The 2019 CSEG Symposium is our eighth annual event that showcases the CSEG's best speakers, with talks highlighting our mission to estimate the truth about the earth in a case study format. This year the Symposium features the theme of On the Shoulders of Giants and honours Dr. Roy Lindseth.

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Symposium Overview

The format is a one-day, single session event, with lunch included. In order to attract case studies, there will be no published papers related to the work shown. Featured speakers will present by invitation only.

Each year the Symposium will honour one or more notable CSEG members, and the themes of the talks presented will relate to the work of the Honouree(s). In 2019, the Symposium will feature the theme of On the Shoulder of Giants.

A highlight of the lunch will be the annual CSEG awards ceremony, with the outstanding achievements of the society's members honoured. Tickets for the lunch only will also be available.

The 2019 CSEG Symposium promises to be a highlight of the year, and a not-to-miss event for CSEG members!



Roy Lindseth

2019 Honouree Dr. Roy Lindseth

Not long ago, Roy Lindseth passed away. He had received almost every important award there was for geophysics, scientific accomplishment and service. Perhaps the most prestigious of these was the Order of Canada, awarded only to those who have “enriched the lives of others and made a difference to this country”. Whenever a significant geophysical event happened in the past 60 years, Roy was somehow involved, front and center, or in an inspirational role. To his long list of recognition, we are now, belatedly, adding Honouree of the 2019 CSEG Symposium.

Roy was interviewed in 2007 for the Recorder. In his understated way, he talked about many of the events in his remarkable career, including this description, which perfectly illustrates not only his resourcefulness and innovation, but even more clearly, his unpretentiousness:

“…in 1960, I attended a two week course in digital computer technology and learned to wire up a program punchboard for an IBM 650 accounting machine. That came in handy back in Calgary when as a consultant I ran across a difficult problem of locating pay zones in a field of braided sands and shales. To model the seismic response under varying reservoir conditions I programmed a primitive form of deconvolution on the local IBM 650. The results proved to be quite successful in spotting well locations and got me into digital operations.”... Read More.

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