CSEG Geophysics Mentorship Program

Junior Geophysicist Forum (JGF)

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017
4:30 – 8:00pm
Odd Fellows Hall: #400 106 6th Ave SW, Calgary, AB

The CSEG Mentorship Committee is pleased to once again team up with the Emerging Professionals Program (EPP) to present the Junior Geophysicist Forum and Mentorship Kickoff. A panel of professionals with a diverse range of perspectives will discuss the current state of the energy industry, where it’s headed, and how this applies emerging geoscientists navigating their careers in an uncertain industry.

This year’s theme: The Future of Energy

Panel Members

  • Craig Dunn: Chief Geologist, Borealis GeoPower
  • Amanda Hall: Geophysicist, CNRL
  • Alishah Nayani: Analyst, RBC
  • Dr. Kris Innanen: Associate Professor, University of Calgary

This event is a technical networking opportunity intended to initiate collaborative and informal discussions between emerging and established geophysicists. Geoscience professionals of all experience levels are encouraged to attend.

This is a free event, however, you must register here.

The CSEG Mentorship Program is excited to announce that we will be expanding our program this year and working with GeoWomen of Calgary. This collaboration will allow us to more effectively pair our young women geoscientists, as well as provide additional avenues for support. Here is a quick description of their objectives:

GeoWomen of Calgary was a grass-roots initiative started in 2014. We are a member program of AWSN and have partnered with the CSEG & the CSPG. Our motivation is to help women embarking on a career in geoscience in Calgary to get from new graduate to retiring at the top of their game.

The realities are that the numbers of women geoscientists drop as their careers progress. Women aren’t as likely to progress into technically higher levels, management or the Board of Directors in any size company. If we get together and share knowledge and strategies perhaps this could change.

One of our goals this year was to create a mentoring program for women geoscientists in Calgary. We reached out to the CSEG Foundation’s Mentorship Committee for their input on this and were pleased to be invited to join forces with them and take part in their already well-established and successful CSEG Foundation Mentorship Program.

For more information, check out their website or their LinkedIn group page.

When a person surrounds themselves with well-chosen mentors it can dramatically change their life. A mentor is someone with experience or unique talents, who is willing to share ideas with students on a regular basis. Mentors have the opportunity to further their career and financial status or enhance their personal life by choosing to give back to others. It is like a teacher-student relationship, except that the students have the benefit of one-on-one tutoring. What a deal!


The CSEG Mentorship Program is designed to facilitate and establish meaningful mentoring relationships between students, and industry professionals. In order for students to access the mentorship program they need to be currently enrolled in a geoscience program and be in their 3rd year of studies.

Statistics show that students who have participated in a mentoring program can enjoy greater career progress, establish meaningful relationships and give back to their profession three years following convocation.


The CSEG Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for students to develop a mentoring relationship with industry professionals who can offer advice, provide a window into today's business realities, share experiences and provide career guidance. In order to achieve these goals, the Mentorship Program objectives are as follows:

  • Help students develop strong, long-term relationships with their mentor
  • Ensure that students assess their goals and conduct industry research before meeting their mentor
  • Provide the tools and support a student needs in order to be prepared in the business world

How It Would Work

The CSEG would like to create the opportunity for mentoring relationships to occur between students studying geophysics in their third or fourth year and industry geophysicists. Interested applicants would first need to fill out the mentor or mentee application form. Following this step the Mentorship Committee will then match students with a professional geophysicist who has similar interests. Participants will then be contacted by email or phone by the program coordinators to ensure a successful paring. The mentor/mentee is expected to coordinate a 15-25 minute conversation at least once a month to allow for the mentoring process. Before this time make sure to have some good questions to ask in order to develop a relationship. The Mentorship program runs from September 1st to June 30th annually.

To Apply

If you are interested in participating in this program please fill out the application forms and contact


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