CCS value written in a bowtie

LEE HUNT GEOPHYSICIST, CARBON ALPHA, LHUNT@CARBONALPHA.COM All aspects of a CCS project are tied back to risk management; value in the geosciences, including seismic, are directly related to their role in reducing project risk.   Summary Much of the world is looking to carbon capture and storage (CCS) to reduce anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The number of carbon storage projects under development has exploded - with over 200 currently proposed projects worldwide (Hauber, 2023). Geoscientists engaged in subsurface work on these projects are interested in providing the most value possible to these projects. But where is that value added? [...]

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CCS expertise and analogical reasoning

LEE HUNT CARBON ALPHA, LHUNT@CARBONALPHA.COM ERIC STREET CARBON ALPHA GRAHAM HACK CARBON ALPHA We provoke the development of geoscientific expertise for the early stages of CCS through analogy with fields that geoscientists already command. Introduction Recently, there has been a tremendous increase of interest in the safe and permanent underground storage of carbon dioxide (CCS). This has been driven by governmental enactment of climate goals in many parts of the world. These goals have been powerfully manifested in several ways, including through penalties and incentives. Canadian efforts in this regard have included the Government of Canada’s (GOC) rapidly escalating carbon [...]

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An interview with Marcia Coueslan

Interview COORDINATED BY Satinder Chopra | Marcia is a principal geophysicist and the MMV (measurement, monitoring, and verification) lead at Vault 44.01 Ltd., Calgary, with over 15 years of technical experience in CCS and oil and gas. She has worked at Schlumberger Carbon Services and Shell on a range of CCS projects including Rocky Mountain Carbon Vault and Athabasca Banks Carbon Hub, Shell Quest Project, Illinois Basin – Decatur Project, ADM Industrial CCS Project, TransAlta Project Pioneer, and PTRC Aquistore / SaskPower Boundary Dam. She has published her work in international journals, presented at geophysical conferences, conducted short courses for [...]

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