, Pat; Irene Anderson, Jennie Wong, Vahid Mostafavi* Geomechanical Characterization of the Farrell Creek Montney Reservoir, Northeast British Columbia Oral
McMillan, Julia M.; Levi J. Knapp, Nicholas B. Harris Mineralogical Characterization of the Upper Devonian Duvernay Formation of Alberta, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Poster
Meighan, Lindsey N.; Ted Urbancic, Adam Baig Seismic Efficiency, Overshoot and Enhanced Dynamic Weaking of Fractures Associated with Stimulation in Heavy Oil Reservoirs Poster
Miall, Andrew D. The emptiness of the stratigraphic record: An evaluation of missing time in the Mesaverde Group, Book Cliffs, Utah Oral
Miles, Naomi E.; Robert A. Creaser, Chris Boreham Timing of Source Rock Deposition in the Georgina Basin, Australia Oral
Millis, Keith*; Cameron Crook Optimal Restriction Modeling: A New Approach to Station Positioning Oral
Mogosanu, Dorel; Andrei Mogosanu Consideration Regarding Permeability Evaluation for Reservoir Rocks Oral
Morozov, Igor B.; Wubing Deng Linear Solid/Fluid Seismic Model for Heavy-Oil Related Media Oral
Morris, Natasha Jane; David Gardner, Chad Glemser Upper Montney Geochemistry: Insights into Sedimentary Provenance Poster
Morshedian, Alireza; James A. MacEachern, and Shahin E. Dashtgard Recognition of Bounding Surfaces: An Example from the Lower Cretaceous, Upper Mannville Group (Sparky, Waseca, and McLaren Formations), West-Central Saskatchewan Oral
Mosavat, Nader; Farshid Torabi Application of CO2-Saturated Water Flooding as a Prospective Improved Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage Strategy: Experimental and Simulation Study Oral
Mosavat, Nader; Farshid Torabi, Ali Abedini Experimental and Simulation Study of Different WAG Injection Scenarios in Tight Oil Reservoirs Oral
Moslow, Thomas F.; Beth Haverslew, Heath Pelletier Fabric Selective Impacts on Reservoir Quality and Permeability Anisotropy in Sedimentary Facies of the Montney Formation, Northeast British Columbia Oral
Moslow, Thomas F.; Rob Sadownyk, Peter Luxton, Burc Umul, Ian Smith Fine Grained Turbidite Reservoir Facies of the Kesan Group: Tight Gas Exploitation in the Thrace Basin of N.W. Turkey Core
Munson, Erik O.; R. Marc Bustin Visual and quantitative investigation of organic matter porosity across thermal maturity boundaries in the Duvernay Formation, Alberta Oral
Murillo, Carlos A. Canadian Perspective on NGL Transportation and Marketing Oral
Nagarajappa, Nirupama*; Peter Cary Robust surface-consistent residual statics and phase correction – part 1 Oral
Nanson, Rachel A.; T.I. Lane, F. Rarity, B.B. Nyberg, K.J. Amos, R.B. Ainsworth, B. Vakarelov, R. Okafor, N. Ishak The Geometry and Heterolithic Fill of Tide Influenced Channels in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia Oral
Napier, Scott R.; Bill Brown, Shannon Frey Application of an innovative AEM system for mapping hazards and water resources in oil and gas fields Oral
Navarro, Lilian; R. William (Bill) C. Arnott Origin and architecture of ancient channels versus gullies in a mixed siliciclastic-carbonate slope system, Neoproterozoic Isaac Formation, Cariboo Mountains, BC Poster
Navarro, Lilian; R. William (Bill) C. Arnott Stratigraphic architecture of a channel-lobe transition zone (CLTZ) in the Kaza-Isaac transition, Windermere turbidite system, Canada Oral
Ng, Mark Converted wave shot profile wave equation migration toolbox kit Poster
Ng, Mark*; Dan Negut Interpolation by Angular Deconvolved prior MWNI (AdMWNI) Oral
Ngueleu, Stephane Kamangou; Peter Grathwohl, Olaf A. Cirpka Effect of natural particles on the transport of sorbing organic compounds in saturated porous media Poster
Njiekak, Gautier; Douglas R. Schmitt Pore geometry and pore-fluid types: Effects on seismic properties of carbonate rocks under a compaction disequilibrium scenario Oral
Noad, Jon Eleven fossils in Search of a Provincial or Territorial Status Poster
Noad, Jon The Great Flood: Alberta’s “biblical” deluge of 2013 Oral
Noad, Jon The Wildest Plays on the Planet Oral
Ogrodnik, Oksana; Jon Fennell What is water security and why is it important? Oral
Olajide, Oluseyi; Stephen Bend Paleozoic Petroleum Systems of the Northern Williston Basin: a Quantitative Basin Modeling Assessment Oral
Olajide, Oluseyi; Stephen Bend The quantitative Modelling of the Northern Williston Basin: the McKenzie Lithospheric Stretching Model Approach Poster
Pagels, Markus Quantifying Softening of Reservoir Rock by Fracturing Fluid Oral
Pagels, Markus Rock/Fluid Interactions in Unconventional Reservoirs Oral
Pan, Pan*; Kris Innanen The approximate use of 1D internal multiple prediction in a multidimensional world: errors and recommendations Poster
Pan, Wenyong*; Kris Innanen Q effects on thin-bed AVO/AVF analysis Poster
Pan, Wenyong*; Kris Innanen, Gary Margrave Full waveform inversion with phase encoded deconvolution imaging condition Oral
Pedersen, Per K.; Rob W. Vessey Barons Sandstone – A potential emerging Light Tight Oil Play, SW Alberta Oral
Perez, Marco A. Mapping Brittleness and Stress Oral
Pervin, Sohely; Douglas R. Schmitt Investigation of Dielectric Properties of Evaporite Minerals to Interpret GPR Data Oral
Perz, Mike J.; Hassan Masoomzadeh Deterministic marine deghosting: tutorial and recent advances Oral
Peterson, Jesse T.; Kelsey E. MacCormack Structural Mapping and Modelling of the Sub-Cretaceous Unconformity and Delineation of Subcropping Formations, West-Central Alberta. Poster
Petten, Christopher C.; Gary F. Margrave Exploring potential applications of Gaussian Ball Filters in Sharpe’s Hollow Cavity Model Poster
Pierre, Aurelien; Christophe Durlet Soft-rock deformation in carbonate series associated to the Southern Atlas margin uplift: characterization, dating and implications Oral
Podgornova, Olga; Scott Leaney, Marwan Charara, Eric von Lunen Elastic full waveform Inversion for land walkaway VSP data Oral
Popović, Nataša; Robert W. Arnott Depositional Continuum of Sand to Mud-Rich Basin-Floor Sandstones Associated with a Submerged Hydraulic Jump Downflow of an Avulsion Node Oral
Porter, Sarah J.; G.l Rotberg, G. Hildred, B. Lees, T.Pearce, J. Griffiths Correlation And Chronostratigraphy Of The Duvernay Formation: Elemental and Stable Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy Oral
Portera, Sarah J.; Paul L. Smith, Andrew H. Caruthers, Pengfei Hou, Darren R. Gröcke, David Selby New data on geochemistry of the Lower Jurassic (Sinemurian) shallow marine successions in British Columbia and Nevada Oral
Posehn, Gary A.; John H. Lake Utilizing Petrographic Data to Exploit Midale Bed Reservoirs in the Alameda West Steelman Area of the Williston Basin in Southeast Saskatchewan Core
Potma, Ken; Rene Jonk, Kevin M. Bohacs, Patrick J. Starich Integrating Outcrop and Subsurface Data to Evaluate Data-Poor Shale Plays: the Canol Formation, Northwest Territories, Canada Oral
Preiksaitis, Mike; Sheri Bowman, Ted Urbancic Comparison of Microseismic Results in Complex Geologies Reveals the Effect of Local Stresses on Fracture Propagation Oral
Pyle, Leanne J.; Len P. Gal, Kathryn M. Fiess Chemostratigraphic Correlation of Horn River Group, Central Mackenzie Corridor, Northwest Territories Oral