Quantifying Saturation in the Sleipner CO2 Storage: A Rock Physics-Based Approach for Seismic Data Analysis


MANZAR FAWAD KING FAHD UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM AND MINERALS (KFUPM)/ RESEARCH SCIENTIST II, MANZAR.FAWAD@KFUPM.EDU.SA NAZMUL HAQUE MONDOL UNIVERSITY OF OSLO/ PROFESSOR, M.N.H.MONDOL@GEO.UIO.NO NORWEGIAN GEOTECHNICAL INSTITUTE/ ADVISOR-ADJUNCT POSITION, NHM@NGI.NO Abstract This research aims to evaluate the underground CO2 storage site at Sleipner in the North Sea, Norway, by applying a newly proposed rock physics model to extract saturation from seismic data. Our focus is the CO2 storage reservoir unit of the Utsira Formation (a shallow saline formation where CO2 from produced natural gas is injected and stored) to validate the new rock physics model. The saturation information was used to determine [...]