Impact of Spectral Balancing of Seismic Data on some Unsupervised Facies Analysis

SATINDER CHOPRA SAMIGEO, CALGARY, SATINDER.CHOPRA@SAMIGEO.COM RITESH KUMAR SHARMA SAMIGEO, CALGARY, RITESH.SHARMA@SAMIGEO.COM KURT J. MARFURT THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA, NORMAN HEATHER BEDLE THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA, NORMAN ALEXANDRO VERA-ARROYO THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA, NORMAN Abstract The interpretation of discrete stratigraphic features on seismic data is limited by its bandwidth and its signal-to-noise ratio. Unfortunately, well-resolved reflections from the top and base of subtle stratigraphic geologic boundaries occur only for features thick enough to be imaged by the bandlimited data. In contrast, seismically thin stratigraphic features approaching a quarter-wavelength in thickness give rise to composite, or “tuned,” seismic reflections. Data conditioning to [...]