CSEG Geophysics Mentorship Program

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Mentorship Resource Program

The CSEG-F Mentorship Committee would like to better support the mentorship community by introducing the Mentorship Resource Program. The purpose of this program is to provide additional support to our current mentors for when they are asked difficult questions by their mentees. These questions can be either experience based or technical in manner. We are aiming to have subject matter experts from a variety of geophysics disciplines to facilitate a robust group of up and coming geophysicists.

Will you contribute your knowledge and expertise to this program? If so, please fill out this online form here.

How it works:
If a mentor would like assistance with a particular topic, they will contact the mentorship committee. The resource list will be referenced for a suitable candidate to aid the mentor and mentee. After a nominee has been identified, we will contact them with the specific details of the request. Once the candidate agrees to assist the mentor, they may respond however they best see fit. It could be anonymously through the mentorship committee, by email, phone call, or perhaps meeting with both the mentor and mentee in person. We will not release any information about the resource candidate without their consent.

The Mentorship Resource Program can be a powerful tool to enrich mentorship. However, this program is entirely dependent on the commitment of subject matter experts like yourself as well as adoption by our mentors and mentees. Do consider signing up. You can fill out a form with your areas of expertise here. The current list is not exhaustive, so please make use of the “other” field if there are topics you would like us to be made aware of.

We once again thank you for your time and dedication to mentorship.

Career Advisory Sessions

Book a 1on1, 30 min career advising session with Danielle Wolf. Danielle is an enthusiastic, fluently bilingual career development professional with over 10 years’ experience in career advising / coaching, talent acquisition, project management, and supervision. A strong desire to help others thrive, succeed, meet their goals and exceed their own expectations has been the driving force throughout her life and career. Danielle is currently a Career Advisor with the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business and the Co-Founder of CareerChicks, a resume / cover letter / LinkedIn profile writing company with a background as a professional recruiter with one of the world’s largest staffing agencies.

Obtain free advice, guidance and recommendations on any of the below topics:

  • Resume review & feedback
  • Cover letter review & feedback
  • LinkedIn review and feedback
  • How to prepare for a job or informational interview (coffee meeting)
  • Networking strategies
  • Job search strategies

Session options:

  • In Person: University of Calgary, Scurfield Hall, SH 350
  • Virtual: Via Zoom

Email us at:

Mentorship Overview


The CSEG Mentorship Program is designed to establish meaningful mentoring relationships between students, and industry professionals. Both students and employed or unemployed new graduates of Geophysics, Geology and Engineering are encouraged to participate in this program. You must be a student member of the CSEG, which is free for both students and underemployed new graduates, thanks to Chevron and Sigma Explorations

Statistics show that students who have participated in a mentoring program can enjoy greater career progress, establish meaningful relationships and give back to their profession three years following convocation.


The CSEG Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for students to develop a mentoring relationship with industry professionals who can offer advice, provide a window into today's business realities, share experiences and provide career guidance. In order to achieve these goals, the Mentorship Program objectives are as follows:

  • Develop the next generation of great geoscientists
  • Help students develop strong, long-term relationships with their mentor
  • Ensure that students assess their goals and conduct industry research before meeting their mentor
  • Provide the tools and support a student needs in order to be prepared in the business world

How It Would Work

Interested applicants first need to fill out the mentor or mentee application form. Following this step the Mentorship Committee will then match students with a professional geoscientist who has similar interests. Participants will then be contacted by email or phone by the program coordinators to ensure a successful paring. The mentor/mentee is expected to coordinate a 15-25 minute conversation at least once a month to allow for the mentoring process. Before this time make sure to have some good questions to ask in order to develop a relationship. The Mentorship program runs from September 1st to June 30th annually.

To Apply

If you are interested in participating in this program please fill out the application forms and contact


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