CSEG Mentorship Program Professional Development Series

STEPHEN KOTKAS GEOPHYSICAL DATA BROKER, SIGMA EXPLORATION; MEMBER, MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE (CSEG FOUNDATION) STEPHEN.KOTKAS@SIGMAEX.COM SARAH GRANT GEOPHYSICIST, CENOVUS ENERGY; MEMBER, MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE (CSEG FOUNDATION) SARAH.GRANT@CENOVUS.COM The CSEG Mentorship Committee organized a professional development workshop on January 25, 2024 with Jilliane Yawney, in partnership with GeoWomen of Calgary. This in-person event was held in Calgary (at 715, 5th Ave SW) and the venue was graciously sponsored by Earth Signal Processing. The event was free to attend, included a delicious lunch, and had a great turn-out. With over 50 pairings of mentee’s and mentors, the Mentorship program continues to grow and achieve success [...]

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Our Mentorship Community Starts With You

JEFF CALVERT GEOSCIENTIST, CRITERIUM ENERGY; CHAIR, MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE (CSEG FOUNDATION) JCALVERT@CRITERIUMENERGY.COM STEPHEN KOTKAS GEOPHYSICAL BROKER, SIGMA EXPLORATION; MEMBER, MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE (CSEG FOUNDATION) STEPHEN.KOTKAS@SIGMAEX.COM   On October 17th the Mentorship Program of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG), held a kickoff event at the Unicorn Pub in Calgary. This event was made possible by the many sponsors, and we would like to thank SAE Exploration, Arc Resources, Earth Signal Processing, Optiseis, Qeye, RPS, Synterra and Absolute Imaging. We would also like to thank the organizing committee and the attendees for making this a worthwhile get together! This year’s Mentorship Committee [...]

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Improving Communication from the CSEG Foundation Mentorship Community

Over the last three years, we have experienced what it’s like to be isolated without access to the personal and professional relationships we have grown accustomed to having. Virtual meetings have been a way to escape that, but they can come with their own set of communication challenges. Effective virtual communication between industry professionals is increasingly important for collaboration, mentorship, and continual learning. Developing and refining these skills is paramount in an ever-evolving virtual world. The CSEG mentorship program provides a platform for building both hard and soft skills. Recently, we hosted a Professional Development Workshop called: Exploring Strategies to [...]

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Building Community Through Mentorship

BUILDING COMMUNITY THROUGH MENTORSHIP David Nordin and Stephen Kotkas The CSEG Foundation Mentorship Program is entering its 14th year, and the program continues to grow in size and scope. The heart of our program is to build relationships as a foundation to build stronger geoscientists (geophysicists?) for tomorrow. To do this, we form one-on-one pairings of industry professionals with student geophysicists. The mentor-mentee pairs set goals and share challenges, insights, and learnings over the course of the university school year through informal and formal meetups, coffees, emails and phone calls. One of the biggest benefits of becoming involved in the [...]

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