2014 Conference Abstracts (Q to Z)

Author Title Presentation
Quartero, Erik M.; Laurence R. Bentley, Andrew Leier Basin-scale stratigraphic architecture and Paleocene distributary fluvial systems of the Cordilleran Foreland Basin, Alberta, Canada Oral
Quinn, Garrett M.; Tammy M. Willmer Shoreface and Fluvial Reservoirs in the Lower Grand Rapids Formation, Taiga Project, Cold Lake Oil Sands Core
Rabbani, Arif*; Douglas R. Schmitt, Randolf Kofman A laboratory procedure of measuring ultrasonic properties of CO2 saturated fluid Poster
Rafiq, Aamir; David W. Eaton Integrated interpretation of microseismic data with seismic attributes from Hoadley field, central Alberta Poster
Randazzo, Santi C.; Allan Châtenay Use of multicomponent seismic data to identify the Canol Shales Oral
Ranger, Michael J. Determining Facies from Wireline Logs using Discriminant Analysis Oral
Rauch-Davies, Marianne*; Alex Berkovitch, Kostya Deev, Evgeny Landa Multiple attenuation using MultiFocusing technology Oral
Reimchen, Aaron P.; Stephen M. Hubbard, Benjamin G. Daniels, Brian W. Romans, Lisa Stright Comparison of Slope Channel Deposits from the Shelf Edge to Lower Slope: Evidence for Changes in Erosion, Sediment Transfer, and Deposition (Magallanes Basin, Chile) Oral
Rivera, Luis E. Interpreting Pumping Test Data from Fractured Aquifers – The Dual Porosity Model Poster
Rivera, Luis E.; Michael J. Doty Assessing Aquifer Capacity for SAGD Development Poster
Roach, Ceri; Tim J Pearce, Barry Lees Chemostratigraphic correlation within the Grand Banks, with a view of constraining sandstones for provenance analysis Oral
Roche, Vincent*; Mirko Van Der Baan Geomechanical modeling of induced seismicity due to fluid injection Oral
Rocheleau, Jonathan; Kathryn M. Fiess, Leanne J. Pyle, Fillipo Ferri, Tiffani A. Fraser Source Rock Characterization of the Carboniferous Golata Formation and Devonian Besa River Formation Outcrops, Liard Basin, Northwest Territories Oral
Rogers, Michael B. Karst, Evaporite Dissolution and Associated Geohazards in the Oil Sands: Unravelling the Keg River/Prairie Evaporite Transition in N.E. Alberta, Canada Oral
Romanov, Alexey; Jan Witte, Frank Sorensen, Martin Mantilla, Jorge Falla, Diana Perez Integrated Fracture Modeling of a Highly Faulted Anticline for EOR Simulation of a Heavy Oil Field in Colombia Oral
Romanova, U.*; M. Piwowar, T. Ma, R. Strom Thermal Formation Damage in Oil Sands from the Lower Cretaceous Formations in Western Canada Oral
Rotberg, Gabriel L.; Gemma V. Hildred, Tim Pearce Evaluating And Supplementing XRD Results With Elemental Data: Mineral Modelling Examples From The Duvernay Formation Oral
Rubin, Mary I; S.M. Wickens, S. Leung, O.S. Akinbobola, T.D. Kent, A. Kantzas Network Modelling and Simulation of Two Phase Flow in Tight Rock Reservoirs Oral
Sanden, Grant; Yannai Segal Bringing the Cloud Underground: Lessons for Bringing the Next IT Revolution to Geoscience Poster
Sattari, Arsalan; David Eaton Finite element modelling of fault stress triggering due to hydraulic fracturing Oral
Schmidt, Glenn A.; Kevin Mageau The Duvernay and Muskwa Shale Play Fairways: Variation in Reservoir Quality, Pressure, and Hydrocarbon Yield, and Well Performance in Emerging Sweet Spots Oral
Schumacher, Dietmar (Deet) Minimizing Exploration Risk: Impact of Hydrocarbon Detection Surveys for Distinguishing Charged Traps from Uncharged Traps Oral
Schneider, Chris L.; Matthias Grobe Structural Deformation and Karst in the Devonian Waterways Formation: Examples from Outcrops along the Athabasca River Oral
Schoengut, Jesse One Mans Tips and Tricks for Surviving Your Early Professional Career Oral
Schoengut, Jesse; Murray Gingras Understanding the Occurrence of Point-Bar Deposits versus Vertically Accreted Channel-Fills Oral
Schoepp, Alana; Evgeny Landa, Stephane Labonte Multifocusing 3D diffraction imaging for dectection of fractured zones in mudstone reservoirs Oral
Scott, Jennifer J.; Rochelle A. Bank Terrestrial trace fossils as tools for sequence stratigraphy in marginal settings: examples from Alberta and Wyoming Core
Shamsa, Amir; Yasin Hajizadeh, Sergei Fillin, Jean-Paul Dessap, Mehdi Majdi Yazdi Customized Integrated Unconventional Modeling; The Way You Want Poster
Sharma, Ritesh K.*; Satinder Chopra Unconventional reservoir characterization using conventional tools Oral
Sherman, Loreen Michele Kidd Copper Tailing Site – Reclamation New Meaning Poster
Shi, Dong; Ramin Saleh, Bernd Milkereit Forward modelling study of 2D finite difference reverse-time migration for downhole seismic data Poster
Skripkin, Evgeny; Apostolos Kantzas, Sergey Kryuchkov Upscaling of reservoir properties Oral
Skuce, Mitchell E.; Fred J. Longstaffe, Joanne Potter, Terry R. Carter Development of a geochemical tool for sourcing leaking well fluids in southwestern Ontario Oral
Smith, Laura A.; M.J. Hendry, G. van der Kamp A new technique for determining in situ parameters of argillaceous deposits using pore pressure responses Oral
Smith-Boughner, Lindsay T.; A. Baig, T. Urbancic, G. Viegas, E. Von Lunen, J. Hendrick Investigating Rock Properties of Shales using Microseismicity Oral
Sneddon, Tom Your Professional Geoscientific Designation: A Job or a Lifestyle? Oral
Snelling, Paige E.; Michael de Groot The Effects of Faults and Fractures on Microseismic in Horn River Basin Shales Oral
Solano, N.A.; C.R. Clarkson, F.F. Krause, Y.B. Melnichenko, L. He, T. Blach Applications of Neutron Scattering Techniques for the Characterization of Pore Structure and Fluids Interactions in Tight-Rocks Oral
Speer, Sean Sourcing, Disposal and Reuse of Water for Hydraulic Fracturing Poster
Speta, Michelle; Benoit Rivard, Jilu Feng, Michael Lipsett, Murray Gingras, Gary Shaner Hyperspectral imaging for the determination of bitumen content in oil sands core samples Core
Spray, Graham Shale Volume Determination in Athabasca Oilsands Core: Comparing Images, Logs, and Sample Analysis Oral
St-Onge, Andy*; David W. Eaton A Long-period long duration microseismic event: evidence of Cardium Formation induced microseismicity? Oral
Stanton, Aaron Least Squares Pre-Stack Time Migration for Imaging and Reconstruction of Converted Waves Oral
Stoakes, F.A.; Verhoef, M., Mahood, R., Gomez, A. The Devonian 'Caprock' succession beneath the Oil Sands in northeastern Alberta, Core data from highly inclined boreholes. Core
Stoakes, F.A.; Verhoef, M., Mahood, R. Evolution of a regional interconnected diagenetic aquifer in the Lower Prairie Evaporite of northeast Alberta Oral
Stoakes, F.A.; Verhoef, M., Mahood, R. Multiphase solution removal of the Prairie Evaporite Formation in northeast Alberta (Implications for the oil sands mining community) Oral
Striemer, Kevin Canadian Crude Differentials Oral
Strobl, Rudy; Milovan Fustic, Bryce Jablonski, Allard W. Martinius Production from SAGD pads vs. SAGD well pairs: role of conductive heating and infill drilling on ultimate recovery Oral
Su, Yi; Jacky Wang, I.D. Gates SAGD Pad Performance in a Point Bar Deposit with a Thick Sandy Base Oral
Taheri, Saeed; Shahin Ghomeshi, Apostolos Kantzas Permeability Calculations in Unconsolidated Sands Oral
Tary, Jean Baptiste; Mirko van der Baan and David W. Eaton Direct correlations between volume injection rates and microseismic resonances Oral
Thacker, Paul; Dale Harger, Doug Iverson Single vibrator, single sweep, 3D seismic acquisition in WCSB Oral
Tigner, Jesse D.; Allan R. Chatenay Integrating Environmental Data Acquisition and Seismic Data Acquisition Oral
Torabi, Farshid; Ali Abedini, Nader Mosavat Phase Behaviour Study of Bakken Crude oil–CO2 System: Solubility, Swelling/Extraction, and Miscibility Tests Oral
Törő*, Balázs; Brian R. Pratt, Robin W. Renaut Sedimentary Record of Regional Tectonic Events in the Mahogany Oil Shale Zone of the Lacustrine Green River Formation (Eocene), in Colorado and Utah Oral
Urbancic, Ted; Andy Cochrane, Adam Baig The Role of Magnitude Saturation, Accounting for Seismic Energy Release and Fracture Surface Area Development Associated with Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations Oral
Ursenbach, Chuck; Peter Cary Converted-wave prestack time migration with a new, approximate migration weight Poster
Vaezi, Yoones*; Mirko van der Baan Interferometric assessment of clamping quality of borehole geophones Poster
Vaisblat, Noga; Nicholas B. Harris Diagenesis, Petrophysics and Reservoir Quality Models of the Montney Formation - A Major Siltstone Reservoir in Western Canada Oral
Van, Raymond C.; Per K Pedersen Reservoir Characterization of the Cardium Formation, Garrington, Alberta Poster
Veselinovic, D.; D. Green, B. Nassichuk Unconventional NMR: Oil Sands, Cuttings and Core Oral
Viegas, Gisela; Ted Urbancic Source Characteristics and Failure Process of Hydraulic Fracturing Micro-Seismic Events Located Within and Below the Target Formation Oral
Viezzoli, Andrea Rethink GroundWater Mapping and Management Strategies for Unconventional Uydrocarbons using Airborne EM Oral
Viezzoli, Andrea*; Vincenzo Sapia Case studies from Fort McMurray, Horn River, Manitoba displaying advances in technology, approach, interpretation of AEM data for unconventional hydrocarbons and GW mapping Oral
Wach, Grant; L. Eliuk, R.L. Silva, Y. Kettanah, C. Dickson, D. O’Connor, T. Kelly, T. Campbell, C. Wong, N. Morrison, N. Plummer Petroleum systems and risk elements of the offshore Eastern Canada Oral
Wang, Juefu; Shaowu Wang Anisotropy-preserving 5D interpolation by hybrid Fourier transform Oral
Walker, James D.; J.C. Cranshaw, I. Almási, K. Potma, F.A. Stoakes Hypogenic Karst Beneath the Athabasca Oil Sands – Controls on Aquifers and Aquitards Oral
Wannamaker, Philip E.; Jean M. Legault Two-dimensional joint inversion of ZTEM and MT Plane-Wave EM data Oral
Webster, Cole Evaluation of the Spirit River Formation in NW Alberta: A case study of Encana’s Bighorn Deep Basin development Oral
Webster, Paul S.; Barbara E. Cox, Mathieu M. Molenaar Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Cross-well Frac Monitoring Oral
Weyer, K. Udo Groundwater flow systems theory: an unexpected outcome of early cable tool drilling in the Turner Valley oil field Oral
Weyer, K. Udo; Hans G. Machel, James C. Ellis Hydrodynamics of the karstified Grosmont aquifer system, Alberta, Canada Oral
Whidden, Steve D.; Troy Nelson Marine Seismic Acquisition in the Arctic Oral
Wickens, Scott M.; S. Leung, O.S Akinbobola, M.I Rubin, T.D Kent, A. Kantzas Parametric Testing of Network Modeling Oral
Wielgoz, Nathan T.; Stephen L Bend Petroleum Source Rock Analysis of the Upper Devonian Torquay Formation of South Eastern Saskatchewan Oral
Wilkinson, Keith; Richard Bale, Ken Gray Predicting Free Surface Multiples without the Water: SRME on Land Oral
Winter, Olivier; Anna Leslie, Forest Lin Acquiring low frequencies: sweeps, sensors, sampling and stories Oral
Witte, Jan; Arezki Ioughlissen, Cornelius Rott, Alula Damte Detailed Kinematic Restoration of a Structural Transect From the Baltic Sea Oral
Wozniewicz, John; Frank A. Stoakes, Michael Davies, Matthijs Verhoef, Robert Mahood Update of Devonain Hydrostratigraphy in the Athabasca Mineable Oil Sands Area, NE Alberta Oral
Wrolson, Bree Maceral variations and Maceral Assemblages within the Upper and Lower Members of the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada. Poster
Wust, Raphael A.J.; Brent Nassichuk, Lauren McFarlane, Mike Marshall, Pat Monahan Comparison of sediment gravity flow deposits around the Devonian Reef Complexes of Alberta and the Late Pleistocene-Holocene Great Barrier Reef of Australia Oral
Wust, Raphael A.J.; Nicole Willment, Brent Nassichuk Kaybob versus Willesden Green - the Duvernay Showdown: Rock composition variability and implications for completion Oral
Xie, Wei; Douglas R. Schmitt Seismic Study of a Possible Eroded Impact Crater, SE Alberta. Poster
Xu, Jinze; Zhangxin Chen, Ran Li 3D Geological Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis of Pilot Pad in the Long Lake Field with Lean Zone and Shale Layer Poster
Yakunin, Mikhail; Pavel Kabanov Rock-Eval pyrolysis and lithofacies charachterization of the Kee Scarp/Canol contact in core (Norman Wells P32X, Devonian, Northwest Territoris) Poster
Yao, Zhengsheng; Mike Galbraith, Randy Kolesar A low rank based seismic data interpolation via frequency-patches transform and low rank space projection Poster
Yaxley, Tiffiny A. Early Oil and Gas Careers: An Unexpected Journey Oral
Zajac, Nick A.*; Dr. Per K. Pedersen Characterization of Complex Facies and Stratal Architecture of Organic Rich Mudstones of the Upper Cretaceous Second White Specks Petroleum System, West-central Alberta. Poster
Zambrano, Liliana; John Freddy Ramirez, Per Kent Pedersen, Roberto Aguilera Integrated 3D reservoir modeling of the Monteith Formation -Tight Gas Sandstones in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Alberta, Canada Oral
Zerbe, Tyler A.; Patrick T. Rogers Finding New Oil in Old Oil Fields – The Doig Formation at Valhalla Oral
Zhang, Hui; Honghan Chen Hydrocarbon-charging History of Beach-bar Sandstone Reservoir of Shahejie Formation in Dongying Depression Poster
Zhang, Shimeng; Murray Gingras, John-Paul Zonneveld Assessing Reservoir Quality Characteristics Influenced by Bioturbated Sandstone in the Lower Triassic Montney Formation Oral
Zhao, Shihua; Bernard Guest, Larry S. Lane Analysis of Landsat ETM+ Image Enhancement for Lithological Classification Improvement in Eagle Plain Area, Northern Yukon Oral
Zhao, Yongqiang; Hairuo Qing Petrophysical properties of the tight Bakken reservoirs, Southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada Oral
Zhu, Da; Ian Gates Instabilities That Enhance Steam Chamber Growth in SAGD Oral
Zonneveld, John-Paul; Thomas F. Moslow Perennial River Deltas of the Montney Formation: Alberta and British Columbia Subcrop Edge Core
Zubov, Vladimir N.*; Gary F. Margrave, Michael P. Lamoureux Elastodynamic FWI efficiency study with partial stacking in 2D Poster