A Bayes’ Theorem Tutorial

BRIAN RUSSELL VICE-PRESIDENT, GEOSOFTWARE. BRIAN.RUSSELL@GEOSOFTWARE.COM   Introduction This tutorial is intended to illustrate the power of Bayes’ theorem using a straightforward seismic exploration example. This example will show how to evaluate the effectiveness of combining AVO attribute analysis with drilling results. As a tutorial, it is like many others used in the explanation of Bayes’ theorem, but instead of using examples like apples and oranges or white and black balls, I will use terminology that you can relate to as exploration geoscientists. Even with this relatively simple example, you will find Bayes’ theorem is not an easy concept to understand, [...]

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The Relationship between AVO and Petrophysics

DAVID GRAY SVP INTEGRATED STUDIES, GEOMODELING TECHNOLOGY CORP, FDAVID.GRAY@GMAIL.COM Purpose The main purpose of this article is to provide geoscientists with one source which uncovers the connection between pre-stack seismic gathers and the petrophysical properties that cause amplitude versus offset (AVO) variations in them. There are many seismic AVO equations in the literature, all parameterized differently, e.g., Shuey (1985), Smith and Gidlow (1987), Verm and Hilterman (1994), and Gray et al (1999). This paper attempts to reconcile these parameterizations by presenting all of these existing equations using common parameters which are defined in Appendix A. Table 1 lists all the [...]

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