The CSEG is one of the best volunteer communities, with 200+ dedicated volunteers  we put together technical events, social events, publications, symposiums, and so much more. Many committees are in need of more support. If you can give back to the geophysical community please do, put a unique skill or talent to work or learn something new, build your network, make friends and add to your resume, all skill levels are welcome. Your commitment is greatly valued and appreciated.

Below is a list of available positions on various committees, please reach out directly to the contact within the posting. If your committee would like to post positions or if you would like to receive monthly emails about available positions please email Alyssa Middleton.

Committee Description: Doodletrain provides an opportunity to grow your personal network, learn from industry professionals and build your resume by gaining leadership and organizational skills.

Available Position(s): Note Taker, Social Events Planner, Education Committee Lead, Sponsorship Coordinator, Facilities Coordinator, Classroom Volunteer, Course Liaison, Social Media Coordinator

Position Description: Help with organizing the Doodletrain courses

Required Time Commitment: 3 hours per month

Event Date: October/November 2023

Contact: Devika Naidu –

Committee Description: Earth Science for Society (ESfS) is a fun, educational, and dynamic geoscience outreach event in which students, families, youth groups, and the public are given an opportunity to explore the wonders of Earth science. Interactive, hands-on exhibits are showcased in four themed pavilions.

Available Position(s): See list below

Position Description: See list below

Required Time Commitment: Monthly 2-5 hours from March 2023-April 2024 and support at the exhibition for set-up and/or take-down. Some positions require more hours closer to the exhibition and at the exhibition itself (1 hour committee meeting via Zoom, 1 hour sub-committee meeting, tasks to prepare for your subcommittee).

Event Date: Ongoing planning in preparation for the ESfS Exhibition on March 16-19, 2024.

Contact: Julia Davison at or

Please see the website: and click on the orange link for the “organizing committee sign-up form”. For any questions, please email Julia.

Available Positions:

Vice Chair Exhibits- leadership role to assist the chair with emails and organizing ahead of the exhibition and at a the exhibition itself (March 16-19, 2024)

Vice Chair Volunteers- leadership role to assist the chair in organizing volunteers for the exhibition and any other ESfS-in-Motion events. It is busy two months prior to the exhibition and at the exhibition itself to organize volunteers and work with the software initlive.

Vice Chair Program Delivery- Assist the chair to reach out to schools, to build the scavenger hunt booklet, plan buses. Regular email responses.

Vice Chair Speakers- work with the chair to reach out to potential speakers. Back-up the chair on emails. Be at the event on Sunday to support the speakers. Regular email responses.

Vice Chair ESfS-in-Motion- work with the chair to plan one or two additional ESfS science events. This is traditionally Science Odyssey (May) and Science Literacy Week (September). This team also manages our own stations at the ESfS exhibition

Vice Chair for Venue & Logistics- work with the chair to organize the venue rental contract, payment, exhibitor furniture, catering for exhibitors and volunteers, planning the layout with exhibits and the venue etc. You should be able to attend most of the event dates. You will need to be able to respond regularly to emails.

Committee positions for Sponsorship or Exhibits
This is a great chance to network with geoscientists. The team reaches out via email, phone calls, and in-person to share the ESfS opportunities with potential sponsors and exhibitors.

Available Position: Event Photographer

Position Description: We would like to have a few individuals that are willing to attend various CSEG Events and take photos for use on website and social media. We provide access to events as required by various committees. An interest in photography would be an asset but professional skills are not required.

Required time commitment: 3 – 4 hours / month  approximately 1 or 2 events per month as required or requested.

Event date: Various

Contact Name and Email: Alyssa Middleton –