CSEG - The Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists

"organized to promote the science of geophysics and to promote fellowship and co-operation among our members"

The CSEG was established in 1949, and today hosts approximately 1900 members. An estimated 60% of our members are geophysicists actively involved in hydrocarbon exploration. Others are academics, geologists, technical specialists, field specialists and other interested industry personnel.

The objective of the Society is to promote the science of geophysics, especially as it applies to exploration, and to promote fellowship and co-operation among those persons interested in geophysical prospecting.


CSEG Office

Suite 570, 400 – 5th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 0L6
Tel: 403-262-0015
Fax: 403-262-7383
email: cseg.office@shaw.ca
Homepage: www.cseg.ca

Photos Courtesy Of:

Cabre Exploration Space Imaging
NASA University of Alberta
Paradigm Geophysical University of Calgary
Pioneer Exploration Veritas DGC
Questar Surveys  


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