A Career in Geophysics
Working together on a data set

Where Can You Develop a Career in Geophysics?

The oil and gas industry employs about three quarters of the geophysicists in Canada and most are based in Calgary, Alberta. Other Canadian centres for job opportunities include Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Yellowknife, Vancouver, Victoria, Saskatoon, Toronto, Sudbury, Ottawa, Halifax and St. John’s. There are excellent opportunities to travel as many companies have international activities in the United States, South America, Middle East, Europe and Asia.

The entry position in the career of geophysics may be a summer or Co-operative work term job. As geophysicists progress in their careers, most become specialists but some are generalists and some managers or presidents of companies.

Who Hires Geophysicists?

Geophysicists work for many different employers. Companies involved in field acquisition and data processing related to natural resource exploration employ large numbers of geophysicists. Other employers may include engineering companies, universities and colleges, data management firms, the government and NASA.

Petroleum Geophysicists

Employers of petroleum geophysicists include:

Vibroseis trucks in field

Environmental Geophysicists

Opportunities for environmental geophysicists continue to grow. Jobs are found mainly in:

environmental geophysicist collecting data near river

Mining Geophysicists

Employment opportunities exist in:

3D seismic survey image