WIUGC 2024 CSEG Ambassador Report

JOHN DUHAULT CSEG-F OUTREACH AMBASSADOR STARBIRD@TELUS.NET DILPREET KHEHRA CSEG-F OUTREACH AMBASSADOR DILPREET@SPECTRUMGEOSCIENCES.COM   Executive Summary: For Your Eyes Only In the frozen heart of January '24, the CSEG Foundation played its hand in a covert operation at the Western Inter-University Geoscience Conference (WIUGC), Winnipeg, Manitoba. Its game pieces? Two operatives, Dilpreet Khehra and John Duhault, have their sights set on shifting the tides of academia towards geophysics and soft-rock geology. The directive was crystal clear: blend in, engage, and convert. These agents would be chameleons acting as educators by daylight, leading the young recruits through the "Geosciences Applications in the [...]