Dream, Dare, Do

Jeff MacInnis

Jeff MacInnis

Wednesday, May 8th, 2002 – 11:30 AM MST
Telus Convention Centre 8th Ave SE, Calgary


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Jeff MacInnis achieved the impossible when he became the first person to sail the 4,000 kilometer Northwest Passage - the Passage that has claimed more lives than Mt. Everest. Achieving the impossible again, Jeff and a team of five others were the first to drive from London, England to New York City overland, crossing the treacherous Bering Strait. As well as completing one of the last great journeys on earth, the event highlighted some of the unseen environmental problems of the world and encouraged international cooperation. It symbolized planning, preparation, adaptability and team work. With the use of National Geographic quality slides and videos, Jeff tells of numbing cold, close encounters with polar bears, startling images of icy cathedrals and storms of unimaginable ferocity. Jeff is the author of a best-selling Random House book Polar Passage and a National Geographic magazine article. He is an inspiring speaker who draws on his experience as a World Cup downhill ski racer, and Polar expedition leader.