CSEG Geophysics Mentorship Program

What makes a great mentee? Ambition, good listener, proactive, trustworthy, desire for personal and professional growth

What makes a great mentor? Non-judgemental, good listener, helpful, trustworthy, life-long learner

Are you a student or young professional who is seeking insight, advice and an introduction into a career as a geoscientist? Sign up to become a Mentee HERE

Are you a Geoscientist who wants to practice leadership skills, give back to the next generation of geoscientists and share insights learned over your career? Sign up to become a Mentor HERE

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Instagram: @cseg_mentorship

Youtube: features mentor development talks and presentations

What should I expect? Mentees

  1. You will make first contact with your mentor
  2. Understand that your mentor’s time is valuable. Ask lots of questions, preferably prepared in advance
  3. With your mentor, decide on the frequency and type of your meetings. Online may not be ideal but necessary.
  4. Be prepared to jointly set goals and achieve them. You build trust by doing what you say you are going to do

What should I expect? Mentors

  1. Be prepared for first contact with your mentee, set time and date for meeting
  2. Set guidelines for meeting frequency and type.
  3. Offer positive feedback and encouragement. Build mentees confidence.
  4. Define SMART goals and assist mentee in achieving them
  5. Take a genuine interest in your mentee’s success – career and personal