Our Mentorship Community Starts With You

JEFF CALVERT GEOSCIENTIST, CRITERIUM ENERGY; CHAIR, MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE (CSEG FOUNDATION) JCALVERT@CRITERIUMENERGY.COM STEPHEN KOTKAS GEOPHYSICAL BROKER, SIGMA EXPLORATION; MEMBER, MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE (CSEG FOUNDATION) STEPHEN.KOTKAS@SIGMAEX.COM   On October 17th the Mentorship Program of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG), held a kickoff event at the Unicorn Pub in Calgary. This event was made possible by the many sponsors, and we would like to thank SAE Exploration, Arc Resources, Earth Signal Processing, Optiseis, Qeye, RPS, Synterra and Absolute Imaging. We would also like to thank the organizing committee and the attendees for making this a worthwhile get together! This year’s Mentorship Committee [...]